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Yung Pinch Bio, Age, Early Life, Nationality, Family, Marriage, Height, Net Worth

Yung Pinch Biography

Blake Sandoval, otherwise known as Yung Pinch is an American rap and hip hop recording artist based in Huntington Beach. He stands out from the pack with a unique mix of tender melodies coupled with atmospheric production.

He attended Marina High School in his home city of Huntington Beach, where he practiced and mastered the drums at an early age and grew up listening to acts like the Weezer, Eminem, Blink-182 and Red Hot Chili Peppers and began freestyling/rapping during high school.

Yung Pinch

The nickname “Yung Pinch” was given to him by his friends because he used to pinch blunts while smoking with them. Aside from rapping, he learned about producing from Brandan “Matics” Maddox. Over the year, the two have collaborated on a number of projects. In 2014, one of their earliest mixtapes ‘Late Nights Early Mornings’ was released.

In 2015, he began sharing his music via SoundCloud. Some of his early recordings include “I.C.U” and “YoYoYo/Hit Me With The Addy.” His debut EP, #4EverHeart Broke, was released in July 2016. It was supported by the tracks “Bring Me Down” and “I Care” featuring Gusto Leimert.

In August 2016, the summer mixtape #714Ever followed. The tape featured production from Dinero Gotti, Matics and Christian Lee among others. It was supported by the singles “When I Was Yung”, “Rock With Us”, “No Good” and “Look Like” featuring Fat Man Key. The official video of When I Was Yung has been viewed more than 11 million times.

In 2017 on Valentine’s Day, the second installment of the #4EverHeartBroke EP series was released. It was spearheaded by the tracks “Not Alright” and “Say It Ain’t So”. In March 2017, his next project, #4EVERFRIDAY SZN ONE arrived. The track-list includes “Insomnia”, “Underdogs” and “Feel So Right” with Mozzy.

His more recent projects include #FREEYUNGPINCH (2017), #4EverHeart Broke 3(2018) and #4EVERFRIDAY SZN TWO (2018). He collaborated on “Why Would I Wait” with G-Eazy in April 2018. Other collaborators over the years include Blackbear, Guap dad 4000 03 Greedo and Thouxanbanfauni. Outside of SoundCloud, he has 135K+ subscribers and 35+ million views on his official YouTube channel. He has thousands of loyal fans across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In February 2018, the rapper embarked on his ‘All 4 the Love Tour’. He traveled across the United States performing in states like New York, California, Lowa and Texas. Upon completion, he performed with G-Easy on the European leg of The Beautiful and Damned Tour. It ran from May 2, 2108 (Stockholm, Sweden) to July 6, 2018 (Dublin, Ireland).

Back in 2017, he also toured with SOB X RBE and OMB Peezy. Over the years, he has opened up for Migos, Young Thug, Ty Dolla Sign, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to list a few.

Yung Pinch Age/Early Life

He was born on April 6th, 1997, in Huntington Beach, California. His birth sign is Aries and as of 2019, he is 22 years old. He began playing music at an early age and his of Spanish, German and Russian ethnic background.

An instrument that he recalls enjoying the most which later cultivated his love for music are the Drums and playing the Drumset. Surfing, Skateboarding and constantly going to the beach are some of his favorites activities growing up as a kid.

Yung Pinch Nationality

He is an American citizen.

Yung Pinch Marriage

His marital status is currently unknown. We will update soon.

Yung Pinch Family

His parents were heavy drug users before he was born, so they were never very good at looking after him. He lived with his grandparents since the time that he was born. When he was 5 years old, he tried to live with his mother, but it did not work out and lived with his grandparents again.

Although his grandfather passed away and his parents were not around, he was a responsible teenager. He did well in school, completed assignments, while also looking after his grandmother as she worked 12 hours shifts as a nurse. By the time he was 11 years old, his grandfather died. The experience taught him how to be the man of the house and grow up.

Yung Pinch Height And Weight

Height – 5ft 6in (168 cm) and Weight – 69kg (152 pounds)

Yung Pinch Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $200 Thousand dollars.

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