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Mark Feldman Biography

Mark Feldman (born in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.) is an American Virtuosic violinist who is classically trained, but probably best known for his performances with the top improvisers and composers of the ’80s and ’90s in avant-garde jazz and new music.

He has appeared in many John Zorn projects and moreso he was also a member of Arcado String Trio, with renowned bassist Mark Dresser, and cellists Hank Roberts (on the JMT/Polygram releases) and Ernst Reijseger (on the Avant release). Feldman has toured extensively with Pharoah Sanders, trombonist Ray Anderson, and Bill Frisell, and has made over 45 jazz albums as a sideman with everyone from Lee Konitz to They Might Be Giants.

Mark Feldman Age

He celebrates his birthday on the 17th of July every year. Born in 1955 he is 63 years old as of 2019.

Mark Feldman Book Of Tells

Book of Tells (subtitled Five Pieces for String Quartet) is Feldman’s album which was released on the Enja label in 2001. In a survey for Allmusic, Blair Sanderson expressed that “As adaptable an author as he is an entertainer and recording craftsman, Mark Feldman shows remarkable abilities and a wide scope of articulations in Book of Tells”.

Mark Feldman
Mark Feldman

Mark Feldman Career


Feldman worked in Chicago from 1973–1980, in Nashville, Tennessee from 1980–1986, in New York City and Western Europe from 1986. He has performed with John Zorn, John Abercrombie, The Masada String Trio, Dave Douglas, Uri Caine, and Billy Hart.

He was a member of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago and played in many bar groups in Chicago. He played on more than 200 accounts in Nashville as a studio musician, was a member from the Nashville Symphony, and was a member from the visiting gatherings of nation western performers Loretta Lynn and Ray Price.

In 2003, he was soloist with Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra in Guus Janssen’s Violin Concerto and with the WDR Jazz Orchestra in Concerto for Violin and Jazz Orchestra by Bill Dobbins. At New York’s Lincoln Center he performed in couple with piano players Paul Bley and Muhal Richard Abrams.

He has recorded with Michael Brecker, Lee Konitz, Joe Lovano, and Chris Potter and has played on more than 100 accounts in New York City as a soloist in contemporary music and present-day jazz.

Feldman has discharged a few collections, including Music for Violin Alone (Tzadik, 1995); Book of Tells (Enja, 2000); What Exit (ECM, 2006 with British piano player John Taylor; To Fly to Steal (Intakt, 2010) with bassist Thomas Morgan and drummer Gerry Hemingway; and Oblivia (Tzadik, 2010) with his significant other, Swiss musician Sylvie Courvoisier.

Mark Feldman Discogs

As leader/co-leader

  • Music for Violin Alone (Tzadik, 1995)
  • Music for Violin and Piano (Avant, 1999)
  • Book of Tells (Enja, 2005)
  • What Exit (ECM, 2006)
  • Secrets (Tzadik, 2009) with Uri Caine, Greg Cohen, Joey Baron
  • To Fly To Steal Sylvie Courvoisier-Mark Feldman Quartet with Thomas Morgan and Gerry Hemingway(Intakt 2010)
  • Oblivia with Sylvie Courvoisier (Tzadik, 2010)
  • Hôtel du Nord Sylvie Courvoisier-Mark Feldman Quartet with Thomas Morgan and Gerry Hemingway(Intakt, 2011)
  • Live at Theatre Vidy–Lausanne – Sylvie Courvoisier–Mark Feldman Duo (Intakt, 2013)
  • Birdies for Lulu–Sylvie Courvoisier–Mark Feldman Quartet with Scott Colley and Billy Mintz (Intakt, 2014)
  • Miller’s Tale–Sylvie Courvoisier–Mark Feldman – Evan Parker- Ikue Mori (Intakt, 2016)

With the Arcado String Trio

  • Arcado (album) (JMT, 1989)
  • Behind the Myth (JMT, 1990)
  • For Three Strings and Orchestra (JMT, 1992) with Kölner Rundfunk Orchester conducted by David de Villiers
  • Green Dolphy Suite (Enja, 1995) with Trio De Clarinettes
  • Live in Europe (Avant, 1996)

