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Whitney Port Biography, Age, Father, Husband, Fashion, Book and Model

Whitney Port Biography | Whitney Port Bio

Whitney Port born Whitney Eve Port is an American television personality, fashion designer, and author. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, she attended Crossroads School in Santa Monica as a teenager.

In 2006, Port came to prominence after being cast in the reality television series The Hills, which chronicled the personal and professional lives of Port and friends Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag, and Audrina Patridge. During its production, she held positions with Teen Vogue and Kelly Cutrone’s People’s Revolution.

After moving to New York City to begin employment with Diane von Fürstenberg in 2008, Port was commissioned to star in her own spin-off series The City, which originally documented the lives of Port and companions Jay Lyon, Olivia Palermo, and Adam Senn. After undergoing several casting adjustments and receiving underwhelming ratings, the series was canceled in 2010, after airing two seasons. Port launched her fashion line “Whitney Eve” in 2009. In 2012, she served as a judge on the eighth cycle of Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model.

Whitney Port Age

She was born on 4 March 1985 in Los Angeles, California, United States. She is 33 years old as of 2018.

Whitney Port Dad | Whitney Port Father

She is the daughter of Jeffrey Port. In March 2013, her father died from a year-long battle with kidney cancer.

Whitney Port Sister

She has three sisters. They are: Paige Port, Ashley Port and Jade Port.

Whitney Port Sorority

Port attended Warner Avenue Elementary School and Crossroads School. In 2007, she graduated from the University of Southern California, having majored in gender studies.

Whitney Port Weight

She weighs 58 kilograms which is equivalent to 128 pounds.

Whitney Port Engaged | Whitney Port Dating

In November 2013, she announced her engagement to her former The City producer, Tim Rosenman, whom she began dating in 2012.

Whitney Port Husband | Whitney Port Married | Whitney Port Boyfriend | Whitney Port Fiance

On 7 November 2015, she got married to Tim Rosenman.

Whitney Port Wedding | Whitney Eve Port Wedding

Whitney Port ~ Tim Rosenman Wedding Trailer from custom | made productions on Vimeo.

Whitney Port Clothing Line | Whitney Port Fashion | Whitney Port Fashion Line | Whitney Port Line

Whitney Port Is Trading Fashion for Flower Arranging

Whitney Port is no stranger to putting together an outfit—typically one that’s sunny, bright, and reflective of her laid-back southern California aesthetic. Her life (and by that we mean her Instagram feed) is a veritable treasure trove of aspirational images: workout classes, fancy brunches, and, most recently, lots and lots of flowers. The latter is likely due to the fact that Port recently decided to put the kibosh on her nine-year-old fashion line, Whitney Eve, and join forces with her business partner, Laurenne Resnik, as co-founders of the newly-launched online flower brand Bloom2Bloom.

“I didn’t see myself getting into flowers, but now that I am, I’m so passionate about it,” Port recently said by phone. “It’s just another way to show off my creativity.”

Here, she gives us the low-down on her burgeoning business.

How did this collaboration come about?
I met Laurenne at an event for Cheeky last summer. I was in a big transitional phase at the time—I had stopped doing Whitney Eve in the spring and was taking my time to figure out what my next step was, and this kind of landed in my lap. I was like, “Why not? Flowers are fun. They’re an easy thing to work with.” I dove right in.

Why did you decide to discontinue Whitney Eve?
Fashion will always will be a part of my life, but I’ve been trying to veer away from producing a fashion line for a while. It became too difficult and competitive and I had lost a little bit of love for it. [Whitney Eve] was very near and dear to me because I started it with my father, who recently passed away. I tried to sustain it with my brother and sister, and we got really far, but it was difficult not to have his expertise with the business side of things.

