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Kid Trunks Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth And Instagram

Kid Trunks Also Known as Young Boy Trunks Is a Popular Rapper from Broward County, Florida. Known For His Song “Flex!” “Jack Frost!” “Underwater Trunks” and “Mustard Gold.” He Declares Himself The Greatest Asian Rapper alive.

Kid Trunks Biography

Kid Trunks Also Known as Young Boy Trunks Is a Popular Rapper from Broward County, Florida. Known For His Song “Flex!” “Jack Frost!” “Underwater Trunks” and “Mustard Gold.” He Declares Himself The Greatest Asian Rapper alive.

Kid Trunks Career

Trunks began his music venture in his early Years. At age 15, he met XXXTentacion and the two became close friends. Being from the same area, they started hanging out and began creating music. XXXTentacion, being the older, took him under his wings and accepted him in his crew, Members Only. Kid Trunks would also meet Ski Mask the Slump God; another member

. While Trunks’ career slowly began to shape, he was suffering from drug addiction. In an interview, he admitted that he was hooked on Xan, Perks, and Lean. At one point, he was dishing out thousands of dollars per week to satisfy his appetite.

Despite already having numerous tracks, Kid Trunks took his career to the next level in 2017. After his single “Talk” dropped that August, the public began acknowledging his presence. Trunks Instagram followers went up and his SoundCloud audience grew.

Kid Trunks
Kid Trunks

As of November 2018, it has received over 5 million plays on SoundCloud. He followed up with debut project “The Kid Before Trunks.” Released September 2017, the 9-track mix featured KinSoul and Flyboy Tarantino. Aside from “Talk”, other notable tracks included “Mustard Gold” and “Jack Frost.”

In 2018, Kid Trunks dropped his most successful song to date, “IDK.” Hitting airwaves in April 2018, the single immediately blew up and went viral. In addition to its SoundCloud credentials, the music video received over 10 million views in 7 months. As one might expect, his fanbase exploded, celebrities began hitting him up, and record labels came knocking. As he stated in an interview “my entire life changed.”

That year, he also released 2 other projects. “SS1” and “Super Saiyan”; released in January and May respectively. Both projects, collectively, have received millions of stream online. Tracks like “Love Never Blossom”, “Not Legal”, “Pulp Fiction”, and “Sneaking & Geekin” stood out among the rest. He worked with Robb Banks, Ski Mask the Slump God, Suigeneris, and Yung Gleesh, to name a few. Kid Trunk is currently working with Empire Distribution and is not signed to any record label. He claimed he refuses to sign until the money is right.

Kid Trunks Age

Born On July 4th, 2000. He was extremely close to XXXTentacion. He credited X and the crew for defending him from bullies. After X passed, the rapper experienced emotional distress. Not only did he collaborate with X, but they also toured together as well.

Kid Trunks Height

Kid Trunks’ height is about 5ft 3in. He considers himself to be the greatest Asian rapper alive. In his songs, he tends to overuse the N-word. His stage name was inspired by Dragon Ball Z.

Kid Trunks Net Worth

Trunks’ net worth is estimated at $200 thousand USD. He was a young teenager when he began to make a name for himself as a rap artist and Has been featured on the Wifisfuneral song “Right Back” and the Robb Bank$ single “Connisuer.”

Kid Trunks Super Saiyan

At The age of 17, He released His Mixtape Super Saiyan mixtape, an 11-track project that includes features from Ski Mask The Slump God, A$AP Ant, Robb Bank$, and more. Earlier the same month, the Members Only affiliate served up his most revealing look at his new project when he unloaded “Not Legal,” a Ski Mask, Warhol.SS, and A$AP Ant-assisted tune that definitely slaps. Kid Trunks, a 17-year-old Asian American rapper who takes his rap name from a classic Dragon Ball Z character, makes a pretty big claim in his most memorable bars on the track.

Kid Trunks’ Super Saiyan Tracklist

1. “Talk”
2. “Love Never Blossoms”
3. “Pulp Fiction”
4. “Day Dream” featuring Robb Bank$
5. “MacBook”
6. “Not Legal” featuring Ski Mask the Slump God, Warhol.SS and A$AP Ant
7. “Idk”
8. “1300”
9. “Maze” featuring Suigeneris
10.”Big Pockets”
11.”Can’t Deny” featuring J Bans

Kid Trunks Love Never Blossoms

Kid Trunks Members Only

Wifisfuneral railed against the Hip-Hop collective “Members Only” in a new interview on Monday. Wifi sat down with Boom 103.9’s Weso in Philadelphia to discuss the current relationship with his former crew and his confusion with a statement made in an interview.

“Them boys be acting like I’m not in Members Only…” the Genesis rapper told Weso. “It’s like whatever… everybody knows what the truth is, the fans know what the truth is… They know I was in Members Only too so the fact that they would even come out and say that… I think the whole situation is goofy.”

Wifi claims he was a part of the group from 2015 to 2017 when he left but adds that there was always love there. The rapper even has a ‘Members Only’ tattoo he reveals in the interview with Weso.

The interview that Wifi was addressing was with Real 92.3’s Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed in Los Angeles. When asked if Wifi was ever part of the group, Members Only rapper Kid Trunks denied that Wifi was ever a part of the expansive fleet of artists primarily based in South Florida.

“He wasn’t a part of Members Only but he was around us,” Trunks told Bootleg Kev. As a defense, Wifisfuneral’s response came with dates that he was a part of the group.

Members Only got their fame with Ski Mask The Slump God and XXXTentacion as the lead artists the latter of whom is featured posthumously on the new LP XXXTENTACION Presents:Members Only, Vol. 4 ,which released late January.

The 21-year-old rapper’s falling out with the Broward County-based group isn’t clear, although it is said that Members Only as a whole had a bit of a falling out during the time that XXXTentacion was in and out of court fighting multiple charges one of which involved an alleged assault.

At one point, frequent X collaborator Ski Mask The Slump God said he and the now deceased lyricist were no longer friends due to uncomfortable communication that occurred between the two.

Ski and X eventually reunited at Rolling Loud in Miami last year before X’s untimely death a month later. Members Only vol. 4 was released on January 23rd as an homage to XXXtentacion who would’ve been celebrating his 21st birthday.

Kid Trunks Concert

Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Saturday, 08 June 2019 19:30 ( More Kid Trunks Events )

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