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Onision Biography

Onision (real name: Gregory Daniel Jackson) is an American YouTuber and internet personality born on 11th November 1985 in USA. His first YouTube Channel is called Onision which he started in 2006. In 2008 he created his second channel. In 2009 he created his third channel OnisionSpeaks and in 2011 he created OnisionEncore, his fourth channel. In 2012 he created his fifth channel UhOhBro.

Onision Age/ How Old is Onision

He was born on 11th November 1985 (33 years old as of 2018)

Onision Family

Onision’s parents separated and got divorced when he was only two years. The reason for the divorce was because his father was convicted of committing a sexual crime against a minor. He was always has a close relationship with his mother but always had a constrained relationship with his father. At the age of 15 he was attacked by his father when he strangled him. In self-defense Onision repeatedly kicked his father in the chest. Later when police showed up, Greg was arrested and sentenced to spend some time in juvenile prison.

Onision Wife

Onision married his wife Skye Tantaga in 2005 but they separated in 2010. At the time they said the split was friendly but Greg later said that Skye had burglarized his home making a clear statement that the split was more bitter than he had told the viewers before. The divorce was finalized on October 2011.

In 2012 he got married to his second wife, Taylor Anderson who is also a YouTuber better known by her alias on YouTube, Laineybot. The two came to know each other as Taylor was a fan of his. Onision rented a house in New Mexico until Taylor graduated from high school as she was only 17. They kept the relationship a secret as he feared the backlash he would receive for dating an underage person.

On 26th January 2016 Onision posted a video on his YouTube channel where he revealed that he had cheated on Taylor. He claimed he didn’t do anything he wouldn’t do with a friend, but was unaware that cuddling would be considered as cheating.

Onision Girlfriend/ Shiloh Onision

In 2011, after the divorce from Skye, he began dating Shiloh Hoganson and even moved in together at very early stages of their relationship. They broke up several times for brief periods before splitting for two months in the summer of 2011.

During the split he dated Adrienne Jourgensen, a YouTuber, who he has met online but they parted ways after a few weeks. Shortly after the split Greg reunited with Shiloh

announcing it in November 2011 where he said they had been reunited for about a month and that she was pregnant with their child. A month later he announced that Hogan had suffered a miscarriage. The same month, Greg released a video titled “Shiloh Has Sepsis,” in which he reveals Hoganson was diagnosed with the potentially life-threatening inflammatory condition Sepsis. Greg later posted another video claiming that Hoganson fabricated the Sepsis diagnosis.

In December Greg posted a video “Goodbye Shiloh” in which he claimed that he and Hoganson had officially ended their relationship. Greg responded to those who doubted the situation between Hoganson and himself, asking “why would [he] show the truth just for views when [his] imagination can make up something much more entertaining?” Following the “Goodbye Shiloh” video, Hoganson never again appeared in any of Greg’s videos, and he has since not mentioned her name

Onision Kids

Onision together with his second wife Taylor has a child named Tory but since they separated Taylor became the custodian of the child.

Onision Net worth

He has an estimated net worth of  $ 5 million.

Onision Book

Onision released his first book ‘Stones To Abbigale’ on 29th March 2015 and on 11th September 2015 he released his second novel ‘This Is Why I Hate You’.

His first book Stones To Abbigale, follows James who is described as a “better version” of Greg and exploring themes of school shootings and love. The original cover was replaced due to it depicting an inappropriate amount of blood.

The second novel – This Is Why I Hate You – is a darker version of the first book. It has many similarities to Greg’s own experiences in the Air Force and is written in a diary form style.

Onision Shane Dawson

In the mid 2017 Onision posted a video talking about how Shane Dawson had added weight over the years and how to make him not get overweight again as he was throughout his childhood. He was accused of fat shaming Shane but Greg instead that he was helping him but many people accused him of fat shaming him for views, subscribers, and money.

Onision Christian Grimmie

After the death of Christian Grimmie, he tweeted controversial comments on Twitter where he stated that “Christina gets shot and you all prayed for her. 1. If your god cared she would not have been shot. 2.You prayed, she still died. Wake Up”. He faced a lot of backlash which prompted him to apologize stating that he never intended to hurt people’s feelings.

Onision Pedophile

In 2017 he was accused of being a pedophile after he changed his video style and began a series where he rated his subscribers and provided opinions on their appearance. Most of his subscribers were female and underage. He has also featured girls as young as 12 years old in his videos.

People also had issues with him after he stated that he was dating his now wife when she was 17. He also had two teenagers living in his house; Sarah, a 16 year old girl and Billiedawnwebb, a 19-year-old Internet personality, who had a romantic and sexual affair with Greg and his wife.

Onion made a 14- minute video responding to Blaire White, a YouTuber, who called out his behavior. He called people who question his choices “social justice warriors”

Greg also uploaded a video in which he took an online survey that’s meant to answer whether or not a person is a pedophile. He also tried to defend his behavior by retweeting several of his supporters who claimed that he and his videos have helped their body image.

Onision Furry

In early December 2018 Greg posted a video, but was later deleted, on his channel where he talked about how as a teen he had minor involvement with the furry community but although he never identified as a furry he said he felt very “welcome” and “at home” among them. He even says that at one point he had made a crude drawing of a ‘Fursona’, which he had found again recently and decided to “touch it up a bit”.. He also said he was planning to more openly participate in the furry community, and even possibly order a custom fursuit.

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