Do you find floral arranging and fashion to be similar at all?
The main challenge with flowers is that you’re dealing with something living. With clothes, we made things overseas and they sat a boat to get here … there wasn’t this constant need to keep things alive and fresh and replenished. But we’re going to have custom-printed bouquet wrapping, so I’ll be designing that. You’ll see the Whitney Eve aesthetic reflected in the flowers too. Overall, Bloom2Bloom has been a happier process because flowers make people feel great. And these have a give-back component too: With every purchase, B2B donates a portion of proceeds to Wish Upon a Teen, which supports terminally ill teenagers.

What makes Bloom2Bloom’s arrangements unique?
All of our arrangements come straight from local farms in the U.S. to your home, so they’re extremely fresh and they last a super long time—I’ve had some last for up to two weeks. The bouquets are very bohemian: a mix of wildflowers and succulents. I’m obsessed with dahlias right now.

Are the flowers also meant to be worn?
No. They’re for your space. I guess in a sense, they’re fashion for your home—you’re accessorizing your home or office. We’re not trying to be event florists or wedding florists.

Where will the arrangements be sold?
On our website. We eventually plan to sell in coffee and tea shops and farmer’s markets across southern California.

Where do you see the brand going in the future?

We hope that Bloom2Bloom becomes a mainstay for brands, whether it’s our own storefront or us being part of bigger retail chains. Right now, you go to grocery stores and you don’t necessarily know where anything is coming from.

In a memorable episode of The Hills, Lauren Conrad and Emily Weiss are sent on an intern run to pick up flowers for a press dinner, then you and Lauren arrange them on the table afterward. It seemed like a crash course in flowers for everyone except Emily. Do you look back at that experience and feel embarrassed, or just nostalgic?

I need to rewatch that episode! Flowers are one of those things that you don’t become passionate about until you’re a young adult—you hit 30 and things start to become important for you. Flowers have become that for me. When I was an intern on The Hills I didn’t know anything about flowers. Emily was a bit more sophisticated.

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Whitney Port Photos

Whitney Port The Hills

`The Hills’ follows the personal and professional lives of several young adults living in Los Angeles. Looking for some stability in her life, Kristin attempts to mend fences with Audrina and Heidi, but a rumour about her hard-partying lifestyle gets in the way. Also adding unrest is her relationship with Brody … or lack of one, now that he has his eyes on someone he’s never been able to snare – Audrina. And no one has changed more than Heidi, who looks for the approval of her mother and friends after undergoing numerous cosmetic surgeries. She also has to decide if her marriage to Spencer, now acting more distant than ever, is worth saving.

First episode date: 31 May 2006
Final episode date: 13 July 2010
Theme song: Unwritten
Production location: Los Angeles

The City Whitney Port | The City Whitney Port Season 1

In this spin-off of `The Hills’, Whitney Port leaves Los Angeles in favour of New York, where after a stint working at Diane Von Furstenberg’s global design house, she embarks on becoming a designer.

First episode date: 29 December 2008
Final episode date: 13 July 2010
Preceded by: The Hills
Production location: New York City

Whitney Port Pregnant

Whitney Port might have a reputation for being down to earth and seriously likable, but when we meet in a small café in the West Village to discuss her new tableware collaboration with Cheeky, I’m instantly thrown off guard by her unfiltered honesty. “My boobs have grown so much!” the mum-to-be says with her hands on her chest, like we’ve known each other since college. Everyone in the café is taken by Port, not because she’s a celebrity, but because she tells it like it is.

I shouldn’t have been so taken aback by Port’s very un-Hollywood response to my questions about her recent pregnancy. Just a few weeks earlier, the fashion designer and her husband, Tim Rosenman, uploaded a candid home video to YouTube in which she declared, “I love my baby, but I hate pregnancy!” As it’s her first baby, Port says she wants to share the experience with other women and mums-to-be and speak frankly about the changes, both good and bad, that she’s experiencing—read more raw honesty from parents in our mum truth series.

Ahead, Port shares the four truths people never tell you about pregnancy, and we unveil her brand-new project.

