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Martha Stewart Biography

Martha Stewart is an executive businesswoman, writer, television personality, and former model from America. Her birth name is Martha Helen Stewart. The founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia became famous through diverse businesses encompassing, publishing, broadcasting, merchandising, and e-commerce.

The publisher and author of Stewart Ling Magazine have written countless bestselling books. She was also the host of two conglomerated television programs, Martha, Which aired from 2005 to 2012, and Martha Stewart Living which aired from 1993 to 2004.

Martha Stewart Age

Stewart was born on August 3, 1941, in Jersey City, New Jersey. She is 77years old.

Martha Stewart  Parents | Siblings

Martha is the second born among six children born to middle-income parents. Martha grew up in Nutley, New Jersey. At the age of three years old was when the family relocated to Nutley where she took on the name ‘Grace’ for her vindication name.

At the age of 10 Stewart worked as a babysitter for numerous New York Yankees players Mickey Mantle, Yogi B era, and Gil McDougald, Mickey and Merlyn Mantel were parents of four males whom Marth cared for and planned birthday parties for.

  1. Eddie – He was the eldest in the family. In one of her shows, Martha has gone on record to state that although she is closer to her younger siblings; the older ones are not much fun to be with.
  2. George Christiansen – Younger than Martha, George is a contractor by profession. His wife, Rita, is in-charge of Stewart’s Westport office. His memories of childhood include siblings painting the room and stitching clothes on their own.
  3. Eric J Scott – Eric, the second brother is a dentist in Buffalo.
  4. Kathy Evans – Working as a teacher in Old Greenwich, Kathy believes Martha to be her mentor.
  5. Laura – She describes Martha as a perfectionist who grew up with multiple skills.

Martha Stewart Husband

Martha was previously married to Andrew Stewart. The couple married in 1961 and divorced in 1990. The pair share one daughter.

Martha Stewart Children

Stewart is a mother of one, Alexis Gilbert Stewart, who is also nicknamed ‘Lexie’. She is also the daughter of Andrew, Stewart’s ex-husband.

Alexis was born in Manhattan. She graduated from Putney School in Putney, Vermont in 1983. She is an English degree holder which she earned at Barnard College at Columbia University in 1987, and her mother was also a student at Barnard.

Alexis married her ex-husband John Robert Cuti in 1997, Who is a lawyer and a former lead guitarist for The Inflatables, John also represented Martha oh her ImClone stock trading case, beside his lead attorney Robert Morvillo. Alexis and John separated in June before Martha was indicted and later divorced in mid-2004 after the trial was over.

Alexis Stewart does not eat meat due to being a Vegan. She was also a media personality who has done both television and radio. She was one of the hosts of Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer on Sirius Satellite Radio, and Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer which aired on the Hallmark Channel alongside co-host Jennifer Hutt.

Alexis brought much controversy when she appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show to open up about her fruitless efforts to conceive, On October 9, 2007. Alexis has two children which she both had through gestational surrogacy.

Martha Stewart Net Worth

In 2000 she was estimated to have a net worth of $ 1 billion which helped her to rank 383rd richest American. Her shares at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia fell by $330 million as of July 2004 as stated by ABC News.

She was estimated to have a net worth of $ 638 million which an acquired from her business empire. She earns her salary largely from her brand, Martha Stewart Living. Book sales and property leasing are some of the other sources for her income.

Martha Stewart Prison | Why Did Martha Stewart Go To Jail

She had been was a prominent member of the society and nobody could imagine she could find herself in a position of arrest and jail. Regardless of that, in December 2001, she was involved in an ‘insider trading’ scandal that led to her arrest and jailed for five months. However,  she was not jailed for insider trading itself.

Insider Trading Scandal is when a person buys or sells stocks they have in a company using the private information that is not available to other people. Insider trading is illegal and a very serious offense resulting in fines or u can do tame in prison.

Coming to the end of 2001, Things started terribly wrong for a biopharmaceutical company called ImClone, Which produces drugs primarily for cancer patients victims.

While the investigation of ImClone was ongoing it discovered that Stewart had sold over 4,000 shares of the ImClone stock that she owned, A nightfall before the FDA decision was announced evading a loss of around $45,000 in the process.

The suspicious timing led to her investigation of Stewart’s association with ImClone. Martha was confined to prison in October 2004 for five months and later released in March of 2005.

Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart Living is a magazine and an ancient television program which featured both the magazine and the show focused on lifestyle content and home arts.

The magazine started as a periodical magazine which occurred four times a year, It started in 1990, Published by Time Inc. The magazine has been issued every month since-mid-1994 to 1997 when Martha left Time Inc.

Martha Stewart Living became the primary brand for the Martha Stewart Living Omni-media media empire.

Martha Stewart Home

Martha Stewart Living magazine features lifestyle content on food, home, decorating, entertaining crafts/DIY, travel, and tastemakers.
she has done a couple of home designs from bathrooms, kitchens, bedroom and living rooms. She has perfected the art of home appliances and everything she touches turns to gold.

Martha Stewart Maine estate has proved to be one of the most beautiful houses with a mixture of traditional and natural beauty.
The historic Seal Harbor estate, Skylands, has found the ideal champion in Martha Stewart, who prizes its every detail and gracious amenity. It is so far her main residence. Kevin Sharkey of Martha Stewart Living assisted with the decor.

Martha Stewart Today

Today, The mother of one is still an extremely successful entrepreneur and businesswoman. She has partnerships with many stores, such as Wal-Mart and Macy’s, a home-building venture, and the continued success of her television shows and her book sales have kept her as an influential modern American woman.

Martha Stewart Photo
Martha Stewart Photo

Martha  Stewart Foods

Martha is a master chef who makes cooking look easy, From baking to frying or stewing, she has recipes for many of the American favorites foods.
Sweet Morning Buns.
Baked Vegetable Omelet.
Herb-and-Cheese Rolls.
Mini Beef Wellingtons.
Sauteed Mushrooms with Cognac.
The Versatile Braise.
Salt-Roasted Potatoes, Shallots, and Chestnuts, these are just to mention but a few of her delicacies.

Marthas Steward-Brunswick Moviebowl
Marthas Steward-Brunswick Moviebowl

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg


Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are just really good friends — and before anyone gets any ideas, the home-making icon is stating unequivocally that they will never be anything more than that. Not even friends with benefits.

Martha, 75, sat down with the hosts of Fox 5’s Good Day New York this week, and she was asked whether she would ever date her Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party co-host.

Unsurprisingly, Martha denied any romance between the two — but did note that she found her 45-year-old cooking show partner ‘very attractive’.

‘Snoop is younger than my daughter,’ she said when asked if she would ever date the rapper, adding that he’s ‘out of the picture’ as far as romance is concerned.

Martha’s daughter, TV and radio personality Alexis Stewart, is 51. Martha married her ex-husband Andrew Stewart, Alexis’ father, in 1961, a decade before Snoop was even born.

When pressed on whether she’d ‘fool around once with him’, an exasperated Martha replied emphatically, ‘No!’ before adding with a laugh, ‘No, we have to have to have a professional relationship.’

Changing her tone to a more serious one, she spoke a bit more about the rapper, saying: ‘But he is very attractive, I must say, he really is an attractive human being.

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg
Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg

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