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Willa Holland Bio

Willa Holland born Willa Joanna Chance Holland on June 18, 1991 is an American actress, voice actress and model. She is famous for her roles as Kaitlin Cooper in the Fox teen drama The O.C., Agnes Andrews in The CW series Gossip Girl, Aqua in Kingdom Hearts, and Thea Queen/Speedy in Arrow.

Willa Holland Age

Born on 18th June 1991, Willa is 27 years old as of 2018.

Willa Holland Family

Born in Los Angeles Willa is the daughter of cinematographer Keith Holland and actress Darnell Gregorio-De Palma. After her parents divorced, her mother was remarried to director Brian De Palma from 1995 to 97. She has two sisters; Brianna Holland born in 1988 and Piper De Palma born in 1996. Holland studied at Palisades Charter High School for only six weeks because her career was taking off and school peers were dismissive of her acting pursuits.

Willa Holland Husband

Willa is not married yet.

Willa Holland Career

Holland was playing at her stepfather’s neighbor’s house in The Hamptons, New York, while the neighbor, Steven Spielberg, was filming home videos and later he told Holland’s parents, “You’ve got to put her in front of a camera. She was seven at the time. On returning to Los Angeles that September, Holland signed with Ford Modeling Agency and immediately booked a shoot for Burberry. Willa has modeled for Guess, Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch and Ralph Lauren.

In 1999, De Palma took Holland to a theatrical talent agency and since then she has appeared in many national commercials. In 2001 when she was ten, she worked alongside her cinematographer father in Ordinary Madness. She was slated to co-star in the 2005 Fox series The Inside with fellow model Rachel Nichols, but left the show when writer Tim Minear was brought in to overhaul it.

Willa Holland The O.C

She was cast as Kaitlin Cooper on The O.C.; replacing Shailene Woodley initially as a recurring character in season 3, but then as a regular in season four.

Holland was cast in the independent drama film Garden Party, in December 2007, playing the role of April, a troubled teenage aspiring model who tries to make it in Los Angeles. Holland made a one-off return in March 2010, in the 16th episode of the third season, The Empire Strikes Jack, which aired March 29, 2010.

Willa Holland Aqua – Willa Holland Kingdom Hearts

Square Enix announced in May 2010, that Willa would be voicing Aqua in the PlayStation Portable title, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, which was released on September 7, 2010 in North America. In that same year Holland starred in her first major studio film in the apocalyptic thriller film Legion playing the role of a bratty teenager. She played the role of teen-temptress Janice Heddon in the film Straw Dogs, a remake of the 1971 film of the same name. The film officially opened in September 2011.

Willa Holland Gossip Girl

The CW announced in September 2008, that Holland would appear in three episodes of the second season of the teen-drama television series Gossip Girl, created by The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz. Holland was cast on the role of a rebellious 16-year-old model who befriends and creates havoc for Taylor Momsen’s character.

Willa Holland Arrow

Holland was in February 2012, cast in The CW action-adventure series Arrow, which is based on the Green Arrow comic books, where she played Thea Queen / Speedy, the sister of Oliver Queen / Green Arrow. Until 2018,during the sixth season, she remained a regular cast member in the series.

Willa Holland Leaves Arrow

After portraying Thea Queen in Arrow, in six seasons , Willa Holland left the series in 2018. The decision however didn’t come as a shock to Holland, as it was actually her idea to write Thea off of the show.

Willa HollandTiger Eyes

Holland starred as Davey Wexler, in the film Tiger Eyes based on the 1981 novel of the same name written by Judy Blume which was released in April 2012.

Willa Holland Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars.