Morning Sickness Can Last for Months

“Morning sickness is something I thought happened for the first couple of days when you find out you’re pregnant and then it goes away,” Port tells MyDomaine. Unfortunately, she quickly discovered that’s not always the case. “My sister-in-law never had a day of sickness—some women make it the whole way through. I had it for four months!” It’s not about being lucky or unlucky, Port clarifies. She wants other women to know that there are no strict rules about what’s normal and that it’s crucial to recognize this when you’re pregnant.

You Have to Embrace Being Unhealthy

Health and fitness are a big part of Port’s lifestyle, which is why she found it difficult to accept the new foods she started craving during pregnancy. “That’s been one of the hardest parts,” she says. “Sometimes the thought of healthy things gross you out. You don’t want to have a salad for lunch. You want a burger and french fries!”

Rather than fight the urge to try and eat healthy food, Port says she’s learned to accept her cravings. “You have to give into your cravings and listen to your body, but then you start to watch your body change, and that’s very difficult. For someone who has always been very active and healthy, it’s hard to not be in control of that.”

It Can Be Hard to Work in the First Trimester

Given her unrelenting morning sickness, Port says she was surprised by how difficult it was to maintain her routine in the first trimester. “Juggling work and being pregnant has been a little bit of a challenge. [Thankfully] my first trimester is over, so the sick part is done. The second trimester you start to get more energy back,” she says, clearly excited to feel like her usual buoyant self again.

Morning sickness hasn’t stopped Port from working harder than ever, though. We’re meeting to preview her new limited-edition line of disposable tableware for Cheeky, which launches in Target on March 26. The collection features paper plates and plastic cups, each emblazoned with poppies, pineapples, and paintbrush strokes, all reflecting Port’s personal style.

You’ll Never Be Prepared to See Your Body Change

It’s no secret that your body undergoes massive changes during pregnancy, but Port says she was surprised by how quickly it happened. “I didn’t think it was going to happen this early! I thought boobs started changing when they started to fill up with milk, but it’s already happened—I’m a 32DDD!” she says. “I had to go bra shopping last weekend, and the woman didn’t even want to tell me what size I was. And they’re going to get even bigger!”

While people tell you that your body will grow and change in unexpected ways, Port says there’s no way to prepare yourself. “When you get pregnant, you know it’s going to change, but it’s hard to actually see it happening,” she says. “The hard part is when you need to get dressed into work clothes and things are starting to change. You stop fitting into stuff. That part is really difficult.”

Port is quick to note that she’s not trying to tell other mums what to do but wants to give people an honest glimpse at what pregnancy is really like. “I’ve realised that everyone is so different, so there’s no point comparing yourself to anyone.”

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Whitney Port Clothing

Whitney Port 2016

Whitney Port Book

She is the author of True Whit: Designing a Life of Style, Beauty and Fun. It was published in 2011.

Whitney Port Designs

What Happened To Whitney Port

Known for her iconic reactions to all of Lauren’s dating and friendship stories while in the Teen Vogue fashion closet, Whitney eventually went off to NYC to star in her own spinoff, The City. And while the Big Apple-set series didn’t take off in quite the same way (but we are forever grateful for it for introducing us to style icon Olivia Palermo), Whitney did get a lot out of it: it’s how the fashion designer met her now-husband, Tim Rosenman! “I met my husband on the show,” she told E! News. “My husband was a producer on the show, so that’s probably my most memorable thing that happened to me.”

Whitney Port TV Show

She aired on The City from 2008-2010. She also did Britain’s Next Top Model from 2005-2017. She was also in Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend. She has been airing The Hills since 2006 to present day.

Whitney Port Model

In March 2008, Port debuted her first fashion line “Whitney Eve”. Upon the conclusion of the fourth season of The Hills that December, Port moved to New York City to accept a position with Diane von Fürstenberg.

That month, she was commissioned to star in the spin-off series The City, which additionally placed emphasis on her boyfriend Jay Lyon, their friends Erin Lucas and Adam Senn, and her co-worker Olivia Palermo. During the first half of the inaugural season, Port severed ties with Lyon, clashed with Palermo at the workplace, and ultimately returned to People’s Revolution.

