Mike Holfeld WKMG CBS, Biography, Age, Wife, and Net Worth

Mike Holfeld Biography

Mike Holfeld is an American journalist working as an investigative reporter for WKMG CBS News. His work has procured an extensive rundown of praises. Mike has acquired eight Emmy selections, winning two alongside the 2008 Murrow Grant.

He has been perceived as great in reporting by the Related Press, and The General public of Expert Writers and he procured The Daylight State Grant for news coverage greatness.

Holfeld joined the News 6 Newsgroup in 1999 and recently labored for quite some time as a journalist/anchor in Detroit.

Mike Holfeld WKMG CBS News

Holfeld has caused Focal Florida history with significant examinations that have prompted new arrangements, authoritative propositions, and even – – state and public regulations.

Mike Holfeld WKMG
Mike Holfeld WKMG

On the off chance that you have an issue or story thought, call Mike’s office at 407-521-1322. Holfeld’s examinations have been included across the nation. Mike has shown up on Dr. Phil, Inside Release, MSNBC’s Donny Deutch Show, CNN, and CBS, and is a customary supporter of Seminole Magazine and Genuine Radio 104.1.

Holfeld is most pleased with his examination of the crowd-controlled moving industry. He uncovered an association from New York to Miami including an Israeli criminal organization.

His reports were introduced to state officials and prompted new Florida regulations as well as an acknowledgment by the U.S transportation board of trustees on the Legislative center Slope.

His work likewise incited a two-section series on CBS “Eye on America”. Holfeld has collaborated with Senator John Mica, previous Representative Ric Keller, previous State Delegate Randy Johnson, State Agent Sandy Adams, and Orange Province Chief Linda Stewart to look at issues and foster regulations that help families in Florida and the nation over.

Mike’s examinations have prompted new recommendations in the accident coverage industry and video retail deals industry too. During the financial slump post 9-11, Holfeld’s accounts persuaded then Gov. Jeb Shrubbery to permit charge expansions for lodging inn proprietors.

His reports on guardians losing a pregnancy to an unnatural birth cycle prompted the entry of the Lamenting Guardians Regulation. Presently, Florida guardians reserve the privilege to hold a remembrance administration regardless of when the premature delivery happens.


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