Mike Wengren Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Disturbed And Net Worth.

Mike Wengren Biography

Mike Wengren is an American musician, best known for his work with the heavy metal band, Disturbed. He is one of the founding members of the band, which was formed in 1994. He is well known for his hard-hitting bass drum techniques that have become a staple of Disturbed’s music.

Mike Wengren Age

Mike Wengren born Michael Warren Wengren in Chicago, Illinois, on September 3, 1971. He is 47 years as of 2018.

Mike Wengren Family

Wengren was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, he has been playing drums since the age of ten. He attended Curie High School on the Southwest side of Chicago. He has said that Metallica, Slayer, Judas Priest, Testament, Mötley Crüe, Pantera, Iron Maiden, and Racer X were his strongest influences.

Mike Wengren Wife

He is a married man. He tied the knot to Tina Peters, who he proposed to On August 31, 2005, after the set closer, frontman David Draiman handed the microphone to Wengren, who invited his girlfriend onstage and proposed marriage to her.

Mike Wengren Career

In recent years, Wengren has appeared in advertisements for Pearl Drums, since the Masters Series was his first professional kit purchased from Midwest Percussion the early 90’s. Wengren uses Evans Hydraulic Glass drumheads on all toms and EQ3 heads on both bass drums. He has been added to the Vater Signature line of drumsticks, which now has a Mike Wengren model. Additionally, he uses Sabian cymbals.

A Photo Of Mike Wengren
Mike Wengren Photo

His previous tour kit was a ‘cranberry fade’ Pearl MRX Masters Series drumset with black hardware. Wengren’s tour kit in support of the album Ten Thousand Fists was a ‘vintage sunburst’ variation of the same drumset, also with black hardware.

In 2013 Wengren pursued a side project band, Fight or Flight, in collaboration with Disturbed member Dan Donegan. Again in 2015, Disturbed ended their hiatus, releasing their sixth studio album, Immortalized.

Mike Wengren Net Worth

Wengren is an American musician, best known for his work with the heavy metal band, Disturbed. He has managed to keep his net worth off the limelight, however, it will be distributed once it is clear.

Mike Wengren Discography


Demo Tape (1994)


  • The Sickness (2000)
  • Believe (2002)
  • Ten Thousand Fists (2005)
  • Indestructible (2008)
  • Asylum (2010)
  • The Lost Children (2011)
  • Immortalized (2015)
  • Evolution (2018)

Fight or Flight

  • A Life by Design? (2013)
  • “A Song for Chi” (2009)

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Before Disturbed’s headlining set at the Sonic Temple festival, Loudwire Nights radio host Toni Gonzalez caught up with drummer Mike Wengren. The two discussed the emotional and healing impact of Disturbed’s music not just for fans, but for the drummer himself as well, along with a bizarre onstage incident where the band brought a David Draiman look-alike onstage with them.

Disturbed have always maintained a strong and close connection with their fans. This has only increased since the release of Evolution, an empowering and dynamic album from the new millennium juggernauts. “None of this is contrived. We’re speaking from our hearts and it’s a personal experience,” Wengren affirmed.

He detailed his own emotional struggles over the last couple of years and revealed how Disturbed’s new material helped him over mental hurdles. “I lost my brother three years ago to drug and alcohol addiction,” the drummer said. “So, it’s very, very personal for me and when we’re out there and we’re sharing that energy and I see people crying — I never thought when we wrote [‘A Reason to Fight’] that I would be using it myself to help to cope.”

Wengren admitted the toll this loss took, explaining, “I think when it first happened, the first couple years I was in a little bit of denial — I just kind of shut it out, just wasn’t really able to cope with it.”

After seeing fans break down and have emotional moments at Disturbed shows, he said this “started to open up my mind and my heart to be able to cope with it for the first time myself.”

Wengren then felt inspired and sought out a world-class portrait artist to ink rendering of his late brother in his remembrance.

On a lighter note, the conversation shifted toward the David Draiman look-alike who appeared onstage with Disturbed in Manchester, England.

“It blew us away because we saw him at a couple of shows. He was in London, then we saw him in Manchester and it was like — he sticks out,” Wengren remembered. “[There’s] not too many David Draiman look-alikes are wandering around in the crowd.”

Even fans fell for the act, believing it was the real Draiman. “I think what helped draw the attention to it was he posted on Twitter that he was out in the crowd and fans were thinking it was [Draiman] and fans were thinking it was him so they were taking pictures with him and he’s posting it,” the drummer explained.

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