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Mekenna Melvin Biography

Mekenna Melvin is an American actress best known for playing Alex McHugh in Chuck, Angela in Three Rivers and Stefanie Fife in Lie to Me. She is also known as the action-comedy/spy-drama television series, Chuck. She also co-created and starred as Amber Hannold in Amber Lake, an independent film released in 2010.

Mekenna Melvin Age

She was born on January 23, 1985, in Saratoga, California, the U.S. She holds an American nationality and belongs to White ethnicity. Moreover, her star sign is Aquarius. She is 34 years old as of 2019.

Mekenna Melvin
Mekenna Melvin

Mekenna Melvin Net Worth

She takes part in the movie industry since 2008, She seems to gather a decent amount as her net worth. She has also played in numerous movies until now from where she might have earned a colossal amount as her salary. However, her net worth is still not revealed as of today.
But According to some reliable source, an American actress earns an average salary of around $39.84 per hour whereas the highest salary can be earned up to $100. She has also earned a good amount of remuneration according to her status in Hollywood. It’s been almost a decade for her in this profession and supposedly she has saved a handsome amount accumulating the property.

Mekenna Melvin Height

On her body, She stands at a height of 5 feet 1 inch (1.53meters) and has an approximate weight of 53 kg. She has brown hair and has a pair of hazel eyes.

Mekenna Melvin Affairs, Relationship, Husband

She is currently single, and there is no information on her relationship affairs.

Mekenna Melvin Talks Chuck, Being Casey’s Daughter

Mekenna Melvin joined the cast of Chuck in the middle of season 3, revealing an unexpected result of Casey’s hidden past when she was introduced as his daughter. We had the chance to talk with Mekenna and find out more about her career as an actress as well as her experience playing Adam Baldwin’s on-screen daughter.
The daughter of a high school drama teacher in Northern California, Mekenna acted in high school before deciding to move to New York to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Following school, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career and the rest is history. Chuck is her first big role, but when she auditioned she had no idea what it entailed.
“Alex kind of happened. I didn’t even know that her name was going to be Alex or that she was going to be the daughter of John Casey. It started out as one line, one word part, and the title of it was ’20-year-old girl’ and the line was ‘Mom’. So I went in and I said ‘Mom’ and they booked me and I thought, ‘Really? I must have said Mom really well!’”
It wasn’t until after booking the role that the producers gave her the scoop on who this ’20-year-old girl’ really was and that it was a recurring role. Fortunately, Mekenna has a background in martial arts, earning a black belt in Tai Kwan Do at the age of 16, so when she got to fight John Casey in her second episode, she was excited to put those skills to use.
“I remember getting to work and seeing that they had a stunt double for me and thinking ‘how can I make this so that she doesn’t work today?’,” she laughed. “Everybody was really excited, and she was really excited to teach me the combination. They were open to letting me try and it worked out and I got to do it and it was really fun!”
Mekenna doesn’t have much of a backstory to work with for Alex, what we’ve seen on-screen is it so far, but her personal take on the character is that she’s really happy to have her father in her life, although he is more hesitant. So far they’re in the “honeymoon phase” of their relationship but there’s the possibility of conflict arising as they get to know each other better.
Already a pro at not revealing spoilers, Mekenna did give us a few clues about what’s coming up for her character. She’s spent most of her time working with Adam Baldwin and Joshua Gomez, but when asked about Alex and Morgan, she chuckled coyly and said, “Let’s just say they have a really fun dynamic. Morgan and Alex have some sort of a relationship, and it’s fun. That’s all I can say!”
So far Alex isn’t aware of the spy world that surrounds her, although Mekenna hopes that she gets brought in eventually. “She’s Casey’s daughter. Who’s more of a spy than Casey? He is the ultimate!” And there is a chance she’ll get to put her martial arts skills on display again soon, although she kept mum on the specifics.
Appearing in at least three episodes this season, it sounds like Mekenna’s Alex will be an addition to the cast that provides us with more insight into both Casey and Morgan. Hear more from Mekenna in our next podcast, and catch her return to Chuck tonight in “Chuck vs. the Cubic Z” at 8/7c on NBC.

Mekenna Melvin Filmography

  • 2008      Dear Me                 Brunette Bety
  • 2008     The Last Page        Lily
  • 2008      MeterMan             Vanessa
  • 2009     Lie to Me               Stefanie Fife
  • 2009     Three Rivers         Angela
  • 2010          Amber Lake         Amber Hannold
  • 2010-2012      Chuck         Alex McHugh
  • 2010        Detroit 1-8-7            Karla Lawford / Karla Lutz
  • 2010         The Fighting Kind          Madison
  • 2010        Melting the Snowman      Caroline Jamieson
  • 2012        Buds                                       Amber
  • 2012      Vegas Holly                             Edwards
  • 2013       Castle Talia Mc                        Teague
  • 2013       Grey’s Anatomy                         Katie
  • 2013      The Nightmare Nanny               Amber
  • 2014       Mr. Intangibles                      Angie
  • 2015       His Secret Family                   Lauren
  • 2016       Once Upon a Time               Clorinda Tremaine
  • 2016      Relationship Status                 Rachel
  • 2017       A Woman Deceived           Monica
  • 2017      Threadbare                          Hannah
  • 2018     The Bad Guys                    Annie

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