Max Carver Biography, Age, Family, Girlfriend, Teen Wolf, Victorious

Max Carver Biography

Max Carver is an American actor best known for his in the ABC television series Desperate Housewives, and on the MTV teen-horror drama Teen Wolf.

Max Carver Age

Max was born on 1 August 1988 in San Francisco, California, United States. She is 30 years old as of 2018

Max Carver Family

He is the son of the late Robert Martensen, and Anne Carver, a philanthropist, and community activist. His mother remarried Denis Sutro. He has two brothers; his twin brother actor Charlie Carver and actor Bayard Carver

Max Carver Girlfriend

He was in a relationship with Holland Roden. The two separated in 2016.

Max Carver Gay

He is straight, his brother Charlie came out as a gay and identified Max as straight

max carver photo
max carver photo

Max Carver Height and Weight

  • Height: 6 ft
  • Weight: 73 kg

Max Carver Movies








Haven’s Point



Dean Slater: Resident Advisor

Pissed off guy


Ask Me Anything




Lifeguard Joe


Fist Fight



A Midsummer Night’s Dream



In the Cloud


Max Carver Teen Wolf

He was cast as Aiden in season 3 of MTV’s Teen Wolf alongside his brother as a pair of twin werewolves

Charlie And Max Carver Movies

  • 2018: In the Cloud
  • 2017: Fist Fight
  • 2017: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Max Carver Victorious

He was cast as Evan Smith in Episode: “The Blonde Squad” of Victorious

Max Carver Desperate Housewives

He was cast with his brother as Preston and Porter Scavo, sons to Felicity Huffman and Doug Savant in the ABC television series, Desperate Housewives

Charlie & Max Carver’s Twin Telepathy Test!

Max Carver Interview

Charlie And Max Carver Interview


A Where are you exactly are you in LA? 
M Yeah, I live out in Pasadena. It’s pretty boring. I feel like an old man at the end of his life.

What artist most influenced you when you were growing up? 
That’s a tricky one. You’re talking any painters, writers, actors? Anything right?

Yep. Want me to narrow it down? How about music? 

Well, I had older brothers. To be honest, it was the Beastie Boys. That was like my favorite when I was a little kid. I had posters on the walls. I think I just wanted to impress my older brothers. They used to play this game where they would play music and then stop and freeze and it would always be to like a Beastie Boys song and you had to stop at the right song. We’re talking super young.

What about actors? 
Oh goodness. Well aside from my older brother (laughs). To be honest, I was such a huge Tom Cruise fan when I was a kid. My favorite movies were like, and we’re talking young here – Top Gun, Days of Thunder I think I had every Tom Cruise VHS. So yeah, in terms of right off the bat, he was a legend. I’d like to say my taste has matured a bit but, Top Gun is still a great movie.

What did you dream about last night? Do you dream? 
Oh god, I dreamed there was a knock on the door and I had to wake up super early because there were movers here… (Laughs) No, um. I don’t actually remember my dreams that often. The most recent dream I had, the only part I remember was crawling around in this under a ground cave and I was following this guide and at one point I felt a snake slither by my arms and he grabbed it and ate it. But it slithered into his mouth and he ate it. And I was like that sounds like some mythological stuff going on in my brain right now. No idea what it means.

What’s your favorite place to watch the sunrise? 
There was this one time I went out into Death Valley by myself for like four or five days. It was terrifying. I remember, it was this time of year, and it’s pretty rare but every once in a while there’s a wildflower bloom… Did not see that. It was dead. There was nothing going on. But I distinctly remember that feeling of being in the most empty space on the planet. The park was actually closed when I was there and wasn’t supposed to be. It was very magical and lonely. I will never forget that moment.

Why were you out there for five days by yourself? 
Yeah, that’s a longer story… A friend of mine hooked me up with this Shaman… No peyote was involved. In retrospect, that would’ve been cooler.

What are your morning rituals if you have any? 
I mean there are some things I aspire to do in the morning. Typically, I like walking. So I’ll just walk down the street get a cold brew and a pastry every morning. And then day today, it’s just so different every day. I’ve thought about writing and meditating… With like headspace on my phone. But in terms of consistent routine, it takes a shower, cold brew.

