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Wifisfuneral Bio, Age, Parents, Networth, Tattoos

Wifisfuneral Bio

Isaiah Rivera better regarded as Wifisfuneral is an American rapper and songwriter. He is best renowned for his mixtapes, Black Heart Revenge, When Hell Falls, Ethernet, and Boy Who Cried, Wolf.

He joined an Alamo Records and Interscope Records record deal in 2017.

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Wifisfuneral Age

Isaiah Rivera was born on 20th March 1997 in the Bronx, New York City, to a Puerto Rican mother and a Jamaican father. As of 2019, Rivera is 22 years old. He was raised by his mother and father. When Rivera was only 6 months old, his dad, who was a freestyle battle rapper in The Bronx, quit the household. He and his mother relocated to Palm Beach, Florida, when he reached 7. Later, when Rivera was 12, his mom and stepfather split up.

Rivera was originally known as Izzy Kill$, however, later on, he chose to go under the name Wifisfuneral, which he got from his best friend DJ Scheme committed suicide. The Wifi part represented his global ambition:

“I want the music to be worldwide. I just want people everywhere to listen to it.”After some close calls with drugs. ”I went to the emergency like four times in like a year,” he reveals.

Wifisfuneral interest in hip-hop started when he first watched The Notorious B.I.G.. tribute “Mo Money Mo Problems” music video together with Puff Daddy and Ma$e.iv.

Wifisfuneral Parents

Wifisfuneral’s Father was of Jamaican ancestry. The man was a rapper who took part in battles and Wifisfuneral longed to have a close relationship with him. Following his steps, he once called his father to present him his first project over the phone. Unfortunately, the two failed to become at least good friends.

Wifisfuneral’s mother who is of a Puerto Rican origin raised him at Palm Beach and has always been supportive of her son on his way to stardom. Wifis supposedly has no siblings.

When Wifisfuneral, was eight or nine years old he saw the “Mo Money Mo Problems” music video on TV and had a realization. The young Isaiah looked at his mother and said: “This is what I want to do, like, for the rest of my life.” His father, who wasn’t in his life, had been a freestyle battle rapper in the Bronx. “I used to be mad when he used to call my mom, cause we wouldn’t have shit to talk about,” Wifisfuneral recalled.

He wrote his first sixteen when he was a kid and rapped it to his father over the phone. “I tried to use it as a gateway to get closer to him, But it didn’t work,” Wifis said.

Wifisfuneral Net Worth

Wifisfuneral’s estimated Net Worth, Salary, Income, Property, Lifestyles & much more details have been updated below.

Wifisfuneral wrote his first rap around the age of six years old and recorded his first song at 13 in his bedroom on the Rock Band mic. In Forbes latest report, published in March 2019 & in accordance with Wikipedia, Wifisfuneral’s net worth, salary & income reports are as shown below.

Net Worth (2019) $15 Million (Approx.)
Net Worth (2017-2018) $100K – $1M (Approx.)
Salary Under Review.
Source Primary Net Worth & Income comes from being a Rapper.

Wifisfuneral Tattoos

Wifisfuneral tattoos

Wifisfuneral unveiled his XXXTentacion-inspired face tattoos in his Instagram story. To honor the rapper, the 2018 XXL Freshman got the word Alone as well as a broken heart tatted under his eye. The tattoos are similar to the ink that X had done, which featured Alone above his eyebrow and a broken heart under his eye.

Wifisfuneral also paid tribute to X during his show in Cleveland at the House of Blues. The rapper had a tough time getting through the tribute, breaking down into tears as XXXTentacion’s Jocelyn Flores played, which fittingly deals with the death of a woman close to X.

Wifi had previously paid tribute to X on Instagram shortly after his death. he posted a couple of old photos of the two and wrote in the caption, “until we meet again. You will never be forgotten on my end,” along with a broken heart emoji.

Wifisfuneral loves face tattoos. After coming through HNHH’s New York offices to cut it up for an episode of How To Roll, he made his way to Fader for an interview. The artist talked on a couple of subjects relevant to his characters, like tattoos, the internet and the musical impact he has on his generation.

The Florida artists shared his general dislike for perfection, a preference that also translates to his aesthetic choices. He says, “I think I’m obsessed with imperfection. I don’t like things perfect.”

He then connects the concept to tattoos: “I don’t think people have bad face tattoos.” He referred to a couple of ink job other rappers have made to prove a point, including Gucci Mane’s ice cream cone tattoo that is “legendary” in his opinion.

Wifi also talked about his feelings towards the internet. He says the internet “saved” his life by offering all the resources he needs:

“The internet saved my life to be honest with you. Like, I dropped out of school when I was in 10th grade like, I would really educate myself through the internet only or through any type of books I would pick up.”

Wifisfuneral Tours

Wifisfuneral & Robb Banks

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