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Sadik Hadzovic Wife, Arnold Classic 2019, Net Worth

Sadik Hadzovic Bio

Sadik Hadzovic is an American IFBB professional Classic Physique competitor. He has won the first ever inaugural Arnold Sports Festival Pro Men’s Physique contest. Sadik was the first runner up \2nd Place at the 2014 Mr. Olympia physique showdown competition. He also stood as a runner up for the second time at the 2015 Mr. Olympia physique showdown competition.

Since his career made him a public figure, Sadik joined the long list of individuals whose lives have become a thing of interest to many people. From the details of his early life to how he nurtured his career, the extent of wealth he has accumulated thereof, and every other thing worth knowing about Sadik, you will find answers to the questions often asked about the bodybuilder Sadik.

Sadik Hadzovic Age

Sadik Hadzovic

Sadik Hadzovic, the native Bosnia Oregon,  was born on  8th June 8, 1987, under the birth sign Gemini. As of his nationality, Sadik is an American. Talking about his family, the Hadzovic family were believed to be found refugee in the United States escaping the war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At a young age, the IFBB professional bodybuilder immigrated to the United States with his family. As a child, Sadik started doing plyometrics exercise in his bedroom and joined the gym after he had enough money. He became fascinated by his comic book heroes and wanted to resemble like them. With his hard work and dedication, Mr. Olympia two consecutive years winner became an IFFB athlete.

He is a four-time world physique champion who has coveted the title of Arnold Sports Festival Pro Men’s Physique contest in 2015. He has featured in various magazines like Fitness RX and Muscle & Fitness. As of 2019, Sadik is 32 years old.

Sadik Hadzovic Wife

Sadik Hadzovic & Wife

For awhile Sadik’s love life has been a mystery. At some point, it was believed that he has been dating one beautiful lady named Chelsey Pethick for a very long time; there are also those who believed he was married and even has a set of twin with his wife.

However talking about Sadik’s personal life, the IFFB professional bodybuilder is a married guy. According to, Sadik and his longtime girlfriend Chelsey Pethick tied the knot on 29th June at Westbury, New York.

His wife Chelsey is an avid fashionista and has a blog named Little Darling dedicated to fashion and beauty.

As per his Instagram post, it seems like he has established a happy family along with his wife and two children. Also, on October 1st, 2018 he posted family pictures along with his twins baby a son and a daughter. For now, he is sharing a loyal relationship with his family members.

Sadik shared the picture on Instagram and it seems to validate the latter claim to a great extent. The couple mostly flaunts their romance on social media. As an engaged couple, he and Chelsey spent their romantic time in Malibu Wine Safaris in August 2018.

The bodybuilder captioned the photo, ‘Incredible day at the winery’s with my beautiful fiancé.‘ They also spent their time at a unique island paradise, The Ritz-Carlton in Aruba in December 2018.

Sadik Hadzovic Arnold Classic 2019

The men’s physique division calls for athletes to be judged while wearing shorts and resembles a beach body look but with more muscle. The classic physique is a throwback division with the look and shape appearing more like the stars of the ’70s and ’80s.

Both the men’s physique and classic physique divisions have stars that are both top level athletes and have personalities to match. As a result, they both have great fan bases that care about who they support.

The 2018 champions of the show would need all of that confidence and a great physique if he was to hold off the challenge of guys like Raymont Edwards and 2015 winner of this show, Sadik Hadzovic. Hadzovic had been in the classic physique division in recent years but made the decision to go back to where he started in men’s physique. The last time he was seen in board shorts, he weighed around 180 pounds. He’s now around 215 or a little more.

Sadik Hadzovic Net Worth

The Bodybuilder and a fitness model Sadik Hadzovic accumulate a good amount from his successful career. However, he has maintained privacy when the subject is related to his earning. As per some online sources, the professional bodybuilder has an average earning of $77,000.

Besides that, the winner of the Mr.Olympia competition received $67,500. In addition, Sadik has been involved in various modeling agencies which helps him to rise in his net worth. That aside, Sadik lives a lavish lifestyle along with his family.

You will easily find that the bodybuilder is worth $750,000, but this is only a rough estimate of his wealth and does not represent the true value of his riches. His net worth is best known to him but it should be higher than the figure which has circulated online.

The guy has multiple sources of income; apart from the prize money he has been winning from competitive bodybuilding, he has been pocketing good money from being a fitness model. Moreover, he earns from the sales of his E-book series, the coaching he offers to people interested in building their bodies, and from his eponymous YouTube channel.

Sadik Hadzovic Instagram

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