Quincy Jones Biography, Birthday, Alive, Dating and Nastassja Kinski

 Quincy Jones Biography

Quincy Jones (Q)is an American record producermusiciansongwriter, and film producerHis career crosses six decades in the entertainment industrya record GrammyAward nominationsand a Grammy Legend Award in 1992.

Quincy Jones Early Life

The record producer was Raised in Chicagoand he attended the Berklee College of Music. He came to fame in the 1950s as a swing arranger and conductor before moving on to work in pop music and film scores.

In 1969The musician and his songwriting partner Bob Russell became the first African Americans to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best original songfor “The Eyes of Love” from the Universal Pictures film Banning.
Jones was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Score for his work on the 1967 film In Cold Bloodmaking him the first African American to be nominated twice in the same year. In 1971he became the first African American to be the musical director and conductor of the Academy Awards ceremony.
In 1995he was the first African American to receive the Academy’s Weatherholt Humanitarian Award. He has tied with sound designer Willie D. Burton as the second most Oscar-nominated African Americaneach has seven submissions.
He was the producerwith Michael Jacksonof Jackson’s albums Off the WallThrillerand Bad as well as the producer and conductor of the 1985 charity song “We Are the World“, which raised funds for victims of famine in Ethiopia.
In 2013he was drafted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the winneralongside Lou Adler, of the Ahmet Ertegun Award.
He was named one of the most preeminent fusion musicians of the 20thcentenary by Time magazine

Quincy Jones Birthday

The Songwriter was born on 14/03/1933, in Chicago, IL. As of 2018, she is85 years old.

Is Quincy Jones Alive

Jones is alive and he is 84 is old as of 2018

 Quincy Jones Image

Quincy Jones Photo

 Quincy Jones Dating | Wife

The record producer is Married to her 3rd wife Peggy Lipton, in 1974. He has been married to times before and has seven children with five different women.  Jones claimed to be deceiving 22 different girlfriends at once.

Who Is Quincy Jones, Daughter

Kidada Ann Jones is the daughter of The composer and actress Peggy Lipton. She was born on 22/03/1974. She is an American actress, model, and fashion designer. She works as a designer for The Walt Disney Company, where she has a line known as Kidada for Disney Couture.

She attended the Los Angeles Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising and left at age 19 to work with the designer Tommy Hilfiger.

How Much Is Quincy Jones Net Worth

He has an estimated Net Worth of $400 million as of 2018.

Quincy Jones Documentary

Netflix’s new Quincy Jones doc can barely contain his shockingly accomplished career

At Toronto International Film Festival, Netflix unveiled “Quincy,” a new documentary (streaming Sept. 21) written and directed by his actress daughter, Rashida Jones, and documentarian Alan Hicks.

At just over two hours, the feature is a sprawling look at the outspoken 85-year-old musician’s stunning 70-year career, from his humble beginnings in Chicago’s Depression-era South Side to a gifted composer and mega-producer who had an impact on the lives of stars including Frank Sinatra, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, and Will Smith.

What kept Quincy shaking paradigms over seven decades? “I never wanted to be a grown-up,” he said at the Q&A that followed the screening, to laughter. “Grown-ups are boring.”
2>Quincy | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


Quincy Jones Brother

After his younger brother, Lloyd, was born, his parents divorced soon and the boys were raised by their father, a carpenter, and his new wife.

Quincy JonesQ85 A Musical Celebration

The special was recorded in September at the Microsoft Theater at L.A. Live in Los Angelesand will premiere on BET Networks on SundayDecember 92018 at8: 00 PM ET. “Q85A Musical Celebration for Quincy ” Tweet this Produced in partnership with AEG Ehrlich Ventureswho is most known for producing the Grammys Awards telecastthe two-hour special is set to take audiences on an amelodic and visual journeyportraying the important influence Quincy has had on music and favorite drama over the past seven decades. The evening will traverse The American record producer,  the hitmakercontributions to film & televisionwork as a humanitarianhis benefactions to jazzand success as a producerhighlighting his relationship with Michael Jackson.
In celebration of such an iconic figuresome of the biggest stars came to share on the celebration.

For most of my lifethe name Quincy Jones has represented excellence in nearly every part of the American musical landscapeTo be able to celebrate his remarkable achievements in a two- hour television event is has been one of the great joys of my lifeand I have no doubt that viewers of all ages and backgrounds will relate to the musical highlights of this amazing manFrom RayCharles to Michael Jacksonfrom”The Pawnbroker” to “The Color Purple,” Quincy’s done it alland done it all with brilliance,” said Ken Ehrlich, executive producer of Q85. Over the past 70 yearsQuincy has graced us with a multitude of talents such as a trumpeterproducerconductorcomposer and arranger.

