Melissa Harrison Biography, Age, Husband, Career, NBC 5 And KRDLM-AM.

Melissa Harrison is an American journalist who is a bilingual reporter for NBC 5. She has over 20 years of experience. She is a native of Texas.

Melissa Harrison Biography

Melissa Harrison is an American journalist who is a bilingual reporter for NBC 5. She has over 20 years of experience. She is a native of Texas. She has 3 kids with her husband and she enjoys spending time with them and making North Texas their home.

Melissa Harrison Age

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Melissa Harrison Husband

She is a married woman with 3 kids to look after.

Melissa Harrison Career | Melissa Harrison NBC 5

Melissa Tamplin Harrison is a bilingual correspondent with almost two years of news-casting knowledge. A local Texan, Melissa is eager to come back to her underlying foundations and to covering news in North Texas.

Melissa Harrison

Melissa started her profession at the NBC subsidiary in Waco as an official maker. She found her first on-air work at KRBC-TV in Abilene where she co-tied down the night 6 pm and 10 pm broadcasts.

Melissa proceeded to report at WAPT-TV in Jackson, Mississippi, where she secured stories including the Pearl High School shooting. She at that point proceeded to stay/report at WBRC-TV in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

In 2000, Melissa’s vocation way carried her back home to North Texas when she joined the group at WFAA-TV as a journalist/end of the week morning co-grapple. While revealing here, Melissa secured such stories as the Texas Seven Escape Search and the D.C. Sharpshooter assaults.

In 2005, Melissa satisfied a long-lasting fantasy about moving to New York City when she enlisted at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. While there she dealt with a paper concentrating on misery and horrendous misfortune.

Her examination incorporated the narratives of individuals she met throughout the years – incorporating numerous from here in North Texas – who shared their accounts of expectation and how individuals can conquer melancholy in even the most heartbreaking of conditions.

While in New York, Melissa proceeded with her vocation in TV news as an independent journalist at WNBC-TV and essayist for ABC’s World News Tonight.


Assistant Professor of Professional Practice
Company Name Texas Christian University
Dates Employed Aug 2019 – Present
Employment Duration 2 mos
Location Dallas/Fort Worth Area

News Anchor
Company Name CBS Radio
Dates Employed Jul 2016 – Present
Employment Duration 3 yrs 3 mos
Location Dallas/Fort Worth Area

TV News Reporter
Company Name NBC News
Dates Employed Dec 2015 – Jul 2017
Employment Duration 1 yrs 8 mos

Bilingual Journalist/Media Consultant
Company Name New York City
Dates Employed Sep 2006 – Aug 2015
Employment Duration 9 yrs

TV News Reporter
Company Name WNBC-TV
Dates Employed Aug 2004 – Aug 2005
Employment Duration 1 yrs 1 mo

TV News Anchor/Reporter
Company Name WFAA-TV
Dates Employed Dec 2000 – Aug 2004
Employment Duration 3 yrs 9 mos

TV News Anchor/Reporter
Company Name FOX6 WBRC
Dates Employed Dec 1998 – Dec 2000
Employment Duration 2 yrs 1 mo

TV News Anchor/Reporter
Company Name WAPT-TV
Dates Employed Oct 1997 – Dec 1998
Employment Duration 1 yrs 3 mos

TV News Anchor/Reporter
Company Name KRBC-TV
Dates Employed Aug 1996 – Oct 1997
Employment Duration 1 yrs 3 mos

News Producer
Company Name KCEN-TV
Dates Employed 1995 – 1996
Employment Duration 1 yr

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Article by Melissa Harrison

Listening for whispers from the past: uncovering Bowen’s diverse heritage

We know quite a lot about the early European settlers on Bowen Island, especially in the steamship era, but what about those from non-European cultures?

What about the Chinese and Japanese people who worked at the explosives factory in Tunstall Bay, who were loggers and miners or worked for the Steamship company? And what about the First Nations peoples who were here before the settlers came?

We don’t have much information about non-Europeans, and much of what we do have is in the form of vague, unattributed and unverifiable stories. It would be great to get some more details to enrich our knowledge of the history of the island.

I have returned from the Heritage BC 2019 conference fired up to explore a richer, broader heritage of Bowen. One of the workshops of the conference focused on how to discover and tell the stories of marginalized communities that may not be around anymore to tell their own story.

Those people may not have had access to photographs, may not have owned land, may have only lived here for time-limited work and many of their stories, their culture and almost all traces of their lives are now lost from the island.

But there are still some traces that we can uncover, with a little persistence and our best history-detective skills. There are stories that our island elders remember or stories that they were told. And there may be traces in maps and census data or other archival documents that can add detail or confirm locations.

If this is a project that inspires you, please get in touch with me, Melissa Harrison. And if you have stories to tell, no matter how little detail is contained in them or if the story is third hand or more, please contact Cathy at Museum and Archives (

We are hoping to build a map of the island that charts all of the locations and details we can uncover. And if we can find enough that is worth the telling we will be sure to share the stories with you.