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Seth Macfarlane Bio,Sister, Dating and Image

Seth Macfarlane Biography

Seth MacFarlane (Seth Woodbury MacFarlane)  is the creator of the animated television “hit Family Guy”, He was born in Kent, Connecticut, on 26th October 1973. Soon he was drawing beloved cartoons like Woody Woodpecker and Fred Flintstone at the age of two,

and inquiring about the mechanics of animation as soon as he was able to talk.

Seth Macfarlane Age

Seth was born on 26th October 1973. He is 45 years old as of 2018.

Seth Macfarlane Parents |Sister

Seth was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts by his parent Ronald (teacher) And Ann (academic administrator). He has a sister who Is an actress called actress Rachael Ann MacFarlane. His mother died on 16/10/2010 due to the long-suffering from cancer.

Seth Macfarlane Dating|  Children

At the interview with The Daily Princetonian, he noted his similarities to Brian Griffin from Family Guy, revealing, “I have some Brian type issues from time to time looking for the right person but I date as much as the next guy”.

Seth Macfarlane Voices

Seth Macfarlane Height

He has a height of  5feet tall.

Seth Macfarlane Image


Seth Macfarlane house

Seth MacFarlane house

Seth Macfarlane Billy Mcfarland

Documentaries on the (tragic)Fyre Festival of 2017 turned the attention onto Billy McFarland once again. The Fyre Media and festival co-founder and CEO were convicted of defrauding investors in October 2018.

While he did appear in the Hulu documentary, Netflix used clips of him and his former business partner, Ja Rule. With McFarland’s face getting more visibility through the documentaries, Internet denizens have noticed he bears a passing resemblance to Hollywood star Seth MacFarlane.

Seth Macfarlane Net Worth

He has Net Worth of 200 million dollars. Seth Macfarlane Movies

Seth Macfarlane Singing

Seth Macfarlane Star Trek

Seth Macfarlane Christmas

Seth Macfarlane And Halston Sage

Seth Macfarlane MusicSeth Macfarl Star Trek Enterprise

The creator of Fox’s scathing animation comedy series Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show, constantly lets his Star Trek fandom be known on screen and off, so it’s no surprise he twice appeared as walk-on engineer Ensign Rivers during Enterprise.

MacFarlane, a 1973 native of Kent, Conn., turns up as an unnamed engineer on the NX-01 in “The Forgotten” and then, a year later, gains a character name on-screen while aboard sister ship Columbia in “Affliction.”

Aside from creating his series, he is known for doing the voices of many of the series’ choice stars, including the Griffin family’s three males and neighbor Glenn Quagmire. Broadening his range, he directed his first live-action film in 2012’s Ted and has announced plans to revive Carl Sagan’s landmark Cosmos space science series for dual release on Fox and National Geographic channels. MacFarlane has also indulged his music favorites and released a Grammy-nominated album of 1950s American swing standards titled Music is Better Than Words.

Seth Macfarlane Tv Shows







“The Night They Invented Champagne”


Music Is Better Than Words

“Nine O’Clock”

“I’ll Be Home for Christmas”



Holiday for Swing

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”
(featuring Sara Bareilles)


Seth Macfarlane Interview

The Orville creator and Seth (The Star ) of trekkin’ in the interview with his new comedy series.
The interview was  carried out  By Jenny Cooney

Given his large comedic output, it’s likely at some point Seth MacFarlane has made you laugh. The 44-year-old actor, writer, producer, animator, singer, 2013 Oscar host, and filmmaker has done it all. He created animated shows: Family Guy and American Dad. He directed the hit comedy films Ted and Ted 2, also voicing the foul-mouthed bear, and directed and starred in the comedy western A Million Ways to Die in the West, alongside Charlize Theron. Now he’s daring to go where few have gone before – re-interpreting Star Trek in the comedy series The Orville which he also wrote, produced, occasionally directs, and stars in as Ed Mercer, the captain of an exploratory ship from Earth facing intergalactic challenges 300 years in the future.

What’s your secret to making people laugh.

You have to continue to defy expectations and surprise people. Comedy and drama are both driven by surprise. If you can keep people guessing, whether it’s with a dramatic twist or a great, unexpected joke, that’s really at the heart of everything. With The Orville, we’re trying to continue with our pattern of not slipping into a formula.

What can we expect from the series moving forward?

It’s more of an anthology show so if we get it right, you won’t know what to expect. Also, there is more action as it continues because the early episodes were an experiment to get the response we wanted from the studio and they’ve given us more time and resources to film more complex scenes. We also brought in (24 producers) John Cassar, so there’s nobody better at doing action than that guy. Halston Sage telling a co-worker to bookmark SBS On Demand in a web browser if they want to binge the entire first season of The Orville.

Is it a different skill set when you’re acting in a show versus just using your voice?

Some of it is the same and some of it is different. With animation, obviously you don’t have your face to work with, so it’s all got to come from your voice and everything has to be dialed up a notch in intensity. The western film was the first time I tried to act with more than my voice and I learned you can’t be shouting like Peter Griffin in Family Guy when your face is right next to someone. The older I get the more I find that ‘less is more’ is a phrase that applies to every walk of life.

What is a normal day like for you with so many projects?

The one stipulation I have with The Orville is that we have the scripts done before we start shooting so we do build in writing time as I have no desire to spend 12 or 14 hours a day filming something that I am not absolutely sure that I’ve polished to a perfect shine before the cameras start rolling. When I started doing Ted, that was when I left Family Guy so for me it’s all or nothing. I’m not one of those people that can be an executive on nine different things so I turned over the animated shows to the other producers and they’ve done a great job. I do record the voices for the animated shows on weekends, but I’m shockingly much more disconnected from those shows that people think and now my days are still full, but they are almost exclusively about The Orville.

The Orville Scott Grimes
Series co-star Scott Grimes is insistent that you tune in to watch The Orville on SBS VICELAND every Monday.

Have you always been fascinated with space? Do you consult with any of the great minds in that area like [Space X founder] Elon Musk?

I know Elon, but I’m closer to Neil deGrasse Tyson and Annie Druyan, who wrote Cosmos, and is probably the closest thing to a genius that I know. I’ve always been interested in science and I’ve always felt science is the most powerful tool that we have as human beings. You look at how many tens of thousands of years that civilization has existed and only in the past few hundred have we made advances at such speed, so what changed? We discovered science and how to apply it! I’m always distressed at how it’s undervalued and this is my way of just reminding people if we don’t support science, our future might look pretty different than The Orville.


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