Victoria Rubadiri Biography, Age, Husband, BBC, Citizen, and Net Worth

Victoria Rubadiri is a Kenyan journalist, who was the co-anchor of Kenya’s most-watched Prime-time news broadcast Sunday Live on Citizen TV and Citizen Weekend early evening news announcement on Saturday. She was born in Nairobi, KE, and brought up in the USA.

Victoria Rubadiri Biography

Victoria Rubadiri is a Kenyan journalist, who was the co-anchor of Kenya’s most-watched Prime-time news broadcast Sunday Live on Citizen TV and Citizen Weekend early evening news announcement on Saturday. She was born in Nairobi, KE, and brought up in the USA.

She is likewise notable for her capacity to associate with her crowd and recount convincing stories. Rubadiri was a journalist and Prime-time anchorperson for NTV’s Weekend Edition that airs each Friday to Sunday at 9 pm. She additionally facilitated and delivered the Women and Power section that airs each Saturday during the Prime-time notice.

Rubadiri knows quite a bit about radio filling in as a business columnist and news moderator at Capital FM in Nairobi for very nearly two years. She accomplished independent work in Public Relations in New Jersey and New York preceding her get back. Vicky isn’t lavish, yet she isn’t mean to.

She appreciates cooking and photography during her spare energy. At the point when she isn’t in the newsroom, Vicky says she turns off her work and returns home to be a mother to her darling. Generally, she goes with her child at whatever point she gets the time.

Victoria Rubadiri

Together they visit places including new shirt and Disney world. It’s sort of difficult to make her hang out on weekends as that is the point at which her work calls. Her balance, refinement, and severe dislike for embarrassments have made her a darling of the greater part and have similarly procured her respect from her sidekicks.

Victoria Rubadiri has an enthusiasm for coaching the young which she has been engaged with for the last five or more years both in the US and Kenya.

The attractive TV commentator is an exceptionally scholarly woman. She went to Atlantic City High School in 1999, where she procured her Bachelor’s certification in Arts Broadcast Journalism in 2003. She is additionally a pleased undergrad understudy at Temple University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism.

Victoria Rubadiri Citizen TV

Discussing her new professional venture at Citizen TV, numerous watchers were uncertain about whether it was a hit or a miss for Royal Media Services subsequent to poaching Victoria Rubadiri from NTV and allotting her to Sunday Live close by Jeff. As indicated by Victoria who contrasts her previous associates at NTV and working with Jeff, she reveals her sentiments about the matter and finishes up to express that she is cheerful with regards to working with Jeff Koinange on the screens.

“I worked with such skilled people at NTV. We were a particularly extraordinary group and accomplished significantly more prominent work, they resembled family to me, I miss them, a great deal. In any case, seasons change, and in some cases, we need to continue on to different things. We had an extraordinary run, however,” she conceded in a meeting with writer Yvonne Aoll for SDE.

All things considered, as far as she might be concerned, Jeff plays been a part model and feels regarded to have been allowed a chance to match up with the prepared writer.

“He has mind-boggling editorial abilities. His work has justified itself throughout the long term, so for me to have the option to now work with him is simply so strange. I was unable to regard him any longer,” appreciated Ms. Rubadiri.

Also, she won the 2020 BBC World News Komla Dumor Award while serving at Citizen.

Victoria Rubadiri BBC News London

Citizen TV journalist, Victoria Rubadiri has reported that she will be disappearing from Citizen TV for a time of 90 days until December 2021.

Rubadiri made the disclosure toward the finish of the Sunday Live release where her co-have Jeff Koinange communicated that he would miss her.

“Toward the start of this program, I said it would be a self-contradicting second in light of the fact that our own personal Victoria Rubadiri is off for the following three months… I will miss you however we realize you’re going out there to sparkle like a jewel,” Koinange bade goodbye as he shocked her with a cake brought by one of the show’s group.

“The opportunity has arrived, London is calling…I’m going to miss you, Jeff,” she said appreciating the cake.

The reporter said that for the following three months she would be working at BBC London.

As the victor of the 2020 Komla Dumor Award, she will get both work insight and preparation at the BBC office in London.

“I’m invigorated at the possibility of acquiring new abilities at the BBC to have the option to interface with crowds locally, territorially, and universally, regardless of on which stage the story is being told,” she said in the wake of getting the honor in 2020.

Rubadiri will start her three-month arrangement at the BBC by going to an instructional class with the BBC Academy prior to joining BBC Newsgroups – across TV, radio, and on the web – which will give her the chance to acquire abilities and experience across BBC News stages.

The honor was made to respect Komla Dumor, a moderator for BBC World News, who kicked the bucket unexpectedly matured 41 out of 2014.

Victoria Rubadiri Age

Rubadiri was born on 28 Jan 1987, in Nairobi, Kenya.

Victoria Rubadiri Parents

Victoria Rubadiri was born to two guardians in a normal estimated family in Nairobi, KE. Nonetheless, her dad James David Rubadiri is of Malawian plummet while her mom is a mutt of Maasai guardians and Kalenjin guardians.

She was raised close by her more youthful sister Mabel Rubadiri. Her family moved to the US when she was only 10 years old consequently she had to change and adjust to the new climate and educational plan.

Victoria Rubadiri Husband

Victoria is at the present single. Nonetheless, she has a baby daddy whom they visit in New Jersey.

Victoria Rubadiri Daughter

She has a daughter, Neema, that she gave birth to back in 2015.

Victoria Rubadiri Height

Information about her height will be updated as soon as possible.

Victoria Rubadiri Salary

The excellent productive columnist Rubadiri gets an inexact month-to-month pay of Ksh 750,000 ($7,281.55). Her compensation multiplied once she joined Citizen from NTV. Moreover, while filling in as an anchorperson at NTV, Victoria got a compensation of Ksh 400,000 ($3,888.5) each month that was twofold her kindred NTV staff.

Victoria Rubadiri Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of between $500, 000 and $2 million.

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