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Rene Russo Biography

Rene Russo ( Rene Marie Russo) was born in Burbank, California, United States. She is an American actress, producer, filmmaker, and former model. She started her career as a fashion model in the 1970s and featured in several magazine covers such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

Rene Marie Russo is well known in Mr. Destiny (1990) and One Good Cop (1991).

Rene Russo Age

The Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress Rene was born on February 17, 1954, in Burbank, California, U.S. She is 64 years old as of 2019.

Rene Russo Family

Russo was born in Burbank, California, to (mother) Shirley (née Balocca), a factory worker and barmaid, and (father) Nino Russo, a sculptor and car mechanic, who later left the family when Russo was two. Her father was of Italian descent, while her mother had Italian, German, and English ancestry.
She had a sister by name Toni who was raised by there mother after her father left. The American actress has three half-brothers Jim, Anthony, and David; and one half-sister: January Debra.

Rene Russo Spouse|Rene Russo Husband

Russo, met screenwriter Dan Gilroy while working on the film Freejack (1992). The two have been married since March 14, 1992. They have one daughter, Rose Gilroy who was born August 31, 1993, and has ventured into modeling.

Rene Russo Daughter

The American producer Russo ha one daughter by the name Rose Gilroy. Born on August 31, 1993. The beauty queen is currently venturing in modeling.

Rene Russo Height|Rene Russo Measurements

  • Weight: 61kg
  • Height: 1.73m

Rene Russo Image

Rene Russo
Rene Russo Image

Rene Russo Career

Rene Russo started her modeling career in the early 1970s, after being allegedly spotted by an International Creative Management agent named John Crosby at a 1972 Rolling Stones Concert. he helped her get a contract from the Ford Modelling Agency and she subsequently became one of the top supermodels working in the industry, making an appearance on the covers of ‘Vogue,’ ‘Mademoiselle,’ and ‘Cosmopolitan’ and participating in ad campaigns for various perfume and cosmetics.

She debuted on television in the short-lived series ‘Sable’, which was based on the comic book ‘Jon Sable: Freelance’. In 1989, she later made her big screen debut in the sports comedy ‘Major League’. Rene made a cameo appearance in the film’s sequel ‘Major League II’ (1994).
In her next project, ‘Mr. Destiny’ (1990), she played Bill McCutcheon’s daughter. In the 1991 crime drama ‘One Good Cop’, she was cast as Michael Keaton’s wife.

She was nominated for the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Julie Redlund in the science fiction film ‘Freejack’ (1992). The same year, she starred opposite Mel Gibson as LAPD Sgt. Lorna Cole in the third installment of the Lethal Weapon films. She came back for the fourth and last film in the series, ‘Lethal Weapon 4’ (1998).

She also worked with Clint Eastwood and John Malkovich in the action thriller ‘In the Line of Fire’ (1993), which was also her first collaboration with the German director Wolfgang Petersen. In ‘Outbreak’ (1995), their second collaboration, she demonstrated how far she has really come as an actor with an assertive performance as CDC scientist Dr. Roberta Keough.
In the Golden Globe Award-winning film ‘Get Shorty’ (1995), Russo got the part of Karen Flores, an actress and one of the central figures around whom the plot revolves. She starred alongside Kevin Costner in the romantic-comedy ‘Tin Cup’ (1996), and later, reunited with Gibson in Ron Howard’s crime thriller ‘Ransom’. In 1997, Russo played Gertrude Lintz in the New Zealand/American film ‘Buddy’.

Rene Russo set the screen on fire with her sizzling chemistry with Pierce Brosnan in the 1999 remake of the 1968 heist film ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’. Between 2000 and 2002, she appeared in three films: live action/animated movie ‘The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle’ (2000); Robert De Niro and Eddie Murphy starred ‘Showtime’ (2002); and Barry Sonnenfeld’s ‘Big Trouble’ (2002).
In 2005, Rene shared screen space with two Oscar winners, Al Pacino, and Matthew McConaughey, in the sports drama ‘Two for the Money’, which was also her first outing as an executive producer. The same year, she did one more movie, ‘Yours, Mine & Ours’, before taking a six-year break from acting.
Rene played Frigga in the superhero film ‘Thor’ (2011), which is part of the biggest film franchise in the history of cinema, the Marvel Universe. She played the role in the 2013 sequel ‘Thor: The Dark World’. In 2015, she was involved in two comedies: ‘Frank and Cindy’ and ‘The Intern’. She is set to appear in the upcoming film ‘Just Getting Started’.

