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Zack Snyder Biography, Career, Religion, Movies and Net Worth

Zack Snyder Biography

Zack Snyder, born Zack Edward Snyder on the 1st of March, 1966, is a 52-year-old American Producer, Director, and Screenwriter. He made his first film, Dawn of the Dead, in 2004. Since then, he has done a number of films including 300, Watchmen and Man Of Steel and its follow-ups. He has participated in 300, Suckerpunch and 300: Rise of An Empire as co-screenwriter and Wonder Woman and Justice League as co-writer.

Zack is the co-founder of The Stone Quarry (formerly cruel and unusual films), a production company established in 2004. He founded the company alongside his wife and  Wesley Coller.

Zack Snyder Family

He was born to Marsha Manley, a painter and photographer teacher and Charles Edward Snyder, an executive recruiter. He grew up with his only sister, Audrey.


He was previously married to Denise Weber. He is now married to Deborah Snyder, a producer. They met in 1996 and got married on the 25th of September 2004.


Together, the couple has eight children. Two of them, Olivia and Eli, he got from his previous marriage with Denise. Another two, Willow and Autumn, were adopted from China. Two younger sons, Ezekiel and Jett, he got from an affair he had with Kirsten Elin whereas the last two, Sage and Cash, he and Deborah adopted as they were in the making of Man Of Steel. One of her daughters, Autumn, committed suicide forcing him to quit his production work on Justice League in 2017 in order to be with his family.

Zack Snyder Religion

He was raised from a young age as a Christian Scientist.

Zack Snyder Career

He made his first film in the remake of Dawn of the Dead in 2004. He continued and made a hit with 300 in 2006. His 2009 film Watchmen was commercially very successful. He released his follow-up titled Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole on September 24, 2010. He then produced, co-wrote and directed Sucker Punch in 2011.

Zack directed for Warner Bros the reboot of the Superman Franchise, Man Of Steel and later its follow-ups Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice in 2016 and Justice League in 2017. He produced the remake of The Illustrated Man in 2013, 300: Rise of an Empire in 2014. he has been working on The Last Photograph and The Fountainhead.

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Zack Snyder Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $28 million as of 2019.

Zack Snyder DC Comics

Over the years, he has worked on many films for DC including Wonder Woman, Superman 75th Anniversary, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Aquaman, and The Flash. He will keep working for DC from the information Known of him.

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