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Skye Fitzgerald Biography

Skye Fitzgerald was born in 1970. He has been exploring complex issues of human rights and social justice on a global scale for almost twenty years.
He is based in Portland, Oregon, Fitzgerald has received support from the Sundance Institute, The U.S. Institute of peace, the state Department and the Paul Robeson fund and few others for his independent documentary work.
Skye was named a Fulbright Research Scholar in 2006in order to research and produce the film Bombhunters, which provided a horrific insight into the effects of unexploded ordnance on Cambodian people.
FitzGerald current film, 50 feet from Syria, was shortlisted for the 88th Academy Awards in the Documentary Short Subject category.
He has been acknowledged by various publications such as Variety, LA weekly, Asia Reporter and Documentary Drive for his single-minded portraits for the much increasing social issues in more than 20 countries.

he has also shot film for {Dateline NBC}, CNN, the historic Channel, the Travel Channel, and ABC. He is also the founder of Spin Film. Fitzgerald’s work has mostly been focusing on the Oregon gun debate, a survivor of an acid attack in southeast Asia and peop[le who make a living hunting for bombs. His 2015 movie 50 feet from Syria {Mountainfilm 2016} shows the story of a dedicated doctor who patches up the victims across the border from the war-ravaged country.

Skyle Fitzgerald Age

He is estimated to be 49years old. Fitzgerald earned his Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Eastern Oregon University and his Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Directing from the University of Oregon.

His projects were funded by the Sundance Institute, the U.S. Institute of peace, the state Department and the Paul Robeson. Syle has been recognized by LA Weekly, Voice of America and The Oregonian for his reflective films.

Skye Fitzgerald Lifeboat

Fitzgeralds Oscar-nominated short documentary Lifeboat is 34-minute long. it is about the continuing tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Libya. Anybody who has watched the film will agree that it leaves an impression.

It captures the desperation of thousands of people whose names have not been shared, their personal experience is otherwise combined into a single definition term like *migrant crisis*.

Lifeboat is not for the easily disgusted, its opening scene contains dead bodies that are not edited. There is also a disturbing sound of the howling wind as the volunteers go to retrieve bodies from what seems to be a deflated boat on a beach in the middle of the night.

Lifeboat is the second segment of a trilogy of short films, The first which is 50 feet from Syria. It mainly explores the global refugee crisis. The film is produced by a small team with few filmmaking means.

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Skye Fitzgerald Oscar

Syle Fitzgeralds documentary Lifeboat was nominated for the Oscars 2019.The Documentary Branch of the Academy first votes to select ten pictures for preliminary nomination, after which the second round of balloting is done to select the five documentary nominees.
The entire Academy membership will then vote for one of these five for the Oscar. A maximum of two people involved with the production of the documentary may be nominated for the award, one of whom must be the film’s credited director.

One producer may also be nominated, but if more than one non-director producer is credited the Academy Documentary Branch will vet the producers to select the one they believe was most involved in the creation of the film.

Syle did not bag the award which was won by Period *End Sentence* by Melissa Berton. Other nominees were; Period. End of Sentence by Rayka Zehtabchi and Melissa Berton
Black Sheep by Ed Perkins and Jonathan Chinn
End Game by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman and
A Night at the Garden by  Marshall Curry