Rene Russo Net Worth

The American filmmaker has an estimated net worth of $40. million dollars

Rene Russo Movies |Rene Russo Films






Velvet Buzzsaw

Rhodora Haze

Avengers: Endgame



Just Getting Started

Suzie Quinces


Frank and Cindy


The Intern




Nina Romina


Thor: The Dark World






Two for the Money

Toni Morrow

Yours, Mine and Ours

Helen North



Chase Renzi

Big Trouble

Anna Herk


The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

Natasha Fatale


The Thomas Crown Affair

Catherine Olds Banning


Lethal Weapon 4

Lorna Cole



Gertrude Lintz


Tin Cup

Dr. Molly Griswold


Kate Mullen



Robby Keough

Get Shorty

Karen Flores


Major League II

Lynn Wells


In the Line of Fire

Lilly Raines



Julie Redlund

Lethal Weapon 3

Lorna Cole


One Good Cop

Rita Lewis


Mr. Destiny

Cindy Jo Bumpers/Burrows


Major League

Lynn Wells


Rene Russo Awards







AARP Award

Best Supporting Actress


San Diego Film Critics Society Awards

San Diego Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Actress


Saturn Award

Best Supporting Actress



Best Actress in a Supporting Role


Denver Film Critics Society Award

Best Supporting Actress


Detroit Film Critics SocietyAward

Best Supporting Actress


Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award

Best Supporting Actress (2nd place)[56]


National Society of Film Critics Award

Best Supporting Actress (3rd place)[57]


Village Voice Film Poll

Best Supporting Actress


The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

Saturn Award

Best Supporting Actress

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

Razzie Award

Worst Supporting Actress

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

Stinkers Bad Movie Awards

Worst Supporting Actress


The Thomas Crown Affair

Broadcast Entertainment Award

Favorite Actress–Drama


Lethal Weapon 4

Broadcast Entertainment Award

Favorite Supporting Actress–Action


Get Shorty

Screen Actors Guild Award

Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture



Saturn Award

Best Supporting Actress

Lethal Weapon 3

MTV Movie Award

Best Kiss (shared with Mel Gibson)


Rene Russo Model

Russo began her career as a fashion model in the 1970s and appeared on several magazine covers such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan.

Rene Russo Thomas Crown

Rene Russo featured in The Thomas Crown Affair as Catherine Banning. It follows the bored billionaire Thomas Crown (Pierce Brosnan) who decides to entertain himself by stealing a Monet from a reputed museum. When Catherine Banning (Rene Russo), an investigator for the museum’s insurance company, she takes an interest in Crown, a complicated back-and-forth game with where romantic undertones begin between them.

Rene Russo Bipolar

She has been suffering from bipolar disorder since a young age and has been taking medication.

Rene Russo Thor

Russo featured in the superhero films Thor (2011) as Frigga and played the role of a mother of the titular hero

Rene Russo Nightcrawler

Rene Russo starred in the film Nightcrawler a 2014 American thriller film and played the role of Nina Romina as the morning news director.

Rene Russo Tin Cup

In the Tin Cup, a 1996 romantic comedy. she starred as Dr. Molly Griswold playing the role of a clinical psychologist.

Rene Russo Lethal Weapon

In Lethal Weapon 3, the award winner starred in as Lorna Cole playing the role of an Internal Affairs Sergeant. It follows a Veteran police detective Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) is only days away from retiring when he and his tough partner, Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson), are roped into an important internal affairs case. Working with the beautiful, no-nonsense Sergeant Lorna Cole (Rene Russo) and aided by the shifty informant Leo Getz (Joe Pesci), Murtaugh and Riggs begin to close in on a black-market weapons operation involving corrupt cop and arms dealer Jack Travis (Stuart Wilson).

Rene Russo YouTube

If you want to view The Award winner Rene official YouTube Channel Click Here

Rene Russo Video

Rene Russo Interview


Published: December 4, 2017


Thanks for joining Cultured Vultures today. How are things treating you?
How are things treating me? Well, that’s a big question. I guess it depends on the thing. It’s a little early in the morning for me even though it’s almost noon but other than that, I’m good.

I’m doing great even though it’s Saturday and I have a long day ahead of me watching awards screeners.
I know! You have to work on Saturday as I do. That sucks!

You’ve worked previously with Ron Shelton before in Tin Cup. What drew you to the role of Suzie in Just Getting Started?
Honestly, it was Ron. I didn’t know at the time who the male leads were but because I love Ron and he writes so well for women, I didn’t even have to open up the script. I was just like, oh well, it’s Ron—he’s a great writer. I love his comedy and he’s an amazing director. I don’t think I ever had more fun on Tin Cup so I was in. I just love him. I love Ron and he puts all of who he is into his films. He’s a complex, amazing guy. He knows people and I think that’s what I love about him. He understands the complexities of the human condition and I love that about him.

Have you noticed a difference in how men write female characters compared to how a female writer might tackle those characters in a script?
Yeah.  Oddly enough, I do. I think with Ron, even though Ron is a guy’s guy and a man’s man, he loves women. He’s got an incredible wife and he pays attention to women. He’s interested in women. I think he gets women. I don’t know if everyone gets women just like I don’t think if everyone gets a man. He seems to understand both and the differences between them and similarities. I really think he gets it, definitely.

