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Mary Elizabeth Ellis Biography

Mary Elizabeth Ellis was born in Laurel, Mississipi, U, S. She is a well known American actress who came to limelight after gaining more popularity in the industry by venturing into scriptwriting and film production.

The American actress is well known for appearing in the FX sitcom Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, where she played the role of a Waitress

Mary Elizabeth Ellis Age

Mary Elizabeth Ellis was born on May 11, 1979, in Laurel, Mississippi, U.S. She is 39 years old as of 2018

Mary Elizabeth Ellis Family

She was born on May in the city of Laurel, Mississippi in the United States of America to Judy and Steve Ellis. Mary has several nicknames which include May Liz and M.E. Ellis.

Mary Elizabeth Ellis Husband|Charlie Day And Mary Elizabeth Ellis

Mary Elizabeth Ellis
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Famous actress Mary met Charlie Day in 2001, her fellow Co-star in the film It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. They later started dating in 2004 and finally tied a knot on March 4, 2006.

The couple were blessed with a son Russell Wallace Day, who was born on December 15, 2011

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Mary Elizabeth Ellis Height

  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches (1.63m)

Mary Elizabeth Ellis Career

Her first appeared to limelight with the role actually came by in 2015 when she starred as Debbie Sanderson alongside Fred Savage and Rob Lowe in the TV series The Grinder.

Since then, she was later featured in up to 37 films ranging from The Truth About Lies to The Last Time You Had Fun, The Curse and the Smoking Jacket, Masterminds, A Quiet Little Marriage, and many others. Some of the TV series she has featured in include Perfect Couples, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Without a Trace, The Grinder, Up All Night and many others.

So far, The famous American actress has been nominated for awards on two separate occasions. The first one was during the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival in 2016, where she was nominated for the best actress in the short film category for her role in the film Step 9 released in 2015. The following year, she was also nominated for the best performance in a comedy category as a result of her role in The Truth About Lies which was released in 2017 also. Unfortunately, so unlucky she has not been able to win any of these awards.

Mary Elizabeth Ellis Net Worth

The famous actress has an estimated net worth of $6. million.

Mary Elizabeth Quotes

  • I think breastfeeding is part of what helped me lose my baby weight. I just dump it all into my chubby little son.
  • Make her laugh, make her laugh, make her laugh. After all, the strongest relationships are the ones in which you can laugh with your partner through anything.
  • A few months post-baby is not the easiest time to pull out your best yoga poses.
  • Getting to play a yogic healer was awesome. I love yoga, so I’ve had a lot of teachers.

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Mary Elizabeth Ellis Tv Films| Tv Shows






A Quiet Little Marriage






The Last Time You Had Fun



Free State of Jones




Michelle Chambers


The Truth About Lies



El Tonto






Cracking Up


Reno 911!

Inbred Twin


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The Waitress





Without a Trace

Sally Price


Old Friends

Portia Bridges

Cold Case

Shelly Reid


Perfect Couples



New Girl





Up All Night

Connie Chafin


Happy Endings

Daphne Wilson


The Millers


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Dr. Rossi


Comedy Bang! Bang!

Network Executive / Cordy


Drunk History

Dorothy Fuldheim


The Grinder

Debbie Sanderson


Santa Clarita Diet

Lisa Palmer

Mary Elizabeth Ellis, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

She portrays The Waitress on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia TV series it follows “The Gang,” the owners of the unsuccessful Paddy’s Pub; a group of degenerates who loves nothing more than to scheme, conspire and mostly revel in each other’s misery.

Mary Elizabeth Ellis Pregnant

In the film New Girl she played the role of Caroline, she was pregnant in real life and also played a pregnant Caroline in the TV series

Mary Elizabeth Ellis Reno 911

The American actress featured in the TV series Reno 911 an American comedy television series on Comedy Central that ran from 2003 to 2009.

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Mary Elizabeth Ellis Interview

Published: February 10, 2016


When you’re in a relationship, hopefully, you’re with someone who makes you laugh, otherwise, it’s going to be a really, really long lifetime of banal sadness. It’s okay to laugh at each other; it feels good, it feels more real.
We definitely are trying to be a little jokey. We wanted the relationship to mirror the relationships that we have with our spouses because we both have relationships where we really enjoy the other person. We also wanted to make sure both characters work, both characters raise the kids. That’s what’s real in most of the relationships around us right now.

Do you and your husband try to keep work and life separate to some extent?
We definitely talk about work a lot at home. It’s a really beautiful and exciting part about our relationship; I can’t imagine as an actor or an artist not having someone that I couldn’t talk to about process. It’s really an enrichment for me. It’s nice, but it’s not like we’re in our twenties anymore, where we could be like, Let’s lay around and read poetry and read a play with each other and draw about it. No, no that’s not happening. It’s like, the kid goes to bed, and who’s cleaning up the poop, and what are we making for lunch tomorrow? But it’s nice to have had that—one day, we’ll get back to that. Just laying around, reading poetry.

Have you felt like you’ve needed to keep It’s Always Sunny away from your elder family?
I still read scripts and I’m like, Oh my god are you really going to say this? Sometimes it still makes me cringe. My dad gets upset about the swearing. I’m from a really small town in Mississippi. I go home, I go to the church I grew up in. I bring Charlie with me and people are freaking out because they loved Horrible Bosses so much. I’m like, I feel like we shouldn’t even talk about Horrible Bosses in church! We’re all going to go to hell. It’s Always Sunny even more so because my husband writes that. But I think there’s something to be said for success and coming from a place where not a lot of people become quote-unquote famous. There’s something that just excites people about people that create art or shows that last so long. I think a lot is forgiven because of that.

Is there a time when something in the show was too much for you?
When they had Charlie’s uncle, who they have kind of established as a pedophile, goes on the news and he had a picture of a kid. The photo was of one of the writer’s assistants as a child. I was like: I’m done, that’s it! That’s just gone too far. And Charlie was like, Oh, that’s where the line is? But once you have your kid, that stuff just made me edgy.

Oh, do you think your humor changed since parenthood?
I don’t really think so, but there’s always been dorky-mom-pun humor happening. Now, I can live that truth more freely, without feeling as ashamed. When people are like Good mom joke! I’m like, Well I’m a mom, thank you! It’s nice to be able to get away with just being stupid in public and being silly. My new jam now is quoting Shel Silverstein poems.

Have you ever worked as a waitress?
I catered for a long time at the Skirball, which is the Jewish cultural center here in Los Angeles. I’ve been to a lot of bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs. And then I was a hostess at the Olive Garden in Burbank. That’s definitely one of those jobs where you’re like, You know what I’m doing? I’m paying my dues. And something good is going to happen to me because I’m paying my dues. Especially the bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, it’s like a wedding. People are on heightened behavior at those things. And I saw some very drunk brides and very drunk parents of the young men and women who are getting mitzvah.