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Nick Vallelonga Biography

Nick Vallelonga is an American actor, screenwriter, and film director known for co-writing and producing the film Green Book, for which he received two Academy Award nominations. He has also directed the films In the Kingdom of the Blind, the Man with One Eye Is King, Choker, and Stiletto, and co-wrote the screenplay to Deadfall.

Nick Vallelonga Photo
Nick Vallelonga Photo

Nick Vallelonga Age

Vallelonga was born on September 13, 1959, in The Bronx, New York City, U.S. He is 59 years old as of 2018.

Nick Vallelonga Family

Nick Vallelonga was raised by his parents Tony Lip (Frank Anthony Vallelonga Sr.) (father) and Dolores Vallelonga (mother) alongside his brother Frank Vallelonga. His father was also an actor who died on January 4, 2013, and mother died in 1999. His brother Frank Vallelonga is also an actor.

Nick Vallelonga Father / Tony Lip

Nick Vallelonga’s father Frank Anthony Vallelonga Sr, better known as Tony Lip was an American actor and occasional author known for his portrayal of crime boss Carmine Lupertazzi in the HBO series The Sopranos.

He played real-life Bonanno crime family mobster Philip Giaccone in Donnie Brasco, and real-life Lucchese crime family mobster Francesco Manzo in Goodfellas. It was at the Copacabana nightclub where he first met Francis Ford Coppola and Louis DiGiamo, leading to a small role in The Godfather, his film debut. He also co-wrote the book Shut Up and Eat! (2005).

His time in the early 1960s, when he was the driver and bodyguard for the African-American classical pianist Don Shirley, was dramatized in the 2018 film Green Book.

He died on January 4, 2013, in Teaneck, New Jersey at age 82.

Nick Vallelonga Career

Vallelonga developed his acting passion at an early age of twelve years old where he appeared in the wedding scenes of The Godfather. He studied acting in New York with highly acclaimed teachers Tom Brennan of Circle in the Square, William Hickey of HB Studios and Julie Bovasso of the Actors Studio, and appeared in many off-Broadway productions, as well as small acting roles in films and television.

During this time, Nick also worked running the teleprompter and editing scripts at CBS News for many shows, including CBS This Morning, The NFL Today, The CBS Evening News with Dan Rather and 60 Minutes. His first script, “Deadfall”, co-written with director Christopher Coppola, was made into a feature film starred by Nicolas Cage, Michael Biehn, James Coburn, Charlie Sheen, Peter Fonda, Talia Shire, Angus Scrimm, Clarence Williams III and Micky Dolenz. Nick then went on to write and direct independent films such as “A Brilliant Disguise” produced by Cassian Elwes and starred by Lysette Anthony, Tony Denison, and Corbin Bernsen. “The Corporate Ladder”, produced by Jeremy Kramer for MPCA, starred, Ben Cross, Kathleen Kinmont, Tony Denison Jennifer O’Neil and Jon Polito.

He wrote, produced, directed and co-starred in, “In the Kingdom of the Blind, the Man with One Eye Is King”. The excellent ensemble cast included William Petersen, Michael Biehn, Paul Winfield, Leo Rossi, Kristian Alfonso and Vallelonga’s dad, Tony Lip (of The Sopranos). “Kingdom” was an official selection in the Nortel Palm Springs International Film Festival and the Santa Barbara Film Festival. After the 9/11 tragedy, Vallelonga wrote, performed and recorded a Christmas CD, “New York City Christmas”, dedicated to the New York City Police and Firemen.

In 2005, he decided to test the limits of low-budget HD cinema with what can only be called a digital experiment; “Disturbance” (aka “Choker”) starring himself, Paul Sloan, Colleen Porch, Hayley DuMond, and Tony Denison. It was shot in 12 days, and the result is a unique and exciting sci-fi/noir feature film that delivers both commercial appeal and a satisfying artistic flair. “Disturbance” was an Official Selection at the Silver Lake Film Festival and The Other Venice Film Festival. It was named the winner of the 2006 George Zucco Award for the Best DVD release of 2006, presented by to Director Nick Vallelonga. Award is given to promote auteur’s of quality entertainment worthy of vintage science fiction, fantasy and horror films, and to preserve macabre masterpieces for posterity.

During this time Nick starred with Dan Ackroyd in the Charter Communication commercial directed by John Landis. For his next film, Vallelonga produced and directed, “All In”, a drama about a father and daughter who get caught up in the world of championship poker. It stars Dominique Swain, Michael Madsen, Louis Gossett Jr., James Russo, Colleen Porch, Leo Rossi, Scott Whyte, Michelle Lombardo, Kristen Miller, Christopher Backus, Johann Urb, Hayley DuMond, Leo Rossi, and Tony Lip. Vallelonga also produced “Machine”, with writer/director Michael Lazar. In the fall of 2006, Vallelonga produced “A Modern Twain Story: The Prince and the Pauper”, for Executive Producer, Academy Award Winner Bobby Moresco.

