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Linnea Quigley Biography

Linnea Quigley born as Linnea Barbara Quigley is an American singer, actress, model, author, and film producer. She is best known as a B motion picture entertainer and is regularly alluded to as a “scream queen” because of her successive appearances in low-spending thrillers amid the 1990s. Conceived in Davenport, Lowa, Quigley first sought after her vocation in the late 1970s not long after moving to Los Angeles.

While working at Jack LaLanne’s wellbeing spa, she was urged by her companions to have a go at displaying and furthermore started taking acting and guitar-playing classes. Subsequent to showing up as an additional in different movies, Quigley got her first acting job in the Charles Band-delivered film Fairy Tales (1978). She kept accepting little parts for the most part in B motion pictures. Her first greater part was in the 1981 slasher film, Graduation Day. Quigley pursued with more movies, for example, Savage Streets (1984) and Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984).

Linnea Quigley Age

Quigley was born (Linnea Barbara Quigley) on May 27, 1958, in Davenport, Lowa, U.S. She is 60 years old as of 2019.

Linnea Quigley Family

Quigley is the daughter of Dorothy (November 29, 1922 – December 21, 2009) and William Heath Quigley (June 27, 1915 – May 18, 2006). Her father William, was a chiropractor and psychologist and also n executive vice president at Palmer College of Chiropractic. Quigley is the only child to her parents. Quigley attended Garfield Elementary and Sudlow Middle schools in Davenport. In 1972, she began attending Bettendorf High School in Bettendorf, Iowa.

Linnea Quigley Photo
Linnea Quigley Photo

Linnea Quigley Relationships | Husband

Quigley started an association with embellishments craftsman Steve Johnson. Afterward, while chipping away at the film A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988), Johnson proposed to Quigley on the set. “I really got connected on the arrangement of that film directly in the wake of leaving Freddy’s chest. He gave me a ring so that was interesting. While he’s hosing my K-Y Jelly off me and after it fell over practically murdering us and some others, regardless he figured out how to request that I wed him.” They wedded on January 17, 1990, however, separated in 1992.

As per open records, Linnea was hitched to Gerald Wayne Carter Jr. on March 22, 2004, in Pompano Beach, FL. They separated from that year. As indicated by her dad’s tribute in the Quad-City Times distributed on May 24, 2006, she was hitched to Frank J. NaCarlo of Pompano Beach, FL.

Linnea Quigley Height

Quigley’s height is approximately 1.57 m

Linnea Quigley Vegetarian

Quigley is a vegetarian. She changed to a veggie lover diet in the late 1970s after her turn to Los Angeles, first by taking out red meat, at that point chicken and fish, and in the end all dairy and every other nourishment from creatures. She is an every living creature’s common sense entitlement lobbyist and a functioning individual from every living creature’s common sense entitlement association PETA. In October 1990, she showed up on the front of Vegetarian Times. In any case, the main story met with overwhelming analysis from the perusers assaulting Quigley for showing up in movies that delineate brutality against ladies.

Linnea Quigley Career

After graduating from secondary school in 1976, Quigley moved with her folks to Los Angeles. She found occupation at Jack LaLanne’s wellbeing spa, where she met models who worked in movies by doing function as additional items. Supported by her companions, Quigley started taking acting and guitar-playing classes. One of her most punctual acting employments was a TV plug for the Close-Up toothpaste. In the wake of getting a couple of additional parts, she got her first acting job in the Charles Band-created suggestive parody Fairy Tales (1978), wherein she showed up as Sleeping Beauty. Her next job was in the pseudo-narrative Auditions (1978), again created by Band and coordinated by Harry Hurwitz. She kept getting little parts in movies, for example, Don’t Go Near the Park (1981) and the Troma slasher Graduation Day (1981). She was given the job of Dolores after the first entertainer wouldn’t do naked scenes. In 1981, the maker and chief Jim Feazell chose to shoot some extra film for the reissue of his fruitless 1975 suspenseful thrill ride Wheeler. In one of the scenes, Quigley played a server menaced by a truck driver. The motion picture was re-discharged under the title The Hurting and later changed to Psycho from Texas.

Other than displaying and trying out for movies, Quigley likewise started trying out for groups that would give her join access. She previously played guitar in an all-female band, Mad Whistle, begun by the artist and lyricist Lucrecia Sarita Russo. Russo’s then-spouse Jeffrey Spry showed up nearby Quigley in the film Graduation Day with his band Felony. Quigley then figured out how to shape her very own band called The Skirts. Her companion Haydee Pomar, whom she met on the arrangement of Cheech and Chong’s parody Nice Dreams (1981), played the low pitch guitar. They rehearsed in the storm cellar of the punk shake club The Masque and their music got highlighted in a portion of Quigley’s later films. Their melody “Santa Clause Monica Blvd. Kid” was discharged on Mystic Records’ 1983 assemblage The Sound of Hollywood Girls.

