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Nathan Edwards is an American journalist working as an anchor for ABC22/FOX 45 News. Nathan grew up in Vandalia, the Crossroads of America.

He used to perform in productions while in Butler High School, Vandalia Youth Theatre and Muse Machine. He attended Kent State University and graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism. When he is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family.

Nathan Edwards Age

Nathan grew up in Vandalia, the Crossroads of America. More information about his age will be updated soon.

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Information about his marital life will be updated soon.

Nathan Edwards fox 45
Nathan Edwards fox 45

Nathan Edwards Career | Nathan Edwards FOX 45 | Nathan Edwards ABC 22

After graduating, Nathan was appointed as the bureau chief for 7&4 News situated in Traverse City. He then joined KJRH located in Tulsa, Oklahoma as a reporter. He is now working as an anchor for FOX 45 News/ ABC 22.

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Rock Steady boxing classes offering counterpunch to Parkinson’s disease


Nearly one million Americans battle Parkinson’s disease, but there’s new hope thanks to a boxing program offering a counterpunch to the disorder.

It can be intimidating, walking through the doors of the gym, facing your biggest foe. John Stanley’s enemy is a force trying to rob his basic abilities.

“When I first started here and got diagnosed with Parkinson’s I was very down and very depressed with it,” Stanley said.

But in he came staggering, slurring and stiff. This retired Northmont teacher could hardly play with his grandchildren, or perform with his longtime band Cotton.

“It was very very difficult and embarrassing,” Stanley said.

MPower Gym Co-Owner Will Ashcraft saw John’s hopelessness.

“There was still fight in there, he was just angry and wanted to get going again,” Ashcraft said.

Will got him started on the punching bag. Weeks later he got into the ring, improving at a rapid pace.

John’s story went viral on Facebook.

“That started getting awareness for other people who had family members dealing with Parkinson’s,” Ashcraft said.

Soon they had enough people for a class. Will and co-owner Mike Baker did some research and discovered Rock Steady Boxing, a program started in Indianapolis in 2006, designed to help people with Parkinson’s disease.

“We’re more or less the exercise prescription that goes hand in hand with the medications they have to take to combat their Parkinson’s,” Baker said.

Here’s how it works. The punching steadies tremors, stretching helps stiffness, shouting helps counter soft voice syndrome and footwork helps balance.

“You can just sit here and sit weekly and see the increase of the ability of these people and they work extremely hard,” Stanley said.

Sharon Henry has pushed herself for 11 months now. She has Ataxia, a disease with similar symptoms to Parkinson’s.

“I was in denial for a very long time,” Henry said.

She thought she wouldn’t be able to walk within a year, but with each punch, she got better and even hit a milestone, her first sit up ever.

“I thought to myself, what the heck did I just do,” Henry said.

Others have gotten off oxygen, out of a wheelchair, off a walker.

“Sometimes we need to stop what we’re doing in the middle of class just to appreciate someone just hit a major goal and everyone starts cheering and sometimes cry after doing something like being able to get off the ground again,” Baker said.

This class and others around the country are growing, giving people with Parkinson’s a better quality life.

John can now play with his grandchildren and perform in his band, but he doesn’t plan on letting up.

“You’ve got to have a goal, and you might as well set it up as high as you can and my goal is to be clear of Parkinson’s,” Stanley said.

If you or someone you know are interested in signing up for a Rock Steady boxing class, you can find them at this website.

Here are some gyms that hold classes in the Miami Valley:

Vandalia – MPower Gym

270 North Dixie Drive

Vandalia, OH 45377


Phone: 937-529-9072

Kleptz YMCA

1200 West National Road

Englewood, OH 45315


Phone: 937-836-9622

Downtown Dayton YMCA

316 N Wilkinson

Dayton, OH 45402


Phone: 937-228-9622

YMCA at The Heights

7251 Shull Road

Huber Heights, OH 45424


Phone: 937-236-9622

Fairborn YMCA

300 South Central Avenue

Fairborn, OH 45324


Phone: 937-754-9622

Dayton at Bethany Village

6443 Far Hills Avenue

Dayton, OH 45459


Phone: 937-949-0783

American Health & Fitness

59 S. Main St.

Miamisburg, OH 45342


Phone: 937- 307-6745

Reid Hospital & Health Care Services

550 Hallmark Drive

Eaton, OH 45320