In 2007, he produced and directed, the crime drama, “Stiletto”, written by Paul Sloan. “Stiletto” stars Tom Berenger, Michael Biehn, Stana Katic, Paul Sloan, William Forsythe, James Russo, Tom Sizemore, Diane Venora, Kelly Hu, Amanda Brooks, Dominique Swain, and D.B. Sweeney. “Stiletto” was an official selection of the Newport Beach Film Festival and the Charleston Film Festival.

In 2007, he also acted in the role of “Big Tony” in two segments of “Fran & Ramus”, the comedy series seen on In 2010, he Produced and directed the indy western “Yellow Rock”, starring Michael Biehn, James Russo, Christopher Backus, and writer/producer Lenore Andriel. Yellow Rock went on to win several film festival awards, including the prestigious Wrangler Award for Best Director and Best Film at the Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. During this time, Vallelonga continued acting in films and TV, including roles in “New Girl”, “Rake”, “Aquarius”, “See Dad Run”, “Jersey Shore Shark Attack”, and “Summoned”. In 2016, he line-produced “Chocolate City”, starring Michael Jai White and Vivica Fox. He then produced “I Am Wrath”, starring John Travolta, Christopher Meloni, and Paul Sloan. He was also a producer on “Vigilante Diaries”, starring Paul Sloan, Michael Madsen, James Russo, and Rampage Jackson. He produced the Syfy film, “Pandora’s Box” and the pilot for “Jaded,” starring D.B. Sweeney, James Russo, and Jacqueline Lord.

In 2017 Vallelonga directed and produced the tv pilot “Unorganized Crime” starring Chazz Palminteri, which has won numerous film festival awards for Best Director and Best Crime Drama. In 2018 Nick acted in the film “Poison Rose” starring John Travolta and directed by George Gallo. Nick wrote and produced “Green Book” with Peter Farrelly and Brian Hayes Currie, based on the true story of Nick’s father Tony Lip, who went on a tour of the south with the brilliant pianist Dr. Donald Shirley in 1962. Directed by Peter Farrelly, Green Book stars Viggo Mortensen, Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali and Linda Cardellini and will be released in 2018 by Universal, Dreamworks and Participant Media. Vallelonga Productions has several films and television projects in development, including, That’s Amore!, The Reunion, Men at Sea, 10 Double Zero, American Noir, Brute Force, New York City Christmas and Copacabana.

Nick Vallelonga Green Book

The film Green Book (2018) is the true story of Nick Vallelonga’s father Tony Lip, who went on a tour of the segregated south in the early 1960s with pianist Don Shirley. Green Book is written and produced by Nick Vallelonga, Peter Farrelly, Brian Hayes Currie. It is directed by Peter Farrelly. It stars Viggo Mortensen as Tony Lip, Mahershala Ali as Donald Shirley and Linda Cardellini as Nick’s mother, Dolores. Director Peter Farrelly cast real family members to play roles in the film. Nick’s brother, Frank Vallelonga, plays Rudy, Tony Lip’s brother. The real Rudy Vallelonga, plays his and Tony’s father, Nicola, and Lou Venere plays his and Dolores’ father, Anthony. Vallelonga also plays the role of Mob Boss Augie. Tony Lip went on to become an actor, appearing in many films and TV shows including The Godfather, The Pope of Greenwich Village, and Goodfellas. Lip is best known for his role as New York Crime Boss Carmine Lupartazzi in the HBO series “The Sopranos”. “Green Book is released by Universal, Dreamworks and Participant Media.

Nick Vallelonga Golden Globes Speech

Nick Vallelonga Movies and TV Shows

The Godfather
The Pope of Greenwich Village
Prizzi’s Honor
Psycho Cop 2
Coyote Ugly
Jersey Shore Shark Attack
Vigilante Diaries

As writer
Deadfall (1993)
A Brilliant Disguise (1994)
In the Kingdom of the Blind, the Man with One Eye Is King (1995)
The Corporate Ladder (1997)
Choker (2005)
Green Book (2018)

As director
A Brilliant Disguise (1994)
In the Kingdom of the Blind, the Man with One Eye Is King (1995)
The Corporate Ladder (1997)
Choker (2005)
All In (2006)
Stiletto (2008)
Yellow Rock (2011)

Nick Vallelonga Productions

A Modern Twain Story: The Prince and the Pauper (2007)
Vigilante Diaries (2016)
Green Book (2018)

Nick Vallelonga Twitter

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