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Ordinary Madness

Young Faye


Garden Party



Middle of Nowhere

Taylor Elizabeth Berry






Audrey Anderson


Chasing 3000



Humanity’s Last Line of Defense



Straw Dogs

Janice Heddon


Tiger Eyes

Davey Wexler


Blood in the Water


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Willa Holland Interview

Arrow’ Season 6: Willa Holland Interview on Thea’s Strength and Independence

Source: showbizjunkies.com

Willa Holland kicked off our roundtable interview at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con by admitting there wasn’t much she could actually disclose about season six of The CW’s Arrow. Season five’s cliffhanger left open the possibility of multiple character deaths (or severe injuries), and Holland of course steered clear of anything that could possibly be considered a spoiler. “It’s a difficult situation, I’m quite sure. I understand. I’ve been on the fans’ side too and I know what it’s like being on the edge and not knowing what’s going on. And, you know, I have zero else that I can say on that subject,” teased Holland when asked about having to keep everything about the new season secret.

Arrow season six is set to premiere on October 12, 2017.

Can we assume because you’re here Thea is alive?

Holland: “See, don’t assume that. That’s the thing though. We’re pulling a Walking Dead right now where they did the same one season where everyone was kind of up in the air about who was going to die – and it was clear that it was going to be somebody. But, you can’t let anybody have any indication on who that is so everyone has to be here. Don’t read into this, by any means. This is not the answer.”

Thea’s made some peace about her family’s past and her parents, so how will that affect her if she does move forward?

Holland: “You know, I really hope that she just continues taking herself into more strong, independent areas of her life rather than succumbing to kind of the amount of turmoil that she’s been under. She’s done a very good job, I think, of inevitably taking all the struggle and the torment and everything that she’s kind of been through and channeling that into something positive. Or, at least trying to. I really hope that she continuously does that and doesn’t succumb to any kind of negative things.

My favorite part about her is that she always has evolved and taken things very strongly and independently as a woman, rather than dependently. She’s never really become dependent on any certain person or thing, really. For a second it was Roy but even there she found her own independence. So, I think it’s really important the fact that she’s at least one of the strong, independent female characters in the show. My biggest hope for her is that she always stays that way.”

What can you say about where are feelings are regarding Malcolm at this point?

Holland: “You know, it’s definitely a funny thing because personally on my personal side I’m obsessed with John Barrowman, so it makes me really biased even when it comes to thinking about the Malcolm Merlyn/Thea relationship. It’s hard for me to separate the amazingness of John Barrowman from the evil things that have been written on the page about Malcolm Merlyn. So, I’ve always had really high hopes about their relationship.

I think that Thea definitely has realized over the years how…it might annoy her a little bit how much she’s realized how he can affect her, especially after realizing after a very short period of time that he was her father. She’s only known about two or three years. She grew up her whole life thinking one thing, and then kind of found out a different situation. It’s hard enough for her to take that information and then to also know that she went from one seemingly kind of not the best father in the world – she knew that her dad had done some pretty shady things already. She loved her father but she already had some kind of indication that things weren’t as peachy keen as mother and father put it out there to be. But then also to find out that this guy was just a whole other bag of evil. She definitely didn’t realize how much it was going to affect her, their relationship.”

Is there anyone you hope Thea has more scenes with or even in the past wished you’d shared more scenes with over the seasons?

Holland: “I’ve always hoped that she’d be a lot nicer to Rick Gonzalez’ character. That’s something that I really want to happen. And, let’s see, more Felicity time, more hanging out with Echo (Kellum) and David (Ramsey). I mean, I miss everybody in the bunker, totally. It’s not like I don’t want to be down there; it’s just circumstance. Things happen and you know it makes sense here and there, blah, blah, blah, so… Who knows? I got nothing for you when it comes to season six. (Laughing) I can’t allude to any future things, just hopes and dreams.”


Holland: “I mean, I think she did an okay job until all the blackmailing, backstabbing, and the being kind of real evil and not cool about things. Again, like I said, I really enjoy seeing her in strong, independent sections of her life. Like in the beginning of that role that she was taking on, she was really taking charge of everything and running everything for Oliver. She was getting it done pretty well, I think, up until she started realizing the ins and the outs of real government. It’s not like that’s not the way it actually goes! So, who could blame her, really? It’s just that she was kind of maybe leaning further right than I would like Thea to actually be in reality. (Laughing) Let’s hope that she goes to some liberal camps or something. Who knows?! Maybe she listens to Bernie Sanders talk.”