Prince Markie Dee Biography, Age, Songs, Death, and The Fat Boys

Prince Markie Dee Biography

Prince Markie Dee was an American rapper, songwriter, producer, and radio personality of Puerto Rican descent.

He was born on February 19, 1968, and died on Feb 18th, 2021. He was born Mark Anthony Morales. He was a member of the music group, The Fat Boys.

Prince Markie Dee Music Career

Dees’ achievements with the Fat Boys remember showing up for the element films Krush Groove and Disorderlies. After The Fat Boys, Morales went on to an effective performance profession.

He endorsed with Columbia Records and delivered an independent collection, Free, which generated a #1 hit single, “Run of the mill Reasons (Swing My Way)”.

Prince Markie Dee
Prince Markie Dee

Subsequent to getting together with Cory Rooney to shape a creation organization, Soul Convention, Morales composed and delivered tracks for such craftsmen as Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Craig Mack, and Marc Anthony.

From 2008 to 2010, Morales filled in as the evening drive radio personality/DJ at 103.5 The Beat WMIB radio in Miami, Florida. From that point forward he had worked at WEDR 99.1 FM.

Prince Markie Dee Fat Boys

The Fat Boys were an American hip-bounce triplet from Brooklyn, New York City, that arose in the mid-1980s.

The group was momentarily referred to initially as the Disco 3, initially made out of Mark “Sovereign Markie Dee” Morales, who passed on of a coronary failure in 2021, Damon “Kool Rock-Ski” Wimbley, and Darren “Buff Love” Robinson, who kicked the bucket of a cardiovascular failure during a session with respiratory influenza in 1995.

The threesome is generally known for utilizing beatboxes in their tunes. The gathering opened entryways for beatboxers like Biz Markie and Doug E. New.

The Fat Boys were one of the primary rap gatherings to deliver full-length rap collections, alongside Run-D.M.C., Whodini, and Kurtis Blow. Adored for their comedic, self-expostulating rhymes, the gathering delivered 7 studio collections, 4 of which went Gold by RIAA.

The initial two collections of the gathering were created by the unbelievable Kurtis Blow, and they were fruitful because of the singles “Prison House Rap”, “Would you be able to Feel It?”, “Fat Boys”, “Stick Them”, “Don’t You Dog Me”, “Everything You Can Eat”, “The Fat Boys Are Back”, “Siphon It Up”.

The collection Crushin’ got a Platinum status because of their single “Crash”, which was recorded along with the American stone gathering The Beach Boys.

The following collection, Coming Back Hard Again, rehashed the equation of the past one and got a Gold status because of the fruitful single “The Twist (Yo, Twist)”, recorded along with American wild ‘artist Chubby Checker.

The group additionally incorporated the signature melody for the film A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, which highlighted Robert Englund proceeding as Freddy Krueger.

The group additionally featured in three-component films during the 1980s, in this manner fortifying the notoriety of hip-bounce in America: Krush Groove, Knights of the City, and Disorderlies.

Prince Markie Dee Movies

  • Krush Groove (1985)
  • Knights of the City (1986)
  • Disorderlies (1987)

Prince Markie Dee Songs

Solo albums

  • Free (1992, Columbia Records)
  • Love Daddy (1995, Motown)

with Fat Boys

  • Fat Boys (1984, Sutra)
  • The Fat Boys Are Back (1985, Sutra)
  • Big & Beautiful (1986, Sutra)
  • Crushin’ (1987, Polydor)
  • Coming Back Hard Again (1988, Polydor)
  • On and On (1989, Polydor)
  • Mack Daddy (1991, Ichiban)

Prince Markie Dee Death

Dee died out of nowhere Thursday, as per SiriusXM’s Rock The Bells channel, where he used to have a public broadcast. The report didn’t make reference to a reason for death.

The rapper helped start The Fat Boys, a spearheading rap gathering, thinking back to the 1980s in Brooklyn. The gathering brought beatboxing to the standard, as they highlighted the sound on a large portion of their tunes – and prepared for specialists like Biz Markie and Doug E. New.

Even after The Fat Boys separated … Dee kept composing and delivering for different craftsmen. You’ll discover his credit on tunes by Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, Drake, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J. Blige, Destiny’s Child, and Frank Ocean.

The Fat Boys had a concise Hollywood vocation as well, as they co-featured in 2 films … “Krush Groove” and “Disorderlies.” Dee proceeded onward to a performance vocation after The Fat Boys, marking with Columbia Records and delivering his introduction collection “Free” in 1992, including his diagram besting single, “Regular Reasons (Swing My Way).”

A profession in radio followed, with Dee filling in as a host for Miami’s 103.5 The Beat WMIB before his latest gig as a host and DJ at Rock The Bells.

His groupmate, Darren “Buff Love” Robinson passed on in 1995 of a respiratory failure. Damon “Kool Rock-Ski” Wimbley is currently the lone enduring part. Dee was 52.

Prince Markie Dee Age

He was born on February 19, 1968 in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, U.S. He died on Feb 18th one day before his 53rd birthday.

Prince Markie Dee Wife

In the mid 1980’s, he was dating rapper, Pepa.

Prince Markie Dee Height

He is approximately 6’0” tall.

Prince Markie Dee Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Prince Markie Dee Instagram

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