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Noah Schnapp Biography

Noah Schnapp is an American actor, best known for his appearance in the Netflix science fiction horror web television series Stranger Things.

His other roles including in the animated movie The Peanuts Movie and in Steven Spielberg’s historical drama film Bridge of Spies.

Noah Schnapp Age

Noah was born on 3 October 2004 in Scarsdale, New York, United States. He is 14 years old as of 2018.

Noah Schnapp Family

He is the son of Mitchell Schnapp and Karine Schnapp. He has a twin sister named Chloe Schnapp. His family is from Montreal, Quebec, Canada he also holds Canadian citizenship.

Noah Schnapp Weight and Height | How Tall Is Noah Schnapp

Height: 5 ft 6 in or 168 cm
Weight: 62 kg or 137 lbs

Noah Schnapp Stranger Things

He was cast as Will Byers, the son of Joyce Byers and younger brother of Jonathan Byers an American science fiction-horror web television series Stranger Things.

Noah Schnapp Photo
Noah Schnapp Photo

Where Does Noah Schnapp Live

His family is from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They together live in New York.

Noah Schnapp Movies





The Legends of Hawaiian

Kai (voice)

Waiting for Anya


Intensive Care

TJ Swift




We Only Know So Much

Otis Copeland


The Angry Birds Movie

Jay (voice)

The Circle



Bridge of Spies

Roger Donovan

The Peanuts Movie

Charlie Brown (voice)

Noah Schnapp Millie Bobby Brown

Noah and Millie Bobby Brown are very close friends, they are always seen together having fun

Noah Schnapp Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of around $3 million.

Noah Schnapp Zendaya

Noah and Zendaya are Twitter friends, he can’t hide his unwavering love, respect, and admiration for Zendaya for he openly says it.

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Noah Schnapp Interview

Noah Schnapp (‘Stranger Things’): Imagining the ‘big terrifying monster coming after me’ for Season 2 [Complete Interview Transcript]


Gold Derby (Matt Noble): Noah Schnapp, you had a real breakout season on “Stranger Things” for Season 2. Season 1 you were missing for most of it so it was hard for you to do too much. What was the difference for you in coming back to Season 2 where you had a much bigger role?

Noah Schnapp: It was also much more relaxed and there wasn’t as much security on set but this season, when we were filming Season 2, it was more pressure to get a good season obviously and I had a very different role in Season 2. I definitely had a lot more fun filming Season 2.

Gold Derby (Rob Licuria): Whenever I look at Will, I just think, “Jeez, this kid has had so much do.” There’s a lot of dark moments that you’ve had to deal with. How did you prepare for, for example, when Will’s being possessed by the monster? It went to a really dark place. How did you prepare for that kind of scene?

NS: Yeah, the scene where I’m in the field and it’s going in me?

GD (Rob): Yeah.

NS: That was such a hard scene to film. When they filmed the scene, there’s nothing there, they’re not gonna put a fake monster in the sky. So it was just a big green screen and I had to imagine that there’s this big terrifying monster coming after me, and it was so hard to wrap my mind around that, so I had to imagine that. This was Will’s moment in the season to stand up for himself and be courageous and this is not like Will. Will’s usually the quiet kid. He doesn’t talk too much and in this scene, he’s standing up for himself and it was a big scene for Will and for me as well, so I definitely had to prepare for it a lot. I did a lot of research on stories about kids getting possessed and stuff and things about that. I thought, “If he’s taking me over, he’s coming in my mind so I have to think about what it feels like.” It was hard. I had to make it up a little by myself and I thought about what it feels like.

GD (Rob): Yeah, I can imagine. With a lot of younger actors, you usually are in a lot of scenes with other actors who are playing your parents or someone who is an older person so I could imagine that you would actually form quite a great connection and bond with that other actor because of that dynamic and I’m wondering, what has the connection been like with Winona given that she plays Will’s mom on the show? Did you have that special bond? Did it grow over Season 2 because you got to work more together?

NS: Yes, for sure. She’s one of the sweetest I’ve ever known. My family and she are very close and I’ve said this so many times but she’s always watching out for me with anything and she’s so helpful. I’m so glad that I got to work off of Winona because when you get to work off of a really great actor, it’s so much easier to be able to act great yourself as an actor, just because having someone real to bounce off of it makes it so much better and I’m so glad I got to work with her. She was always helping me, always taking care of me. She’s like my second mother. Anything I ask for she always was there for it. I love Winona.

GD (Matt): There are so many different reasons why people are drawn to “Stranger Things.” For you, Noah, what do you think is the most special thing about the show and draws you in the most to the stories?