His work is so intertwined into popular culture giving us the soundtracks and theme songs to many of the films and television shows we’ve come to know as classicssuch as “The Color Purple,” “Roots,” ‘Sanford & Son,’ and ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air.‘ As a mentorhe has cultivated the careers of some of the biggest talents of the past decadesuch as Michael JacksonOprah Winfrey and WillSmitha tradition he continues with new artists today.

Quincy Jones Ray Charles

Quincy Jones claims Ray Charles introduced him to heroin aged 15, says Malcolm X was their dealer and also refer to Malcolm X as ‘a young hustler.

Legendary producer Quincy Jones has claimed that soul legend Ray Charles introduced him to heroin when he was only 15 years old, adding that Malcolm X was their dealer.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Jones described hanging out with his good friend Ray Charles after performing together in the late 1940s.

“After we finished at the Washington Social Club and a couple of other ones, we’d all go down to Jackson Street to the Elks Club,” he explained. “That’s where all the bebop jam sessions were. Nobody got paid. We didn’t give a damn.

“When they finished playing they’d go over in the corner and they had it on their thumb. I just snuck in the line and got me a little hit.”

Quincy Jones and Ray Charles

Jones, 85, also disclosed that he bought drugs from a young hustler in Harlem called Detroit Red – one of the pseudonyms of Malcolm X. The iconic producer said his five-month stint taking heroin came to an end after he was bedridden from a fall.

“The mistakes are what help you grow and learn,” he said. “That was a big one. [If I hadn’t fallen.] I would have been in New York, where I was hanging out with [jazz musician] Charlie Parker. I would have been a junkie forever. The bird was always high. Thank god we did it and got it over with.”

His’ life is the focus of new Netflix documentary Quincy, that spans six incredible decades in music. He has achieved an unprecedented 79 Grammy Award nominations and won 27 Grammys, including a Grammy Legend Award in 1991. Jones famously worked with Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, and Miles Davis, among many others.

Earlier in 2018, Jones issued a public apology for a series of dubious judgments and demands, that involved calling The Beatles “the worst musicians in the world” and saying that U2 is no longer writing good songs, while he also claimed that Richard Pryor once had sex with Marlon Brando.

Quincy Jones Hallelujah Chorus

Quincy Jones  and Nastassja Kinski

Nastassja Kinski (German actress and former model )dated Jones after her divorce from Ibrahim Moussa( Egyptian filmmaker) and Jones’s divorce from Lipton, besides that she is 28 years younger than Jones. The relationship remained for three years, and in 1993, the couple had a daughter, called  Sarah Jones who is a model professionally known as Kenya Kinski-Jones.

Kenya Kinski Jones and Nastassja Kinski | daughter and mother

Quincy Jones and James Ingram

Quincy Jones and James Ingram Just Once

 Norah Jones

Oprah Talks to Norah Jones In an Interview

Oprah: We’re here in a Jewish community center where you used to play that very piano for 20 people once a month.

Norah: I think it was only five people! Within a year, it grew to ten, then to 12—at the end, there was actually a good-size crowd.

Oprah: And didn’t you consider it a great gig because it paid?

Norah: Yes. And since there was no cover charge, my friends could come—all five of them.

Oprah: I heard you made $300 for a performance.

Norah: Yes, but for the whole band.

Oprah: And that was considered doing pretty well?

Norah: For me it was—that was after living here for two years and playing five-hour jazz piano solo gigs for 50 bucks. This was a lot better. They fed us and gave us breaks. They had a sound technician and equipment on hand so we didn’t have to bring anything with us.

Oprah: And two years before this gig, you were waiting for tables.

Norah: Part-time.

Oprah: So was it surreal to be sitting at the Grammys and hear your name called?

Norah: Very surreal. I wasn’t even that nervous because I felt like I was in a dream.
Oprah: When you were playing here, was a Grammy ever part of your vision for yourself?

Norah: No. I’d done recordings, little demos, since I was in college, which I used to get gigs. But I never thought I’d have a record label. That wasn’t part of my plan yet.

Oprah: What was your plan?

Norah: I was just trying to find my musical direction. I’d been singing straight-ahead jazz, and three years ago, that was all I wanted to do. Then I began writing songs and playing with my friends, and I started getting into country music again. I was also singing in this acid-jazz band. I was just trying to decide—

Oprah: Where your voice was best suited and what felt like the truth for you?

Norah: Yes


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