After underwhelming ratings, Lyon, Lucas, and Senn were replaced by Port’s friend Roxy Olin and Palermo’s new co-worker Erin Kaplan in the second half of the first season. The series’ second season saw the development of “Whitney Eve”, and aired its final episode in July 2010 before being officially cancelled that October.

Whitney Port Website | Whitney Port Clothing Line Official Website

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Whitney Port Plastic Surgery

It’s hard to believe the young star of The City, born in 1985, would need any work done, but you only have to look as far as her former co-star Heidi Montag to see that some girls start young.

Gossip blogger Perez Hilton floated a rumor, started by Spencer Pratt, that Port had gotten plastic surgery. Pratt, via Twitter, wrote:

” ‘If they feel like it’s necessary and it’s going to make them feel more confident, then more power to them.’ @whitneyeveport why u did it!?”

“@whitneyeveport shouldn’t assume why others do things she should say why she does things!”

Pratt was responding to a Celebuzz interview in which Port denied having plastic surgery, but said, “If they feel like it’s necessary and it’s going to make them feel more confident, then more power to them.”

Whitney Port Collection

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Whitney Port News

Whitney Port Gets Why Lauren Conrad Said No to The Hills Reboot: ‘We Have a Lot More to Protect’

Updated on: 7 September 2018.

Whitney Port was the girl who went to Paris on The Hills — and she’ll be back for MTV’s highly anticipated reboot.

Port, 33, starred on the L.A.-based reality show from 2006-08 before jetting off to New York City for her own spinoff, The City. The Hills: New Beginnings will reunite original cast members, alongside their children, friends and returning favorites. Although the original series followed Lauren Conrad as she tried to make a name for herself in the fashion world, and later Kristin Cavallari, who took over as the lead for the final season, neither will be returning for the reboot.

Now a designer herself, Port says she was disappointed that her Teen Vogue intern pal Conrad isn’t coming back.

“Of course, it would be ideal if the whole cast could get together, I feel like that’s what everybody would want to see, and she was the main person on The Hills, so it would’ve been awesome. But I understand some people just want more privacy at this point,” she tells PEOPLE. “We’re older now and we have a lot more to protect. So I don’t begrudge her, I’m not upset for making the decision she made.”

Port welcomed baby boy Sonny in July 2017, and she said motherhood has inspired what projects she chooses to take on — which is why she’s thrilled to be working on the Mrs. Meyer’s Compassion Flower Project, “an initiative to teach kids how empathy can be nurtured and grown both inside and outside of school,” according to the company.

For every bottle of Compassion Flower-scented hand soap sold, Mrs. Meyer’s is giving a Growing Compassion Gardening Kit to a classroom, benefitting up to 30,000 students in the United States.

“It’s just a really sweet message,” Port says. “Growing, plants, teaching little kids how to nurture and care and show compassion for something. So, for me, with a new little one, though he’s not in kindergarten yet, I would love if he were to be in a classroom for him to do something like this and thought it was a really special message to share.”

And her 13-month-old son will be on The Hills: New Beginnings.

“Being a mom is a huge part of my identity now, so it would feel weird if he was never on it and I just talked about him,” she explained, adding that she’s working on convincing her husband, producer Tim Rosenman.

“He doesn’t really want to do it,” she says. “He’s in TV, he works behind the camera, so it’s not really natural for him to be on it. But also, he is my husband, and the show is based on our real lives, so it would be weird if it were just me and nobody else. So I think he’ll pop up here and there.”

Though she’s unclear what direction the new series will take, Port says she’s excited to get to know the rest of the cast since, as Conrad’s colleague, she primarily filmed apart from their social circle.

“I’m excited to actually, maybe this time around, get to know them more and actually reunite with them and meet their babies, and our babies can be friends and stuff,” she says.

And she hopes New Beginnings won’t include as much scripted drama as The Hills.

“I think it will be more of like a slice of life. I don’t think — nobody really has the patience or the time for that kind of thing anymore,” she says. “I wouldn’t want to necessarily be a part of something that was like that.”

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