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Virginia Gardner Biography

Gardner is an American Actress. She is commonly known for playing Karolina Dean in the Hulu original series Marvel’s Runaways (2017), Gordon Green’s horror and film Halloween (2018). She won two awards: Hollywood Beauty Awards in 2015 and Golden Issue Awards in 2017.

Virginia Gardner Age

Virginia Gardner was born on 18th, April 1995 in Sacramento California United States. She is 23 years as of 2019.

Virginia Gardner Height

Virginia Gardner stands at 1.73m. She weighs at a weight of 58kgs.

Virginia Gardner Net worth

Virginia Gardner earns her income from her businesses and from other related organizations. She also earns her income from her work as an actress. She has an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars.

Virginia Gardner Family

Virginia Gardner was born to S. Gardner (mother) and Chuck Gardner (father). She has one brother known as Chas  Gardner.

Virginia Gardner Photo

Virginia Gardner Husband

Virginia Gardner has not yet married but she is still dating her boyfriend Graham Rogers who is also an actor.

Virginia Gardner Education

Virginia Gardner finished her primary level in Sacramento Country Day School from kindergarten to eighth grade. While she was in school she took part in school productions of the drama club. She later went to secondary level in California High School where she was tested to do an exam fortunately she passed.

She later joined The Vanderbilt University School of Nursing where she got her degree in psychiatric and mental health. She went to get her Masters in psychiatric and mental health as a Practitioner specialist at the same University in 2005.

Virginia Gardner Actress

Virginia Gardner took her time to work on modeling and she later perfected in modeling she went on and modeled for Kohl’s, Love Culture, HP, Hollister, LF, and Famous Footwear.

Virginia Gardner starred on Project Almanac as Christina Raskin, the main character younger sister in 2005. She was announced as a star as Karolina Dean Marveled in Runaway for the Hulu series on February 2017.

Virginia Gardner Runaways

Virginia Gardner popped up in a couple of episodes of Glee back in the day and also appeared on The Goldbergs playing Lexy Bloom under that version of her name. She also can be spotted in one episode each of Law & Order: SVU and How To Get Away With Murder, so if all you do is watch TV (no judgment), there’s a very good chance you’ll recognize her.

She has been in thrillers such as Goat and Tells Me How I Die. But Marvel’s Runaways is likely to up her visibility and celeb status since it’s bound to be super popular. She’s also starring in some upcoming movies that come out in 2018 called Little Bitches, Monster Party, Starfish, and Liked, according to her IMDB profile. So Gardner’s been busy this year and it doesn’t look like things will slow down for her.

Back then, she was hoping for Cat woman. She didn’t know if it gets worse than that. It would also be cool to try a female version of Iron Man,” Gardner stated. Well, Karolina Dean will have to do for now. And she’s OK with that. She told The Hollywood Reporter that the series reminded her a bit of Stranger Things when it came to the dynamic between the kids and the grownups.

“You have this kids’ storyline and that excitement, but you also bring in the adults and their storyline, which gives it a whole new feel,” she said. “It’s grounded and dramatic and it’s also more of a family drama than it is about superpowers. She later moved to Los Angeles from Sacramento when she was just 16 years old to start her career, all on her own. But it wasn’t like she was a wild child.

“People are so taken aback when I tell them that [I came to L.A. when I was a teenager], but it wasn’t like I had free rein. I had a tracker on my phone. My parents checked in on me,” Gardner told Maxim. “I knew that if I screwed up I would be back home in four seconds flat. If anything, it made me independent and helped me grow up a little faster.” Gardner’s obviously worked hard for her career. And it looks like it’s about to really take off.

Virginia Gardner Troy | Tv Show

Virginia Gardner Troy is an art historian who examines twentieth-century textiles in terms of their visual, technical and contextual significance. She is interested in 20th-century designers who collected and admired non-Western and ancient textiles. She has authored two books, The Modernist Textile: Europe and America 1890-1940(2006), and Anni Albers and Ancient American Textiles: From Bauhaus to Black Mountain (2002) and articles on Appalachian weaving, weaving during the Cold War, Bauhaus textiles, Marie Cuttoli and pictorial tapestry, and the textile work of Futurist artist Fortunate Peroxide. Dr. Troy is Associate Professor of Art History at Berry College in Georgia. She has appeared on the Tv Show known as Runaways. 

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