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Willow Smith Biography, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Songs, Whip My Hair, Ardipithecus, Fireball, Interview

Willow Smith Biography

Willow Smith born as Willow Camille Reign Smith is an American actress, singer, and dancer. She become known in 2007 in the film I Am Legend and in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl 

Willow Smith Age

Willow was born on 31 October 2000 in Los Angeles, California, United States. She is 18 years old as of 2018

Willow Smith Family / Willow Smith Parents

She is the daughter of Jada Pinkett Smith, an actress-musician and Will Smith, an actor-musician.

Willow Smith Siblings

She has two older siblings, actor/DJ Trey Smith and actor-musician Jaden Smith

Willow Smith Boyfriend

She is in a relationship with Tyler Cole, the couple begun dating in 2017. There is no more details on their relationship for they have kept it low

Willow Smith Height In Feet, Weight and Body Measurements

Height: 170 cm (5 ft 7 in)
Weight: 49 kg (108 pounds)
Body Measurements: 30-20-28 in (76-51-71 cm)

Willow Smith Whip My Hair

She release her first singles “Whip My in 2010. It peaked at number 11 on the Billboard in the U.S and at number twoHot 100 in the UK.

Willow Smith photo

Willow Smith Ardipithecus

Her first album, ARDIPITHECUS, was released on December 11.

Willow Smith Fireball

She collaborated with rapper Nicki Minaj and released “Fireball” on October 6, 2011,which was a commercial failure. It failed to chart in any type of music market, except the US R&B chart, charting at 121. It was her first song to miss the Billboard Hot 100.

Willow Smith Songs

Warm Honey
Human Leech
Ho’ Ihi Interlude
And Contentment
Why Don’t You Cry
Wait a Minute!
I Am Me
21st Century Girl
Female Energy
Whip My Hair

Willow Smith Movies And Tv Shows





I Am Legend

Marley Neville


Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

Countee Garby

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Baby Gloria


Merry Madagascar



True Jackson, VP

Young True


Neo Yokio

Helenist (voice)


Adventure Time

Beth the Pup Princess (voice)

Willow Smith Net Worth

Her net worth is under review, it is being estimated

Willow Smith Number

Her contacts are so private, you can still reach her through her social media accounts below;

Willow Smith Twitter

Willow Smith Quotes

  1. I like eating pepperoni. I heat it up in the microwave and then I let it roast and then I eat it with cheese.
  2. If you don’t like me, if you like me; both are equally cool. I send love and positive energy to all those people in their lives. I hope they find where they’re meant to be.
  3. I feel like I’m making a difference. I feel like putting out a message for young girls to follow your dreams and just work at what you want to do and be yourself.
  4. If I want to put on a pair of Converse with a pencil stuck through them, I will.
  5. If I know what’s true in my heart and my soul, then what people say can’t shape that.
  6. I wear anything I feel like. If I want to put on a pair of Converse with a pencil stuck through them, I will.
  7. Famous-ness is awesomeness… but some parts of famous-ness can be hard.
  8. If I had to change one thing about my life, it would probably be, I wouldn’t be famous. Because when you’re famous it’s so hard.
  9. I have the motto that says, ‘Whatever you see in your closet that you like, pick it and wear it.’ It’s not just your closet, but just your life. Whatever catches your eye. Pick it.
  10. I’m not really sick of people whipping their hair. It doesn’t really get old. They’re fans and I love them! It’s just a fun game to play.

Willow Smith Instagram

Willow Smith Reveals She Self-Harmed After ‘Whip My Hair’ Success

Willow Smith Interview / Willow Smith 2019

Updated: January 16, 2019

Allure: How would you describe how you smell?

Willow: I usually probably smell like I just jumped in a lake. Like a natural person, I think. Actually, I don’t know. I think I just smell like a natural person.

Allure: Has anyone ever told you how you smell?

Willow: Nag Champa. My house smells like Nag Champa or like sandalwood.

Allure: What’s your earliest fragrance memory?

Willow: That smell after it rains. I don’t know what it’s called, but there’s a name for it. [Ed note: petrichor.] I honestly don’t know how to explain it, but it smells like open and it smells like green. It smells like green, that’s what I would say. I was always a nature baby.

Allure: If you had to write an autobiography of yourself, only using different scents, which ones would you include and why?

Willow: I would include sandalwood because that’s what my house smells like. I would include BO, because being on the trail for days and not showering has been part of my life. Definitely the smell after it rains because I was always so obsessed with that smell when I was younger. I would go out in the rain, just run around. And Nag Champa incense, because that’s always what my mom would burn when she was meditating when I was younger.

Allure: Is there a spiritual reason for burning it?

Willow: Probably for some people. Palo Santo and sage clears the area. It was probably definitely a spiritual reason to burn Nag Champa incense. I feel like the scent just puts a feeling onto you and puts a vibe over the entire area that it’s being burned in. It’s calming. Like aromatherapy.

Allure: How do you apply fragrance when you apply fragrance?

Willow: I usually use oils. If it’s a little spray thing, I spray the air and then I walk into it.

Allure: Just once?

Willow: Twice. I spray it, walk into it, spray it, walk into it.

Allure: Okay. I’m going to name some of the notes in Mutiny and I want you to tell me what you think of first. It could be a memory, it could be a word that comes to mind, it could just be a vibe. We’re just going to lightning-round it, ready?

Willow: Okay.

Allure: Tuberose.

Willow: Wait, tuberose?

Allure: That’s the most important scent in the fragrance!

Willow: Really?

Allure: It’s a very rare — you know what, just tell me what you think…


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