Out of all the work you’ve done, what was your favorite or one of your favorite scenes to shoot and why? 
When I first got started, I didn’t think I’d be working for much longer. (Laughs) I will never forget my first day on set on Desperate Housewives, it was the first time I ever acted. In terms of memorable things, there was a moment in Teen Wolf that I got to do with my brother where my character died. That was pretty magical to shoot because we just went for it. It was really cool. It’s imaginary and foreign, but it felt very real to say goodbye to my brother. It felt like a privilege to get to do that.

Does working with your brother influence your performance at all? 
Big time. We’re better off alone. I mean, we work together a lot… And it’s great in a lot of ways. We take it for granted because we’re twins, sometimes we’re Cain and Able on set. We help each other out and we try to encourage each other but at the same time, I think, that voice in your head that’s a complete dick – if it was your friend you’d be like I don’t want to be your friend anymore – that’s sometimes how we treat each other on set. It’s a mix of encouragement and also there’s no one I want to be more proud of me than my brother. So, there’s some pressure there.

Do you guys ever have twin moments? Where you feel connected at times you’re not psychically close? 
Yeah, you know, it’s funny. People ask that. In some ways, the best way I can describe it is when you’re thinking about someone and you’re like “God, I wonder how they’re doing” and then, you get a call from them five minutes later. Or, you get this sense you need to check in with someone who you haven’t heard from that in a while… Whatever it is. Who knows where those things come from. With my brother, that happens quite frequently. Since we were kids, there’s just this rhythm in terms of when and how we communicate. Who knows how conscious all this stuff is. For sure, when somethings going wrong, I know it before I get the call. I get this weird vibe.

What is the most powerful part of acting for you? Has it changed at all? Do you find yourself stuck in the same experience? 
I think what I’m learning is it comes down to every single job, whether its in class or on set, what you put in you take out of it. The most rewarding times have been when I’ve put in a lot of work into something, and it just feels like you don’t have to work. It feels real. You’re not doing anything, you’re not pushing, you’re just having this conversation that’s personal, it feels like real life. Going back to that scene with my brother, in Teen Wolf, that was one of those moments. It’s the best feeling in the world because you don’t care what it looked like or how it was, maybe later you do obviously, but you’re just like, “Wow I put it out there and I had this experience.” Even though it’s not my real life, I had this life experience. I want to have more of those. And I know it takes a lot of work to do that. It’s scary, but I know that’s best.

Do you have any interest in working in other fields within Entertainment? Like directing or writing? 
You know, when I was a kid I wasn’t really allowed to watch TV. I only got to watch TV for three hours a week. It was booked and go outside. Those three houses were precious to me. Even from a young age, I always wanted to tell stories. I always wanted to write and direct. And now, working in the business, I want to produce and on some level change people’s belief systems.. I think it has that ability. I definitely want to be a part of that behind the camera.

So can you tell us a little more about your upcoming projects? 
So my brother and I worked on Fist Fight and we got a chance to be a part of this great adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with some amazing actors, who were well versed in Shakespeare and there we were… Right now in terms of production stuff and writing stuff, that’s kind of what’s moving. I wish I could say more, but I’m excited for what lies ahead.

Do you prefer comedic roles? Or do you feel like you shine in more dramatic settings like The Leftovers
What’s funny about The Leftovers is that we got there… We went through this brutal process with Peter Berg, where he’s asking these very, very difficult questions and you have to be absolutely honest and authentic about everything you’re saying. So when we got there, we thought we were going to have this crazy backstory and dealing with some trauma and he was just like, Nah, you guys just have fun. It kind of felt more like a comedy for us. And then this summer I did this project with Jonathon Stern, I don’t know what the title is anymore it changes. I think it’s like Filthy Preppy Teens .. And that was so much fun. I go to improv shows, I go to comedy shows. On some level, it’s about what is going to be the more free experience. In my own life, I’m not the most dramatic masturbatory person. So comedy might be a little more fun for me.

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