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The Scary Guy Biography

The Scary Guy also is known as Earl Kenneth Kaufmann is a United Kingdom-based American motivational speaker who campaigns worldwide to eliminate hate, violence, prejudice, and bullying in schools and corporations. In addition to being a tattoo shop owner, comic, entertainer, inspirational speaker, and performance artist, The Scary Guy has pierced nose, eyebrows, and ears and covers over 85 percent of his body with tattoos.

The Scary Guy  Age

He was born on December 29, 1953, in New Hope, Minnesota, the U.S. His birth sign is Capricorn.


The Scary Guy  Family

Kenneth was born to his father, Carroll August Kaufmann, and his mother Constance Joan Buckingham.

The Scary Guy  Education

The Scary Guy graduated in 1972 from Cooper Senior High School and excelled as a voice major at Macalester College, in Saint Paul.

The Scary Guy Relationship

His relationship result is under review.

The Scary Guy  Children

This information is under review.

The Scary Guy  Career

He writes classical music. He is a modern day philosopher. Kenneth is an artist, a singer, entertainer, and a performer. Also a comedian and was a baby portrait photographer. The Scary guy was a computer salesman and is a tattoo artist and owned three tattoo shops in Tucson Arizona.

He is currently building his new world-class Headquarters in Wigan, England, which will entail his Training Center, private Tattoo Studio, Scary’s Tattoo a Fine Art Gallery, and Coffee Shop.

The Scary Guy  Tattoo

The Scary Guy got his first tattoo at the age of 30 and now has tattoos that cover an estimated 85% of his body. Over the years, his collection has grown as a reflection of his life experiences. They are what he calls, ‘modern tribalism’, reflecting on various emotional events.

One of these is a tattoo of a man called “Yuppiecide”, a representation of his former self. Scary Guy’s other tattoos represent his love of art and others are chosen simply because The Scary Guy was a computer salesman at one point in his life and they looked “cool”.

The Scary Guy Nationality

His Nationality is American.

The Scary Guy  Net Worth

Kenneth net worth estimation is $1.1 Million.

The Scary Guy  Measurement

His height is 6 ft 1 in or 1.85 cm.

The Scary Guy  Bibliography.

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The Scary Guy  Films


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