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Reggie Aqui
Reggie Aqui

Reggie Aqui Biography

Reggie Aqui is a news anchor for the morning show on ABC7 in the United States. After serving as an anchor at KGW-TV in Portland, Oregon, he joined the station in October of 2015 as a reporter. Prior to that, Reggie was an anchor for CNN’s streaming news service, Live, as well as a freelance anchor for CNN International. He worked for CNN in Atlanta.

Reggie Aqui Age

Reggie was born in 1977 in Hawaii, the United States. He is about 45 years old.

Reggie Aqui Parents

Reggie was born to American parents on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. He spent his boyhood in the communities of Hawaii, where he was raised by his parents and spent his time growing up. Due to the fact that he takes his personal life extremely seriously, he has refrained from discussing his parents in public up to this point. Reggie has not even mentioned them in his accounts across any of his social media platforms. Therefore, not a lot is known about his family, including his parents and siblings.

Reggie Aqui Education

He is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Reggie Aqui Husband

Reggie has never concealed the fact that he is gay from anyone. Even before there were reports that he was seeing other men, he publicly admitted that he is gay. He has never been secretive about his sexual orientation. On September 9, 2016, he wed his long-term lover Phil Heuring in a wedding ceremony. He is currently residing in an apartment in San Francisco with his husband and their beagle mix, Woodstock. This has been their living situation for some time.

The husband of Reggie works for a station that is owned by the Walt Disney Company. Throughout his life, he has had an unhealthy preoccupation with Disney-themed parks.

Reggie Aqui Abc7 News

Anchoring the morning newscast on ABC7 is Reggie. After serving as a news anchor at KGW-TV in Portland, Oregon, from October 2015 to October 2015, he joined the station. On December 21, 2015, Reggie and Natasha Zouves made their debut as the morning show’s anchor couple. In addition to them, the team consists of Mike Nicco and Jessica Castor.

Reggie worked for CNN in Atlanta as an anchor for the network’s streaming news service, Live, as well as a freelance anchor for CNN International, prior to beginning his careers at ABC7 and KGW-TV. He also worked for CNN International. During the period that Reggie worked at, he anchored CNN’s coverage of Facebook during President Obama’s inauguration, which was at the time the most watched streamed event.

Additionally, he provided extensive coverage of the uprisings known as the “Arab Spring” on CNN in the United States and the Japanese tsunami crisis on CNN International. After the bloodiest school shooting in American history, he filed a report from the campus of Virginia Tech. He also traveled throughout the country to cover breaking news stories, such as the wildfires in California and the record snowfalls in upstate New York.

His first job was at WLUK, which was located in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Subsequently, he worked at WDJT in Milwaukee and KHOU in Houston, Texas.

Reggie Aqui Salary

Reggie has spent a considerable amount of time working in the field of journalism. Working for well-known television networks like CNN, ABC7, and KGT-TV has enabled him to build both his reputation and his wealth to a greater extent than he would have otherwise. We are under the impression that Reggie makes a very good living, despite the fact that he has not as of yet disclosed the exact amount of his pay.

Reggie Aqui Net Worth

His estimated net worth range between $500k-$1 million.

Reggie Aqui Dance

Dolly took Reggie by surprise by suggesting that they close their interview with a duet, which was broadcast live on the air. Reggie has remarked that he would never perform something that is more exciting than singing “Islands in the Stream” alongside Dolly Parton.