NS: There’s definitely a few reasons, I think. Obviously one of the major reasons is because the show is set in the ‘80s. The set designer and the Duffers they’re just genius of how they set up the whole thing because it’s so authentic and it’s so real and so many people can feel that time when they’re watching the show. My dad always tells me how everything in the show he had and I think a lot of people love that about the show. And then there are the characters who are so relatable. They’re very real and authentic and they’re not fake. It’s a reality show that’s based on real life and anyone can relate to it. For example, the hero is not always a perfect hero who has no flaws or anything. David Harbour, who plays Hopper, is a hero on the show. He still has his flaws, he’s a bit overweight, but it makes it authentic and relatable in a way so I love that about the show, that it’s so real.

GD (Rob): I noticed on Twitter the other day that you recently posted a photo of you winning a $100 bet with the Duffers and I’m sure you’ve probably discussed this a couple of times, but for people who aren’t aware, what was the scene that you guessed? Take us through what the bet was about and why you won and how good it felt to have that 100 bucks from the creators of the show.

NS: I think it was Millie [Bobby Brown] also who made a bet with the Duffers but it was for 50 bucks, so I’m proud that I actually won $100 from the directors of the show. It’s a thing to be proud of. But the bet was… I think I remember I was in the hospital and I think it was also because they felt bad for me but I was in the hospital and they told me, “Noah, we’ll give you 100 bucks.” I forget how it came up but we were talking. Usually, I tell the story like, “I’m not alone to talk about it because it’s a spoiler,” but now the season’s out. We made a bet if Will was gonna get possessed or not in the season, and they told me one day at lunch the tank Millie was in Season 1, they said they were thinking about doing something with that in Season 2 and this is off the top of her being very excited to go in that tank and I guess it never happened and they changed that. It was a cool thing. I think they changed it.

GD (Matt): Talk about how your dad says that all the stuff that he had in the ‘80s he sees in the show. What’s the thing that you most wish your childhood had from the ‘80s from your experience on “Stranger Things?”

NS: Something that I want from the ‘80s? I love the ’80s just because there are no phones. No one hides behind phones in the ‘80s. Everything’s in person, and I love that because I remember when I was younger I was dying for a phone and I asked my mom every day, “Mom can I have a phone? Mom can I have a phone?” And I remember the day I got my phone and I started using it and I realized, now it’s like, “I’m addicted to it.” I wish I didn’t have a phone. I miss being so innocent without my phone and being able to really appreciate everything. I wish that about this time, ‘cause it’s very different. In the show that all the kids use walkie-talkies to talk to each other, and that sounds so cool. I would love to be able to talk to my friends with walkie-talkies.

GD (Matt): Yeah, you would not have been able to do an interview with an actor from “Stranger Things” in the ‘80s via a web chat. You would’ve had to go and meet the star from “Stranger Things” to talk with them.

NS: Exactly.

GD (Rob): Noah, so given that Will has been the war, he’s just been through anything you could possibly throw at this kid, what are you hoping for Will in Season 3 of “Stranger Things?” I know you can’t give spoilers but what would you like to see for this guy?

NS: That’s a great question. Honestly, after watching Season 1 I didn’t know where they would go with the show and with Will, because it kind of ended on a, “Okay it’s over.” Not everything but most of it was pretty much solved and I had no clue where they would go with the season and I feel the same way about the second season. I’m really hoping that Eleven and my character get to have an interaction in Season 3 because I’ve been dying to have scenes with Eleven, and I hope that Hopper, if I live with Eleven, then that means I live with Hopper too and then maybe Joyce will date Hopper?

GD (Rob): Very good I love that.

GD (Matt): From two years of “Stranger Things,” Noah, what is your favorite scene or moment from the show?

NS: Oh, I have a few. I really love the scene where Eleven flips the van in front of them because that was just such a cool scene. I’ve heard so many stories about them filming that scene. But I also had a lot of fun filming… it was the very first scene of the very first season. It was just ‘cause we were all getting to know each other and it was very relaxed, we were all laughing every take and I remember I had a lot of fun filming that scene. But I think my favorite scene out of the whole season to film, my favorite scene to watch was definitely with Winona where I was very emotional. I just always replay that scene because I’m proud of it. There’s a few. I think also the scene where I’m in the field yelling at the monster to go away, I really loved that scene. And also the dance, the dance at the end of the season I really loved.

GD: Yes, where “Zombie Boy” became a term of endearment rather than a tease. Well Noah, thank you for talking to us today about “Stranger Things.” It’s been such a pleasure and all the best on the awards circuit with everything that’s gonna come your way.

NS: Thank you very much, guys. Pleasure talking to you.