Sonoya Mizuno Biography, Age, Education, Crazy Rich Asians And Career.

Sonoya Mizuno Biography

Sonoya Mizuno is a Japanese-born British actress, model and ballerina who has collaborated with director Alex Garland in works such as Ex Machina, Annihilation and Devs. She has had minor roles in the films La La Land, Beauty and the Beast and most recently, the 2018 romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians. She also played a lead character in the Netflix miniseries Maniac.

Sonoya Mizuno Age

Sonoya Mizuno was born in Tokyo, Japan on 1 July 1986. As of 2018, she is 32 years.

Sonoya Mizuno Education

She was born in Tokyo, and was raised in Somerset in England. Her mother is of half British and half Argentinian descent and her father is Japanese.
She attended and graduated from the Royal Ballet School before dancing with several ballet companies, including Semperoper Ballet in Dresden, Ballet Ireland, New English Ballet Theatre and Scottish Ballet.

Sonoya Mizuno Height

She has a height of 1.7 m.

Sonoya Mizuno Photo
Sonoya Mizuno Photo

Sonoya Mizuno Career

She began modelling at age 20 in London for Chanels such as Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton. In 2014, she appeared in Arthur Pita’s work of dance theatre The World’s Greatest Show at Greenwich Dance and the Royal Opera House.
She made her movie debut in Alex Garland’s science-fiction thriller Ex Machina in 2015. She also appeared in the dance film High Strung, directed by Michael Damian and released in 2016. Sill in 2016, she was the feature dancer in the music video for “Wide Open” by The Chemical Brothers and Beck, she appeared in the music video for Frank Ocean’s song “Nikes”, and in La La Land, she played the role of Caitlin, one of the three roommates of Mia, played by Emma Stone.

Sonoya Mizuno Filmography

2012Venus in Eros ForestGuard
2014Ex MachinaKyoko
2016High StrungJazzy
La La LandCaitlin
2017Beauty and the BeastDebutante
2018AnnihilationKatie / Humanoid
All About NinaGanja
The DomesticsBetsy
Crazy Rich AsiansAraminta Lee

Sonoya Mizuno La La Land

Sonoya Mizuno Dance

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Sonoya Mizuno Interview

AGE: 27. FROM: Born in Tokyo, raised in Somerset, England. UP NEXT: Alex Garland’s Annihilation with Natalie Portman; the musical film La La Land; Bill Condon’s adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.
JOHN ORTVED: Tell me about your family.
SONOYA MIZUNO: My dad is Japanese; he was an art director there. My mom is half-English, half-Argentinian. They met in Japan in the ’70s. Her parents were diplomats posted there.
ORTVED: Has fitness always been a big part of your life?
MIZUNO: Dancing has, but it’s not fitness. It’s the adrenaline and sweating things out. I started dancing when I was 9 because I wanted to be an actress. The teacher at the local ballet school said, “She’s got the right physique and potential; she should audition for the Royal Ballet School.” I got in and then spent ten years in London, and then went on to dance in professional companies in Germany, Scotland, with the English National Ballet. I love dance, but acting was always an inner ambition. The ballet world is so closed, and there was so much more I wanted to do. The thing about being a dancer turned actor is that you know what hard work is. It’s true. And I’m so fucking grateful for that. In dancing, you can work hard and improve and see the results. With acting, you can work hard and it’s still luck of the draw.
ORTVED: How did your transition from dancing to acting happen?
MIZUNO: I was taking acting classes like mad. Ex Machina was the first film I’d auditioned for. I didn’t have an agent. Alex saw the audition. He was like, “I think you’re perfect for this other role.”
ORTVED: What do you play in Annihilation?
MIZUNO: I’m playing two parts. One of them is a smallish part where I have some scenes with Natalie Portman, and for the other one we’re creating something that is really pushing the boundaries. I spent all of last week in rehearsal with Natalie and a choreographer and Alex, making something out-there.
ORTVED: What is working with Natalie Portman like?
MIZUNO: She’s just a perfect a person. She’s one of those people who makes you feel like your clothes aren’t clean enough. She’s so nice and has a good sense of humor.
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