Acting Career

Quigley is best known for her job in The Return of the Living Dead (1985) (coordinated by Dan O’Bannon). She has likewise featured in many other blood and gore movies, including Savage Streets (with Linda Blair), Silent Night, Deadly Night, Nightmare Sisters, Creepozoids, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Night of the Demons (the 1988 unique and the 2009 redo), and A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. Quigley is the writer of two books about her vocation as a B-film on-screen character, Chainsaw and I’m Screaming as quick as possible. She has been known as the “Ruler of the B’s”.

Linnea co-featured with Daniel Baldwin in Stripperland (2011). She played in David DeCoteau’s motion pictures 1313: Cougar Cult (2012) and 3 Scream Queens (2014) and Charles Band’s web arrangement Trophy Heads (2014) with Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer. In 2012, Quigley visitor showed up in Massachusetts passing metal band Sexcrement’s music video entitled “Trucker Bombed”.

Linnea Quigley Filmography


  • 2001 Horrorvision, Photo Model
    The Monster Man, Aunt Ruth
    Venice Beach
    Kannibal, Georgina Thereshkova
  • 2002 Scream Queen, Malicia Tombs
  • 2003 Charlie and Sadie, Sadie
    Zombiegeddon, Principal Russo
    Corpses Are Forever Elli Kroger
  • 2004 The Rockville Slayer, Mary Burns
    Super Hero Central, L.Q.
    Frost, Sandra
  • 2005 Wolfsbayne, Nikki
    The Naked Monster, Deaf Girl
    Lost Girls, Faith
  • 2006 Hoodoo for Voodoo, Queen Marie
    Whispers from a Shallow Grave, TV Announcer
    Voices from the Grave, Sara Graves
  • 2007 Each Time I Kill, Aunt Belle
    Pretty, Delia
  • 2008 The Adventures of Ace X and Kid Velvet, L.Q.
    Spring Break Massacre, Deputy Michelle Hendricks
    The Notorious Colonel Steel, Tommy
    Legend Has It, Al’s Mother
  • 2009 Vampitheatre, The Queen
    Strangers Online, Mary
    RiffRaff, Cousin Julie
    It Came from Trafalgar, Marilyn Doe
    Night of the Demons, Ballerina Lady
    La Femme Vampir, Faith
  • 2010 Bloodstruck, Johnny’s Mother
    La Femme Vampir Volume 2, Faith
    Night on Has Been Mountain, Cameo Appearance
    Liquid Memories, Hooker’s Mom
    Dead End, Alex
  • 2011 Stripperland, Grandbo
    Collapse, Mrs. Bell
  • 2012 Where the Dead Go to Die, Sophia’s Mom
    1313 Cougar Cult, Clara
    The Voices from Beyond, Sara Graves
    Girls Gone Dead, Willie
    Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Xmas, Donna Blackstone
    GrindHouse 2wo, Ilsa
    Stella Buio, Stella Buio
    Manson Rising, Rosemary LaBianca
  • 2013 The Trouble with Barry, Linnea
    Post Mortem, America 2021, Lucille
    Blood River, Agnes Jones
    Miss Strangelove, Queen of the Dead
  • 2014 Virginia Obscura
    They Came from the Ether, Widow Ann
    Trophy Heads, Herself
    Disciples, Raine / The Seraph
    A Blood Story, Margaret Renke
    Bigfoot vs. D.B. Cooper, Flight Attendant
    Demonica, Gypsy Woman
    3 Scream Queens, Alexis
  • 2015 Terror Toons 3, Richmond
    Cabaret Diabolique, Amy
    A Blood Story, Margaret Renke
    The Unquenchable Thirst for Beau Nerjoose, Esmerelda
    Terror Toons 4, Richmond
    Hunters, Susan
    Blood Wings
  • 2016 The Barn, Ms. Barnhart
  • 2017 Bonehill Road, Suzy


  • 86 Zombies 2019, Joanie
  • Burial of the Rats 1995, Rat Woman
  • Diary of Death 2010, Mamma
  • Simon & Simon 1983, Bobbi

Linnea Quigley Workout

Linnea Quigley Net Worth

Quigley as an American actress has an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars.

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