After taking a break from acting a few years ago, you came back strong with two Thor films and then blew the world away with your amazing performance as Nina Romina in Nightcrawler? How often do you get the opportunity to take on such a role which I believe –and still do– should have been nominated for an Oscar?
You are such a sweetheart. I would give you a big hug if I could reach through the phone. You’re so darling. I appreciate that, thank you. Look, my husband wrote the film. I probably would not have been up for that film. I’m telling you honestly had I not threatened my husband with divorce if he did not give it to me (Laughs). I’m joking, I’m joking. I was just fortunate. He’s such a good writer and I just really lucked out on it. I don’t think I would have been considered for that role. I was just, really, really, really grateful for it and really thankful for it because I never had the opportunity to play a part like that so that’s always challenging. I don’t work a lot because I just feel that there are so many scripts out there –at least the ones that I’m sent– that just aren’t really challenging and I don’t want to do a watered-down version of things I’ve already done. There are things that I really love doing but that one, I never tackled anything like that so I had a really good time. Thank you for your lovely words. I really appreciate it.
No problem. I was just talking to a friend of mine the other day. Even they were talking about how that role should have received more awards love.
Aww, thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

What was it like working with Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones on the set?
You can imagine walking into the room with not one king but two. That’s kind of who they are. They’re bigger-than-life personalities. They are just contrasting. Their presence – they’re both this huge sort of (inaudible). I was intimidated. I’m not usually intimidated by working with an actor. I was with Clint Eastwood a little bit. But I definitely walked in and thought, ooh, I’ve got to be on my game here – these guys with personalities.  They were gracious and lovely. I have to say in rehearsals I was a little bit nervous. You do have to be on their game. They’re fast – they were really quick.

I knew Tommy Lee had a reputation of being kind of gruff. You wouldn’t want to mess with Tommy Lee. Let’s put it that way. This is his reputation. The truth is he is like –for me what I thought– this really sensitive beautiful heart. He’s the most complicated, complex person I’ve ever met. The most interesting person I’ve ever met in my life. He knows everything about everything, which is so crazy. There wasn’t any topic he was not sort of versed in. I remember standing in the desert thinking, god, is there anything he doesn’t know. I thought, ooh, let me talk about this native flower. He knew what the native flower was called. He knew the name of the flower. I’m like, wait a minute, this is my territory. Are you kidding me? You even know the name of the flower! It was crazy!

Morgan is Morgan. He’s the most charming man on the planet. He’s amazing. He would serenade us in the desert. He’s got a gorgeous voice. It was a beautiful time. It really was. It was wonderful.

I think sometimes being an actress is more about what happens off the screen than on because so much is just waiting around. There’s so little screen time, really, when you think about it. The action and cut are just moments. For this film, what’s so great about it was the people. Getting to meet both Tommy and Morgan and all the other wonderful actors. It was a cool shoot for sure.

It was interesting watching a holiday movie set in the desert.
Yeah. Where are you from?

I’m born and raised in Kentucky but currently living in Chicago.
So you know the cold in Chicago.  Whoa, it’s cold there. I remember being in Chicago –this was way back when probably 30 years ago– I was walking down Michigan Avenue and honestly I’ve never felt so cold like that. I’m a California girl so I’m used to those kinds of Christmases. We’re in kind of a summit desert up here and I’m used to it. When I met my husband who’s from New York, I had some of my first snow Christmases, which are really wonderful and beautiful, I have to say. It’s great to have snow on Christmas Eve. There were a couple of amazing storms that came in and that was beautiful. But yes, I’m used to looking at what people are looking at on the screen because I’m a California girl. It was more unusual for me to see snow at Christmas.

With no car here, I don’t mind the snow as long as it’s plowed and shoveled.
(Laughs) Why? Did you have to shovel a lot of snow?

Back home in Kentucky, it was pretty much the only way to get out of the driveway. In Chicago, I live in an apartment so I don’t have to worry about the shoveling.
Absolutely. I’ve never been to Kentucky. It’s a cool place so I’d like to go to Kentucky sometime.

You’ve never been to the Derby?
Can you believe that? Can you believe that? No, I haven’t. I didn’t get a hat or anything. I think one time I was invited and I didn’t get to go. That was a real disappointment. You know what? There’s still time to have a Mint Julep, right? Do you miss it?

Yeah, I miss it. At least living in Chicago, indie films are treated so much better.
Oh yeah, I’m sure. That makes sense. I love Chicago and I’ve been there a few times. I love the food. I do. I really like Chicago. Do you enjoy living there? How old are you? You sound like you’re 19.

Really?! Thirty-three but since starting hormones and everything after coming out, so many people think I’m in my 20s!
You know what it is—when you’re older, anyone from 19-40 look really young and they all sound really young. My daughter’s 24 and you sound like you’re around there.

Thank you so much for your time.
Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind words and I’ll think of you if I ever make it to Kentucky.

Broad Green Pictures opens Just Getting Started in theaters on December 8, 2017.


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