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Tory Dunnan Bio, Age, Husband, Hair color, Net worth, CNN, WAFF 48 News, Articles, and Career.

Tory Dunnan Biography

Tory Dunnan is an American prominent journalist. Tory worked as an anchor and reporter in the West Palm Beach market for several years. She was also a national correspondent for CNN Newsource, responsible for covering stories across the country. Tory covered a wide range of breaking news stories from severe weather to politics to high profile trials, crime, and even entertainment. 

In 2011-2012, Dunnan also served for more than a year as the political correspondent, covering the presidential race for Newsource’s CNN RunningMate. Before moving to West Palm Beach, Dunnan was a general assignment reporter and fill-in anchor for WAFF 48 News in Huntsville, Ala. She was honored with an Alabama AP award for coverage of fatal tornadoes, and for her live coverage of Vice President Dick Cheney’s visit to the area.

Tory Dunnan Age

Her birthday and age are under review.

Tory Dunnan Husband

Tory keeps her personal life out of the limelight and less is known about her husband and family. But she is a happily married mother.

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Tory Dunnan Net worth

Her net worth is under review.

Tory Dunnan Education

She graduated magna cum laude and with honors from Brown University. She also received her master’s degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Tory currently teaches live reporting seminars to graduate broadcast journalism students at Northwestern University.

Tory Dunnan Journalism career

Tory Dunnan is no more bizarre to South Florida, having recently filled in as a stay and columnist in the West Palm Beach showcase for quite a long while.

She was likewise a national reporter for CNN, in charge of covering stories the nation over. While at the system, Tory secured a wide scope of breaking news stories from serious climate to governmental issues to prominent preliminaries, wrongdoing, and even amusement. Her most noteworthy minute was getting a private drum exercise from Ringo Starr!

Tory Dunnan

On an increasingly genuine note, she has been on the ground for the Boston Marathon psychological oppressor assault, the revelation of the Cleveland abducting unfortunate casualties, the catastrophe at Sandy Hook, and the U.S Supreme Court Affordable Care Act and same-sex marriage choices, just to give some examples. In her job, Tory invested energy announcing for the D.C., LA, Miami and Atlanta agencies of CNN while contributing over the system’s stages.

In 2012, Tory served for over a year as a political reporter, covering the presidential race for CNN Newsource’s “running mate.” She served in excess of 800 subsidiaries with customized inclusion, grant-winning detailing, and canny investigation. She was live from political occasions, assemblies, and primaries, discusses, both political shows, and decision night in Chicago.

Tory began her vocation as a general task journalist and fill-in stay for WAFF 48 News in Huntsville, Ala. She was respected with an Alabama AP grant for the inclusion of deadly tornadoes, and for her live inclusion of the VP’s visit to the territory.

At Medill, Dunnan reported on local immigration issues for NewsChannel 8 in Washington, D.C. and worked for KTVQ and other CBS affiliates in Montana/Wyoming. She anchored and produced a weekly newscast on WYCC in Chicago. She also wrote articles for the Island Packet in Hilton Head, S.C.

Outside of work, Tory loves playing and watching soccer. She was an NCAA Division I player and two-time Gatorade player of the year. She also loves tennis, running, surfing, golf, and iced lattes.

Tory Dunnan Articles


WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Call it the generation that rents. Literally, everything from cars to clothes to houses, millennials appear to be buying less and less.

Bethany Sharp saw a sharp trend and jumped on it. The younger generation doesn’t like a long-term commitment.

Sharp sees it as something largely fueled by social media. She created a concierge travel wardrobe rental and delivery company called Lady Jetset.

“We will deliver it to them. It will be there waiting for them all on a rental platform that you don’t have to worry about the dry cleaning, the overpacking, the underpacking,” she said. “Getting on a trip and hating what you got.”

Realtor Kristina McPherson said the number of rental properties in West Palm Beach is a projection of the market.

“They certainly anticipate that the rental market in West Palm Beach will be strong,” said McPherson. “I think a lot of that is due to the jobs they are predicting will come to our city, as well as the new millennial mentality that they want to rent, they don’t want to buy.”

The Keto Diet

(WPTV)  Danielle Malone worked hard to get to where she is today, shedding weight and feeling better.

She’s on a modified ketogenic diet.

“For me, lowering the carb intake, I was able to move around better. My joints felt better,” Malone says. “After that, it was a no brainer. I didn’t want to stop. My clothes fit better. My focus was better.”

The ketogenic or “keto” diet is getting a lot of attention.

“It’s about 70 to 80 percent fat intake and then a moderate amount of protein and only about five percent carbohydrates,” explains registered dietitian Samantha Barone.

Some health professionals say it’s not sustainable and warn of associated short and long-term issues, including vitamin deficiency and kidney problems.

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