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Ursula Stolf Biography, Age,Parents Boyfriend, Online Store And Career

Ursula Stolf Biography

Ursula Stolf was born on 1st September 1984 in Toronto Canada northern America. she is an actress and a businesswoman. she first appeared on a television tv series storage wars; Canada in 2013 for only 15 episodes.

she studied in Niagara college where she got herself a bachelor degree in education after seeing her mother struggling with low-income jobs, she advanced her education in mount st vincents university by getting a master in education.

Stolf also got a bachelors degree in sociology in York University and has a post-graduate degree in human resource.aapart from her study ad television career she owns and runs Ursula locker loot.she is considered as the most educated tv personality in storage wars.

Her parents divorced when she was young because the father had a lot of personal issues that he didn’t want to get solved and sometimes he would get violent.

she and her sister were raised by their mother who had nothing but to work jobs that would pay little money. her sisters include sue, Roza, Claudia, and Olivia.

Ursula Stolf Age

Ursula stolf was born on 1st September 1984 she is 34 years as of 2019.

Ursula Stolf Photo

Ursula Stolt photo

Ursula Stolf Parents

Not much is known about Ursula mother name but she was raised by her mother who struggled a lot to feed her and her sisters after they divorced with her father because he had issues and would get pitty violent.

Seen her mother struggle a lot she worked hard so as to help her. But you will be updated with their names soon.

Ursula Stolf Boyfriend

Only a few people end up marrying their high school sweetheart but to Stolf that only talks because she and her high school sweetheart Mike began their relationship at a school union and until now they are still together and no signs of any separation.

Mike put a ring on her finger but the detail about their engagement and marriage are yet to be known at the moment but we will update you soon. the two have not yet had any kids of their own.

Ursula Stolf Online Store

After completing her various educational pursuits, Stolf then discovered a great financial opportunity with storage containers. In various parts of the world, rented storage containers are auctioned off if they are not paid for after a certain period of time.

Viewers are allowed to view the contents of the storage from outside, and not touch anything, but hoping to make a correct assessment of the value inside the lockers. The locker is sold to the highest bidder and the contents are then sold, hopefully for a profit.

She started her own business called Ursula’s Locker Loot, her own store in downtown Toronto, and establishing a website which sold some of her finds. online you can find their staff on Facebook or her other social media account or click

Ursula Stolf Career

she first appeared on storage wars in 2013 and she only appeared on 15 episodes of the show before she left in 2014.

she was nicknamed “the knock out on the show because of her rivalry with a fellow cast member Cindy Hayden as well as one of the men in the show”, she took the stage and became the top billing in the cast list.

Ursula Stolf was also featured on the show storage wars 2017 northern treasures.she is also a talented singer. she once said in an interview that she nursed ambitions of becoming a singer as a child

she has not yet released any albums but she often released videos of her singing on youtube.

Ursula Stolf social media

stolf is on social media and she uses it to advertise her business you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Ursula Stolf Instagram


Ursula Stolf Net Worth

The actress and businesswoman have won a few awards which include Canadian screen award. there are no details on her salary but she is estimated to have a net worth of $800000.

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