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Mason Vale Cotton Biography

Mason Vale Cotton is an American actor. He is famously known for his role as Bobby Draper in the television series Mad Men. He was the fourth actor to portray Bobby Draper on the television series. He played Maynard “M.J.” Delfino on Desperate Housewives, and he also voiced Arnold on Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie.

Born in San Diego, California, Mason is the son of Hillary and Jason Lee Cotton. his father is a football coach of Notre Dame High School. Alongside with his older brother, Maxwell Perry Cotton, is also an actor.

Mason Vale Cotton Age

Mason Vale Cotton was born in San Diego, California, United States of America. He was born on 25th June, 2002. His current age is 16 years old as of 2018.

Mason Vale Cotton Height

Mason Vale Cotton stands 5 feet 3 inches tall. That is a pretty good height for a 16 year old boy. He is definitely growing and soon he will be a tall charming young men. Girls will not have enough of him. I guess!

Mason Vale Cotton Photo
Mason Vale Cotton Photo

Mason Vale Cotton Net Worth

The star is shinning bright for Mason. At his tender age of 16, he has totally moved the Hollywood scene. He has made a huge fortune from his career. His star is still rising day in day out. He earns a salary of a whooping  $35,000 for every episode he appears in. Mason Vale Cotton has a net worth of approximately $500,000.

Mason Vale Cotton Dating

Mason Vale Cotton is just 16 years old. He could probably not be dating right now. There is no history of him dating. We are also not aware whether he has a girlfriend or not. In his last interview he however disclosed his ideal girl. She must have “A good personality, a good look, sense of humor and like to be outside.”

Mason Vale Cotton Movies And Tv Shows | Mason Vale Cotton 2019

Mason Vale Cotton Movies

  • 2017 Mad Families
  • 2017 Super
  • 2017 Scales: Mermaids Are Real
  • 2015 Russell Madness
  • 2013 Snake & Mongoose
  • 2010 Radio Free Albemuth
  • 2008 The Spleenectomy
  • 2007 A Dennis the Menace Christmas
  • TBD FuN? Jack

Mason Vale Cotton Television Shows

  • 2017 Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie
  • 2016 The Grinder
  • 2012–15 Mad Men
  • 2010 Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
  • 2009 Prep & Landing
  • 2008–12 Desperate Housewives
  • 2008 Medium
  • 2008 ER

Mason Vale Cotton Instagram

Mason Vale Cotton Interview

Q : How did you become an actor? Did you take lessons?

Mason Vale: I started acting when I was 4 or 5 years old, my brother Maxwell Perry Cotton who’s 14 years old, was an actor first. He was famous and I was jealous. I talked to my agent and I become an actor. I took a couple of acting lessons when I was younger. I learned with my brother, my agent and on set.

Q : What’s your favorite thing about acting?

Mason Vale Cotton: I like to meet new people.

Q : What’s the hardest thing about acting?

Mason Vale: Memorizing the lines but it become pretty easy with the years.

Q : Who was your favorite character that you played?

Mason Vale: Bobby Draper on MadMen because he’s always in trouble and dirty and I like to play a character with who I have common with.

Q : Is it hard to cry?

Mason Vale Cotton: Yeah I mean, when I was little it was hard for me but now it’s more easy.

Q : Do you and your brother go to the same auditions?

Mason Vale: We used to. But now my brother is older. So we don’t.

Q : Would you like to have a reality tv show on your family?

Mason Vale: Yeah I always think about that. It will be pretty cool.

Q : In what tv show would you like to perform?

Mason Vale Cotton: In MODERN FAMILY, BROOKLYN 99 and Saturday Night Live.

Q : How happened Desperate Housewives?

Mason Vale: It was a lot of people, so I was nervous. I had some call back. Me and my mom were really excited when I get the role in Desperate Housewives.

Q : Are you still in contact with some cast of Desperate Housewives?

Mason Vale: I’m still in contact with Madison De La Garza who was playing Juanita Solis, we text and call eachother, I was in the same school. I follow Teri Hatcher on instagram.

Q : All the children from the show was nice?

Mason: Yes they was all nice, we were having the same hobbies.

Q : Who was your favorite?

Mason Vale Cotton: Teri Hatcher, she was really nice with me and James Denton was a great dad.

Q : Have you got things in common with MJ Delfino?

Mason Vale: We have sort of something in common, we are both blonde LOL 😛

Q : What was your favorite episode of Desperate Housewives that you did?

Mason Vale: When I’m playing ball with Madison and that we fight.

Q : Did you watch Desperate Housewives?

Mason Vale: I watched the episodes where I was in and some scenes of others episodes, but I was too young for watch Desperate Housewives.

Q : Do you miss Desperate Housewives?

Mason Vale: I miss it a lot, I miss Teri Hatcher and the cast.

Q : Do you sing? Are you a model?

Mason Vale: No I don’t, I like sing in the shower that’s all. I used to when I was little.

Q : How do you react when you meet your fans?

Mason Vale: I love it, I like signing autographs.

Q : What would be your fans name?

Mason Vale: Um… For Desperate Housewives, I would say MJLOVERS LOL.

Q : Do you like school? Do you have good grades? What’s your favorite subject?

Mason Vale Cotton: I do. I’m in a new school, so I like it. This year I’m trying to have only A’s. My favorite subject is english.

Q : What’s your favorite tv show?


Q : What celebrity did you meet?

Mason Vale: Teri Hatcher and all the cast of Desperate Housewives. I met some people from Breaking Bad. I met Laura Leighton from Pretty Little Liars ( Ashley Marin).

Q : Who’s your favorite actor?

Mason Vale: I really like LEONARDO DICAPRIO.

Q : Favorite color?

Mason Vale: Green.

Q : What hidden talents do you have?

Mason Vale: American Football and I’m a pretty good dancer.

Q : When are you going in France?

Mason Vale: I don’t know maybe when I will have 16 years old LOL.

Q : Do you have a phone?

Mason Vale: Yes in Android.

Q : If you could change your name what would it be?

Mason Vale: BRYAN!

Q : What do you expect in a girlfriend?

Mason Vale: A good personality, a good look, sense of humor and like to be outside.

Q : Describe your life in one word.

Mason Vale: Awesome!!!

Q : Do you have a good relationship with your brother?

Mason Vale: Yes, we have some fights but HE’S MY BESTFRIEND!