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Nancy Salzman Bio

Nancy Salzman is the president and the co-founder of Executive Success Programs. She has over thirty years of study and practice in healthcare, human potential, and human empowerment. She is a nurse and therapist by profession. She has also studied hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, psychobiology, and solution-based therapy.

Nancy Salzman Age | Family

Nancy was born in New York USA. she is 64 years old. There’s no known information about her parents and siblings.

Nancy Salzman Education

She is a graduate of Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Nancy Salzman Keith Raniere | Court Case | Karen Unterreiner

Salzman and Raniere have a pending criminal case. In March 2018 Raniere was arrested on charges related to DOS, including sex trafficking conspiracy and conspiracy to commit forced labor. The arrest was made in Mexico but he was held in custody in New York. He appeared in Federal Court in Fort Worth, Texas. The allegations say that a woman was coerced into sex with Raniere.

He is also accused of branding DOS members. He is said to consider female students as sex slaves. Sources tell Frank Report that Karen Unterreiner has turned against Keith Raniere and will likely be called as a witness for the prosecution in case of the US v.

With Nancy, Lauren and Allison Mack becoming witnesses for the prosecution, with numerous DOS slaves and other former members of Nxivm – a cast of Jane Does – preparing to testify against their former leader, it seems appropriate to mention that Karen Unterreiner is likely to be one of the star witnesses.

Nancy Salzman Phone
Nancy Salzman Phone

Nancy Salzman Career

Salzman is a nurse and therapist by profession. She has studied hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, psychobiology, and solution-based therapy. Mrs. Salman has also been a counselor for individuals and families.

She later used her skills as a corporate consultant. Her clients included Con Edison and American Express in New York. It was at the time she met Keith Raniere. She was Ranieres first student. He became her spiritual guide. She later lent his girlfriend now ex money to start a business. The business later went bankrupt and the two were locked up in a court case.

In 1998 Salzman and Raniere founded Executive Success Programs. On paper, she is the owner and Raniere has no direct connection to NXIVM. She developed the curriculum as by Ranieres teachings. She was also the face of the group.

Their weapon of choice was law. Her bio mentions that rational inquiry has help patients overcome Tourette’s syndrome. Salzman and the Bronfman sisters are at least three members of NXIVM who were part of the Clinton Global Initiative. Members of the group reportedly donated around $30,000 to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Nancy Salzman Husband

Salzman married Dr. Michael Salzman. Reports say that their relationship was not that good. The couple has two children.

Nancy Salzman Lauren Salzman

She has two daughters namely Lauren Salzman and Michelle Salzman. Lauren was an influential leader in NXIVM. In 2006, Nancy and Lauren Salzman had flown in a private jet, courtesy of the Bronfman sisters, to recruit Kreuk’s Smallville costar, Allison Mack. She was reportedly attending NXIVM’s weekend seminar on women empowerment with Kreuk.

 Nancy Salzman
Nancy Salzman

Nancy Salzman Net Worth

As of 2018, her net asset was $2 million USD as of 2018. Nancy’s salary per hour is $10,000 US Dollars per hour Net Asset.

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