ProJared Bio, Age, Heidi O’Ferrall, Holly Conrad, Sexual Solicitation

ProJared Biography

ProJared (Jared Knabenbauer) is an American gaming Youtuber who was formerly employed by, but quit to do his own ventures.

Jared is known for his reviews, and the occasional Top Ten.

He has a Let’s Play channel, ProJared Plays, where he plays various games, and is where he uploads his Nuzlocke challenges.

Jared is part of Normal Boots, a group of creators that just talk about videogames, along with PeanutButterGamer, JonTron, The Completionist, DidYouKnowGaming?, Continue?, and Satchbag’s Goods.

ProJared Age

Jared is 33 years old as of 2018. He was born on August 28, 1985.

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ProJared Wife

Jared was married to Heidi O’Ferrall, until May 2019, when it was revealed that they were filing for divorce due to Jared committing adultery.

ProJared Adultery | ProJared Heidi O’Ferrall | ProJared Holly Conrad

Jared’s wife has accused him of cheating on and emotionally abusing her—and now he’s getting decimated online because of the apparent infidelity.

In response, Jared said his wife’s “mental wellbeing” was his highest priority during this turbulent time.

The fireworks began late Wednesday night, May 8, 2019, when Jared’s wife, tweeted that she “recently learned that my husband @ProJared has been fucking @HollyConrad behind my back for months. I have no idea what announcement he just made because he blocked me [on Twitter].”

Heidi O’Ferrall, aka AtelierHeidi, continued by writing, “I have proof. Explicit conversations and photographs of their relationship, which he extensively lied to me about on many occasions. He was promising me that he was committed to our relationship at the time, and promising her he was breaking up with me.

“He went so far as to blame me for being suspicious and making him ‘feel like a bad person’ by questioning his loyalty. He gaslit me for months, insisting that he had ‘the bare minimum interactions’ with her and ‘didn’t even like her.’ Meanwhile, THEY WERE HAVING SEX.”

“He was unable to confess to his infidelity even when presented with proof,” she wrote. “He squirmed in denial until the last minute, getting angry and defensive instead of apologetic. I believe he has compartmentalized his feelings/memories to suppress his guilt. He’s VERY convincing.”

Meanwhile, Jared released a statement on Twitter, saying the couple is breaking up so “that we both may seek happiness for ourselves.” He said he’s undergone therapy, and he and O’Ferrall have tried couples therapy. “Heidi’s privacy, mental wellbeing, and discretion has [sic] always been and will remain my highest priority through all this,” he wrote.

Holly Conrad’s Response

In response, Holly Conrad wrote,  “I understand some shit is going down on the internet. If you want to believe a hyperbolic statement from someone you don’t know on the Internet with no previous background information and use it to demonize strangers, so be it.”

“If it’s worth anything, you all know me. I’d never hurt anyone and I only want the best and happiness for those around me,” Conrad added. “If you’ve followed me for a long time, you know that. Gonna get off twitter for a while.”

ProJared Sexual Solicitation

Besides being accused of abusive behavior toward his wife, ProJared has been accused of soliciting nudes from his fans. His ex-wife, Heidi O’Ferrall twitted that her husband “has been soliciting nudes from his fans for years… I was there. In the beginning, it was a joke on Tumblr. Then it was its own Tumblr account just for nudes. It was ostensibly a body-positive space for consenting adults, and I approved on that basis.”

Since Heidi made those tweets, seven of ProJared’s fans have come forward to say that they either sent naked pictures to or received naked pictures from the YouTuber.

One of those fans claims that she was 16 years old at the time of this exchange. The individual who goes by the name Chai on twitter said that ProJared had requested nude photos and “spoke sexually” to her while knowing he was 16.

Her tweet read, “ProJared sexually manipulated me via Tumblr when I was 16. I believe Heidi, and I believe every other victim.
Feel free to RT, to spread awareness of his actions. I won’t be answering any questions. Not today.”

Acording to The Verge, NomarlBoots, the creator collective which ProJared belongs to, confirmed to them that they were first tipped off about the allegations on April 4th, and started an investigation. They said had planned to terminate him and has since agreed to mutually part ways with the creator instead. Below is the groups statement:

On April 4, 2019, an unsolicited e-mail was sent to the NormalBoots business account containing allegations of inappropriate conduct pertaining to Jared Knabenbauer.

Upon receiving the e-mail, NormalBoots Manager, Jacque Khalil took immediate action to alert the appropriate parties, including Mr. Knabenbauer and the NormalBoots legal team, of the allegations. No other members of NormalBoots were made aware of the allegations while the investigation into the allegations was ongoing.

NormalBoots understands the seriousness of this situation and does not condone any of the alleged actions of Mr. Knabenbauer.

Prior to these allegations being made public, actions and measures were in process to terminate the affiliation of Mr. Knabenbauer from NormalBoots and to update its internal social media use policies. Mr. Knabenbauer and NormalBoots have mutually agreed to part ways.

What drives NormalBoots is the energy of our supporters. We care greatly about their protection and safety. It’s impossible to have a true community if all of us don’t feel safe, whether it’s in an online space or a convention. We are fully committed to this goal and will not tolerate less.

So far, ProJared has not publicly responded to the allegations.

ProJared Youtube

Jared is known for his lets play channel. He is known for his One Minute reviews of current titles, his more detailed reviews for games he thinks that deserve one, and the less serious “Pro” Reviews, often of retro games he played as a child.

He also does occasional Top Tens, such as the Top Ten Bees in videogames, and has done 4 Nuzlocke challenges so far.

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