Lorena Abreu Biography, Age, Husband, Ultimate Tag, and Net Worth

Lorena Abreu Biography

Lorena Abreu is an American TV personality who is on the cast of this year’s season 1 of the TV Show, the Ultimate Tag. She was born on December 28th, 1993 in the Dominican Republic.

Her family moved to New York City when she was only two years of age, and afterward again to McAllen, Texas when she was seven.

South Texas is the place she at that point spent the remainder of her youth and youngsters. Growing up, she was considered by most to be somewhat of a… peculiar kid.

She moved on from a designing magnet secondary school called the Science Academy of South Texas close by a fabulous and amazingly geeky class.

Lorena Abreu
Lorena Abreu

She at that point chose to go from the most sizzling spot ever to the second-most smoking spot ever and moved to Orlando, where she went to Full Sail University.

One day in class, some people referenced that there was an office that facilitated open rec center evenings for “parkour” on Saturdays. She was in a split second charmed and went there the exceptionally next Saturday.

The spot ended up being a cheerleading exercise center with only a spring floor, tumble track, and two or three vault boxes and tangles. In spite of not comprehending what to do or where to begin, she immediately got dependent on hucking me around and essentially attempting to do a front flip each night.

She before long got familiar with the genuine nearby parkour specialists and started to follow alongside them for instructional meetings, recording, and altering video content for their internet-based life channels.

That is the place she met the insane people who trained her all that she knows and later turned into her colleagues. She has been a glad individual from Team Rilla Hops from that point onward.

Lorena Abreu Career and the Ultimate Tag

In the wake of moving on from Full Sail with a Bachelor of Science in Film, she spent the following couple of years working a progression of degree-related and random temp jobs.

As she went from making soccer recordings to selling hound food to altering for Marketing and Relations at Universal Orlando Resort, she took her parkour preparing increasingly more genuinely with every day that passed.

Her first gleam of progress that didn’t include sitting at a work area (or being in a pet store) happened when she handled her absolute first gig-doing a parkour execution for ASICS in New York City!

At some point after, she handled an advertisement battle demonstrating and doing parkour for Adidas Stellasport SS16 in London!

As great as those occupations were, she despite everything thinks of her as a first huge break to have been the point at which she handled the important job of “Princess Amoura” in the “Eighth Voyage of Sindbad” stunt appear at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

When she turned into that princess, other show agreements and execution gigs appeared to nearly fall into her lap. The best part about the presentation work that she did in Orlando was that it permitted her to use and develop her different interests alongside her parkour, for example, acting and dancing.

From that point forward, she has proceeded to venture out far and wide to prepare in a wide range of nations and has kept doing execution occupations for different customers.

She has had the chance to do parkour for Cirque Du Soleil, shows up on “Technical knockout” with Kevin Hart, and contends on “Exatlón Estados Unidos” where she finished as the best female in her group and in the third spot as a semi-finalist!

During her time in Exatlón, she was blessed with another moniker, “La Hormiga Atómica,” which means the “Atomic Ant,” in light of the 1965 superhuman animation “Atomic Ant.”

The name quickly stuck and has now shaped a piece of her character. It’s a symbol of respect that she will keep on wearing as she proceeds through her experience in parkour and diversion!

Lorena has filled in as a trick facilitator for Universal and a WFPF-Certified level 2 parkour educator. She has in excess of 160,000 devotees on her lorenaparkour Instagram account.

She began preparing parkour in 2014, and before that rehearsed karate. She performed parkour at the Lloyd Live Design class execution in San Francisco, California. She and Bob Reese have both polished parkour. She is a cast on season 1 of this year the Ultimate Tag.

Lorena Abreu Age

She was born on December 28th, 1993 in the Dominican Republic.

Lorena Abreu Family

Her folks are the two best people you would ever plan to meet. Her father is a specialist and an energetic significant distance cyclist. Her mom is a business administrator and an unfathomable tennis player.

She likewise has a younger sibling, somebody whom without which she would have never had a scalawag to star in her motion pictures growing up (genuine story). In 2017, she posted a picture of her dad on Instagram.

Lorena Abreu Husband

She is single and does not have a boyfriend.

Lorena Abreu Height

She is 5 feet and 2 inches tall.

Lorena Abreu Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $5 million..