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Tex Antoine Bio, Death, Family, Wife, Children, Career, WABC-TV and Video

Tex Antoine Biography

Tex Antoine was born as Herbert Jon Antoine Jr. He was known professionally as Tex Antoine, was an American weatherman on New York City television for almost three decades.

Tex Antoine Age – Cause Of Death

Tex died at the age of 59 years he was born on April 21, 1923.  The police declined to give the specific cause of death but said that Mr. Antoine had apparently died of natural causes.

Tex Antoine Family

He was a son to Herbert Jon Antoine Sr. 1894–1972, an auto supply salesman, and mother was Bertha Campbell, and by 1930 the family was living in Los Angeles.

Tex Antoine Photo

Tex Antoine Wife- Children

Antoine was married to Suzannah C. Glidden she married her in summer 1965. The couple was parents to one child by the name Nancy Antoine Shaffin.

Tex Antoine Early Life – Career

Tex was born in Illinois and was raised in California and Texas. First entered NBC in New York as a page in 1943, and a year later became a network personnel advertiser. He was the first announcer for the long-running religious drama The Eternal Light, beginning in 1944. His run on the program finished in 1945. His other credits for radio announcements include Archie Andrews’ Adventures and Frank Merriwell’s Adventures.

Antoine started his weather career on WNBT in 1949 (later WRCA-TV, now WNBC), working with a cartoon sidekick known as “Uncle Wethbee” (sometimes misspelled “Uncle Weatherbee”). His theme music was “Fine and Dandy.” Originally, Antoine used several records to represent the day’s weather. (“Stormy Weather,” “Let it snow,” etc.) However, all documents but one were harmed or broken and left with “Fine and Dandy” For years, the theme served him.

According to a reminiscence by Bob Tilden, Antoine’s weekly weather report “was a fantastic blend of weather, cartoon art, and storytelling. He would begin his weather section standing next to a stable covered with blank documents, and continue to draw the weather schemes that were relevant to the country and the region. As his fingers drew in the lows, highs, and fronts, his voice would tell the story.

Antoine also entertained spectators during each study by writing the temperature in large numerals on his large blank pad, then embellishing with the marker as his weather narrative proceeded until the numeral had lastly become part of a whimsical cartoon representing some facet of the day’s weather or forecast.


Tex Antoine WABC-TV

Antoine shifted from WNBC to WABC-TV in 1966 to report the weather during newscasts anchored by Scott Vincent. Antoine was not permitted to plug his new home into his final channel 4 broadcasts. So, with Uncle Wethbee’s Magic Marker in hand, he said and wrote something to the impact of: “Remember that 4 plus 3 is 7, and that’s as simple as ABC.”

WABC-TV revamped all its newscasts under the banner of Eyewitness News in 1968. His news director, Al Primo, decreed that all the on-camera staff of the newscast would wear matching blue jackets with a “circle 7” logo on their jacket pockets. When Antoine, who up to that stage wore smocks on the air, protested that it would impact his picture, Primo replied (as sportswriter Frank Deford recounted in 1974), “Either everyone wears jackets or everyone wears smocks.” Antoine would then wear a blazer on the air.

Tex Antoine on Rape comments

On November 24, 1976, at 6 p.m. Broadcast, Antoine’s weather report instantly accompanied a tale about an eight-year-old girl’s attempted rape. Antoine then quipped: “With rape so prevalent in the media recently, it’s good to remember Confucius ‘ phrases:’ If rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it.'” (The same quip would outrage women’s organizations when recounted by Indiana University coach Bob Knight during an interview with Connie Chung in 1988 and would help derail Texas government candidate Clayton Williams ‘ 1990 election bid.

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