As sideman

With John Abercrombie

  • Open Land (ECM, 1998)
  • Cat ‘n’ Mouse (ECM, 2000)
  • Class Trip (ECM, 2003)
  • The Third Quartet (ECM, 2006)
  • Wait Till You See Her (ECM, 2008)

With Muhal Richard Abrams

  • One Line, Two Views (New World, 1995)
  • The Visibility of Thought (Mutable, 2001)

With Ray Anderson

  • Big Band Record (Gramavision, 1994) with the George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band

With Tim Berne

  • Tim Berne’s Fractured Fairy Tales (JMT, 1989)

With Don Byron

  • Don Byron Plays the Music of Mickey Katz (Nonesuch, 1993)

With Uri Caine

  • Urlicht / Primal Light (Winter & Winter, 1997)
  • Wagner e Venezia (Winter & Winter, 1997)
  • The Sidewalks of New York: Tin Pan Alley (Winter & Winter, 1999)
  • Gustav Mahler in Toblach (Winter & Winter, 1999)
  • Gustav Mahler: Dark Flame (Winter & Winter, 2003)

With The Chromatic Persuaders

  • The Chromatic Persuaders (Konnex, 1994)
  • Extrospection (Timescraper, 1998)

With Sylvie Courvoisier

  • Abaton (ECM, 2003)

With Dave Douglas

  • Parallel Worlds (Soul Note, 1993)
  • Five (Soul Note, 1996)
  • Charms of the Night Sky (Winter & Winter, 1998)
  • Convergence (Soul Note, 1999)
  • A Thousand Evenings (RCA, 2000)
  • El Trilogy (BMG, 2001)
  • Witness (RCA, 2001

With Yelena Eckemoff

  • Leaving Everything Behind (L & H, 2016)

With Billy Hart

  • Amethyst (Arabesque, 1993)
  • Oceans of Time (Arabesque, 1997)

With Chris Potter

  • Song for Anyone (Sunnyside, 2007)
  • Imaginary Cities (ECM, 2013 [2015])

With Marc Ribot

  • Soundtracks Volume 2 (Tzadik, 2003)

With They Might Be Giants

  • Flood (Skyline, 1989)

With Tom Varner

  • The Mystery of Compassion (Soul Note, 1992)

With Jarek Śmietana

  • Jarek Śmietana Band – A Tribute To Zbigniew Seifert (featuring Jerry Goodman, Didier Lockwood, Krzesimir Dębski, Christian Howes, Maciej Strzelczyk, Adam Bałdych, Pierre Blanchard, Mateusz Smoczyński: JSR Records – JSR 0011, 2009)

With John Zorn

  • Kristallnacht (Eva, 1993)
  • Bar Kokhba (Tzadik, 1996)
  • Filmworks VI: 1996 (Tzadik, 1997)
  • Duras: Duchamp (Tzadik, 1997)
  • The Circle Maker (Tzadik, 1998)
  • Filmworks VIII: 1997 (Tzadik, 1998)
  • The String Quartets (Tzadik, 1999)
  • Taboo & Exile (Tzadik, 1999)
  • Filmworks XI: Secret Lives (Tzadik, 2002)
  • Cobra: John Zorn’s Game Pieces Volume 2 (Tzadik, 2002)
  • Filmworks XII: Three Documentaries (Tzadik, 2002)
  • Masada Recital (Tzadik, 2004) with Sylvie Courvoisier
  • Filmworks XVIII: The Treatment (Tzadik, 2006)
  • 50th Birthday Celebration Volume 1 (Tzadik, 2004) with Masada String Trio
  • 50th Birthday Celebration Volume 11 (Tzadik, 2005) with Bar Kokhba Sextet
  • Azazel: Book of Angels Volume 2 (Tzadik, 2005) with Masada String Trio
  • Malphas: Book of Angels Volume 3 (Tzadik, 2005) with Sylvie Courvoisier
  • Lucifer: Book of Angels Volume 10 (Tzadik, 2008) with Bar Kokhba Sextet
  • Filmworks XX: Sholem Aleichem (Tzadik, 2008)
  • Haborym: Book of Angels Volume 16 (Tzadik, 2010) with Masada String Trio
  • The Concealed (Tzadik, 2012)

Mark Feldman Net Worth

Feldman is earning a huge amount from his work in music as an annual salary. However, he has not yet disclosed the exact amount of his salary and his estimated net worth.

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