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Rick Perry Bio, Age, Wife, Indictment, Net worth, News

Rick Perry (James Richard Perry) is an American politician who is the 14th and current United States Secretary of Energy, serving in the Cabinet of Donald Trump.

Rick Perry Biography

Rick Perry (James Richard Perry) is an American politician who is the 14th and current United States Secretary of Energy, serving in the Cabinet of Donald Trump.

He previously served as the 47th Governor of Texas from December 2000 to January 2015.

Rick was elected Lieutenant Governor of Texas in 1998 and assumed the governorship in December 2000 when Governor George W. Bush resigned to become president. He was the longest-serving governor in Texas history.

On December 14, 2016, President-elect Donald Trump announced his intention to nominate Perry as his Secretary of Energy and on March 2, 2017, he was confirmed by the United States Senate in a 62–37 vote

Rick Perry Age

Rick is 69 years old as of 2019. He was born on March 4, 1950.

Rick Perry Photo
Rick Perry Photo

Rick Perry Wife

Rick is married to Mary Anita Thigpen, his childhood sweetheart whom he had known since elementary school. The two got married in 1982 and they have two adult children, Griffin and Sydney.

Mary Anita Thigpen attended West Texas State University and earned a degree in nursing. She has spearheaded a number of health-related initiatives such as the Anita Thigpen Perry Endowment at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, which focuses on nutrition, cardiovascular disease, health education, and early childhood development.

Mary helped develop and host the Texas Conference for Women.

Rick Perry Indictment

According to the complaint from Texans for Public Justice that led to the indictment, at the time of the veto, prosecutors in the Texas Public Integrity Unit had been investigating a state agency called the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, described by The New York Times as “one of Rick’s signature initiatives [that] came under scrutiny by state lawmakers after accusations of mismanagement and corruption.”

According to Texas Democrats, if Rick could, he would appoint a Republican district attorney and hinder the investigation. According to officials in Rick’s office, Lehmberg was offered a job at the DA’s office and Rick offered to appoint her top lieutenant, a Democrat, as district attorney.

Rick was never a target of the probe according to an affidavit by the investigator on the case and Texas Democrats have said that Rick didn’t oppose other elected officials who were convicted of drunk driving in Texas. Republicans say that none of the other elected officials were responsible for an office responsible for the ethics and integrity of public officials.

Billy Ray Stubblefield, chief judge of Texas’ Third Judicial District, presided over the case and Michael McCrum was appointed special prosecutor by Bert Richardson, a former judge of the 379th District Court in Bexar County and the incoming 2015 Place 3 judge of the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

Richardson had been selected by Judge Stubblefield to handle the grand jury investigation. Jay Root of the Texas Tribune said “Lehmberg and other Travis County officials recused themselves from the case and are not prosecuting it” noting that the prosecutor was appointed by Bert Richardson, a “Republican judge”.

Rick Perry Net Worth

Rick has an estimated net worth of $2 million.

Rick Perry Height

Rick has a height of 1.85 m.

Rick Perry Oops Gif

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Rick Perry News

Sens. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Bob Menendez, D-N.J., pressed Energy Secretary Rick Perry Tuesday to disclose specific details of a “secret” nuclear technology export agreement with Saudi Arabia.

“We are very concerned about the nuclear proliferation risk associated with the Kingdom’s nuclear program,” the senators said in a letter sent to Perry, requesting specific information on seven export licenses approved by Perry and first revealed last week.

“We therefore believe the United States should not be providing nuclear technology or information to them at this time,” they added.

Rubio, who leads the Foreign Relations Committee’s panel on the Western Hemisphere and human rights, maintains that it is the place of Congress to approve all agreements and transfers of nuclear technology to the kingdom.

He introduced bipartisan legislation with Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., earlier this year to place further congressional oversight on all nuclear deals with Saudi Arabia in the wake of the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Khashoggi was allegedly murdered at the request of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The senators’ letter says Mohammed has threatened to develop a nuclear weapon in response to Iran, which poses a major nonproliferation risk that could stoke a conflagration in the Middle East.

“The Kingdom frankly has engaged in many deeply troubling actions and statements that have provoked alarm in Congress and led lawmakers to begin the process of reevaluating the U.S.-Saudi relationship and our long-term stability and interests in the region,” the letter said.

The senators warned Perry that Saudi Arabia has repeatedly asked that no limitations be placed on how it uses nuclear fuel in any agreement with the United States. That request is unacceptable, according to the senators, who asked Perry to disclose details of his recent authorizations so they could judge the proliferation risk.

The Trump administration’s negotiations “have been clouded in secrecy,” they wrote, and the White House has not kept Congress fully informed on the discussions as required by the Atomic Energy Act.

They also asked Perry about the specific technology he authorized and why the companies involved in the export agreements could not disclose what those technologies were.

The senators are giving Perry until April 10 to respond.

Rubio has also asked the Government Accountability Office to investigate the administration’s nuclear negotiations with Saudi Arabia.