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Noah Rothman Bio

Noah Rothman is an American editor, political commentator, and author. He serves as the online editor of Commentary. He is the author of the 2019 book “Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America”. Published by Gateway Editions, an imprint of Regnery Publishing.

Noah Rothman Age

Noah says he was born in the last weeks of the year 1981. This makes his age to be around 37 years old.

Noah Rothman Partner

Noah is a married man. He tied the knot with his wife Jaryn Arnold Rothman, who is a Latina from Puerto Rico. They have two sons together.

His oldest son, Jace Arnold Rothman, was born in September 2014. In the year 2016, he posted a tweet on Twitter stating that his wife was pregnant and due to give birth soon. Later, the couple had their second baby son named Elias Murphy Rothman on September 2016.

Noah lives a happily married life with their children without any rumors of their divorce, separation or any disputes.

Noah Rothman Education/ Life

Noah holds a degree of Bachelor of Arts in Russian Studies from Drew University. He graduated from Seton Hall University with a Master’s in International Relations.

Noah Rothman Career

He started his career as an intern in SiriusXM Satellite Radio for The Opie & Anthony Show. He works for Commentary magazine and is a conservative media personality who knows how to present sound arguments from an unbiased conservative side.

Moreover, his recent appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe has come under fire for his take on John Brennan’s security clearance controversy. In the past session, he made remarks on President Trump revoking John Brennan’s security clearance.

Noah Rothman

Noah has a diverse body of work in the media. Later, he even worked as a broadcast editor on the CBS radio. He also worked at as a production manager.

He worked as an editor at Campaigns and Elections magazine until the year 2011. Then, Noah moved to as a political news editor.

Noah Rothman Book

Unjust: Social Justice and the Unmaking of America

Noah Rothman Unjust

There are just two problems with “social justice”: it’s not social and it’s not just. Rather, it is a toxic ideology that encourages division, anger, and vengeance.

In this penetrating work, Commentary editor and MSNBC contributor Noah Rothman uncovers the real motives behind the social justice movement and explains why, despite its occasionally ludicrous public face, it is a threat to be taken seriously.

American political parties were once defined by their ideals. That idealism, however, is now imperiled by an obsession with the demographic categories of race, sex, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, which supposedly constitute a person’s “identity.”

As interest groups defined by identity alone command the comprehensive allegiance of their members, ordinary politics gives way to “Identitarian” warfare, each group looking for payback and convinced that if it is to rise, another group must fall.

In a society governed by “social justice,” the most coveted status is victimhood, which people will go to absurd lengths to attain. But the real victims in such a regime are blind justice—the standard of impartiality that we once took for granted—and free speech. These hallmarks of American liberty, already gravely compromised in universities, corporations, and the media, are under attack in our legal and political systems.

Noah Rothman MSNBC

MSNBC Fight! Noah Rothman Battles Eddie Glaude Jr. on Kamala Harris, Busing

On Monday’s July 2nd installment of MSNBC Live, two Morning Joe regulars had a real debate about presidential candidate Kamala Harris trying to exploit the issue of busing against Joe Biden.

Commentary associate editor Noah Rothman strongly criticized Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris for wanting to bring back busing and said she was playing a dangerous political game in doing so. Rothman’s arguments led to a heated argument with Princeton Professor Eddie Glaude Jr. that featured constant interruptions and Glaude pointing his finger at Rothman’s face.

It all began with Rothman conceding that Harris’ attacks on former Vice President Joe Biden provided “a great moment of political theater,” but was playing a risky game of I’m not saying what I’m saying because Democratic voters “are not going to believe Barack Obama’s vice president for eight years harbors racial hostility.”

He mocked the idea Harris supporting an issue “we don’t have any polling on in this century” because it “was among the most unpopular, most ineffective, counter-productive failure on its own merits.”

After MSNBC contributor Maria Teresa Kumar tried to defend Harris by saying her comments weren’t about busing, Rothman was unconvinced, declaring “We are now talking about the legacy of busing which accelerated geographic sorting and disenfranchised African-American students.” With that, the battle with Glaude kicked off.

Pointing his finger at Rothman, Glaude told Rothman that, “You constantly do this,” to which Rothman amusingly declared, “I do explain myself. I have a bit that of doing that.” Glaude said that busing failed because white families did not want black students in their schools.

Rothman stated that this was an unfair interpretation because plenty of African-American opposed the policy as well. “Of course they rejected the policy. Because they wanted their schools to be better resourced and didn’t want their kids going into dens of hatred,” Glaude responded.

After Glaude stated that “We both can agree busing failed,” Rothman turned to the camera as if to say “I rest my case.” Glaude finished his sentence by saying, “but we need to understand why it failed.”

Following more crosstalk, guest host Chris Jansing tried to rein in the segment by asking Glaude if Harris’ ploy will make it harder for Democrats to win in November.

Glaude not only said it would not, but that Democrats should stop “trying to appeal to Reagan Democrats that we lost so long ago.

What we need to do is put forward bold, courageous vision for the country moving forward and call out not just simply the loud racists but those who have been complicit in maintaining systems of inequality by offering these sorts of arguments” by trying to re-energize and expand the coalition that got Obama elected in 2008 and 2012.

Noah Rothman Net Worth

The estimated Net worth of Noah Rothman is $3 million US Dollars, as of 2019.

Noah Rothman Twitter

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