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Terry Meeuwsen Biography

Terry Anne Meeuwsen Friedrich is an American television personality, co-host of the Christian Broadcasting Network’s 700 Club, author, and singer. Meeuwsen was the 1972 Miss Appleton, 1972 Miss Wisconsin and the winner of the Miss America pageant in 1973, taking both the talent and swimsuit competitions.

Terry Meeuwsen Age

She was born 2 March 1949 in De Pere, Wisconsin, United States. She is currently 70 years old.

Terry Meeuwsen Career

At De Pere High School, Meeuwsen was selected homecoming queen and was also a cheerleader for three years. After graduation, between 1969–1971, Meeuwsen performed and traveled with the singing group The New Christy Minstrels, but left the show to enter the Miss America pageant preliminary competitions. Following her reign as Miss America, Meeuwsen began television work at WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee in 1978, co-hosting (with Pete Wilson) daily morning news and feature program, “A New Day.” She left the station in 1986.

Meeuwsen then accepted a position at The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) in Virginia Beach, VA, as co-host of “USAM,” a proposed news and features program, with veteran newsman Brian Christie joining her as co-host. With broadcast veterans Tom Mahoney (Weather), Scott Hatch (Sports) and feature reporters Scott Ross and Ross Bagley, USAM offered personality programming with a faith perspective.

The 30-minute daily morning show was sold to network affiliates (ABC, CBS, NBC) for access via satellite as a lead-in to their popular morning network shows. (At the time, affiliates typically aired color bars from the previous night’s sign-off until the morning network feed began; offering high-profile personality programming to early morning viewers soon led to networks developing their own proprietary lead-ins.)

After appearing on The 700 Club several times in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a guest co-host, she became a permanent co-host in 1993,[10] sitting daily beside CBN founder Pat Robertson. Since 2000, she has co-hosted the CBN show, Living the Life, with comedian Louise DuArt.[11] Both shows air on FREEFORM. On September 12, 1995, Meeuwsen released the inspirational pop recording, Eyes of My Heart.

She has also authored four books, including Christmas Memories (1996), Near To The Heart Of God (1998), Just Between Friends (1999), and The God Adventure (2005). Meeuwsen serves as director of Orphan’s Promise, a part of CBN aimed at helping orphans and vulnerable children around the world through academic programs; life skills training; mentoring and career placement; food and clothing assistance; health care programs; housing; and orphan and adoption advocacy

Terry Meeuwsen Siblings

Terry Meeuwsen is the oldest out of four siblings, who gained her popularity after being crowned Miss America 1973. She works as a television personality and also sometimes gets involved in singing in free hours. Her life has both dark and the bright side, which she openly expresses. She calls herself lucky as her present is way better than her horrific past.

Terry Meeuwsen Net Worth

Terry Meeuwsen summons her net worth by working as an American television personality and also as an author. Apart from that, she even sometimes manage free hours for singing. Her net value is supposed to be a whopping sum of money of $20 Million. She has a yearly salary of $4 Million. She began working on television and started work at WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee in 1978. She worked for 8 years and later quits because she needed more time for her family.

She would create time and appear in The 700 Club as a guest co-host and finally, after three years, Terry became a permanent co-host. Later on, Terry started co-hosting the CBN television series Living the Life in 2000.

Terry Meeuwsen Family / Husband

Terry is a talented mother and she achieved fame in very less time. People kept admiring her and talked about beautifully her life changed. She had suffered a lot in her past, despite all the achievements. She became a carefree person, who was not so curious about her health and got addicted to alcohol and drugs in her early 20s. Not just that, Terry was also the victim of a rape case when she was only 21.

She slowly changed her attitude and got married in the mid-1970s with her first husband but unfortunately, bad luck didn’t stop for her, and they got separated after five years in 1981. She married second-time with school administrator Andy Friedrich.

Terry Meeuwsen Salary

Terry Meeuwsen’s Salary. Terry Meeuwsen net worth and salary: Terry Meeuwsen is an American television personality, author, and singer who has a net worth of $20 million. Terry Meeuwsen was born in De Pere, Wisconsin in March 1949.

Terry Meeuwsen Miss America 1973

I began working in television in Milwaukee in 1978. While I’d never set out to do talk TV, I felt at home from the beginning, and being in the public eye gave me many opportunities to share my faith. Because it was fairly common knowledge in the community that I was a Christian, the publicity of going through a divorce was difficult. That winter, I went home at the end of each day to a cold, silent house. Emotionally depressed and grieved, I would then climb into bed with my hat, coat, and boots still on and sleep till morning.

I’m not sure when that heavy veil of grief and emptiness began to lift. But sometime that spring, I became aware of the sweet smell of the wet earth beginning to thaw, the songs of promise that were being sung with such abandon from every nest and perch. I began to move on. I had no intention of dating and no interest in pursuing a new relationship. Though I loved children, I had accepted that there would be none in my first marriage. I was in my 30s, and the prospect of marriage and a family seemed remote and unlikely. Yet God had other plans.

I met Andy Friedrich at a retirement celebration for a coworker. He had gone through a divorce a number of years before that, and after much floundering and searching, a friend had led him to Christ. But no one had disciplined him, so he had little knowledge of the Scriptures and wasn’t in a church or study group of any kind. Initially, we met to talk about the Lord. In time, I grudgingly conceded to date, but not without apprehension.

Even though Andy was ready for a relationship, I was still gun-shy—so he simply waited. With tenderness and kindness and an incredible amount of patience, he broke down any barriers I’d put up. He was faithful, trustworthy, and committed to the Lord and to me. We were married a little more than a year after we’d begun dating.

The Lord used Andy in many ways to help heal old wounds in me. He offered both of us a new beginning, a clean slate, a hope, and a future. And I’m now a mom—not one, not two, but seven children, each a precious, unique gift from the Lord. God has surely given me more than I could hope for or ask.

The story of Joseph in the book of Genesis is one of my favorites. Sold by his brothers into slavery, taken to a foreign land, unfairly accused and imprisoned, and with little hope or expectation of ever seeing his family again, Joseph was in what seemed an impossible situation. Despite all that, the Bible says, “The Lord was with him.”

God allowed the testing to build character in Joseph. Joseph went through years of waiting and suffering before he saw God’s plan in it all. God used Joseph to save Egypt, the surrounding nations, and Joseph’s own family. God’s plans and purposes are so much bigger and greater than our own.

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