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Kevin Youkilis Biography

Kevin Edmund Youkilis better known as Kevin Youkilis or Youk is an American former baseball player and a third baseman playing for Boston Red Sox. He was born on March 15th, 1979 in Cincinnati and is the son of Carolyn and Mike Youkilis.

He is Jewish and considered his father as a well known third baseman in the Jewish community. He went to Sycamore High School in Cincinnati and won the Amateur Athletic Union National Championship in 1994 playing for the school as a third baseman shortstop, first base and the outfield. He was then recruited by Buttler University and the University of Cincinnati after graduating high school. He was a brilliant player for the Cincinnati Bearcats as from 1998-2001.

Kevin Youkilis Age

He was born on March 15th, 1979 in Cincinnati. He is 39 years old as of 2018.

Kevin Youkilis Family

Kevin Youkilis Wife | Kevin Youkilis Julie Brady | Kevin Youkilis Married

He got engaged to Julie Brandy, sister to New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brandy, in February 2012. They got married in New York City and there were rumors that she was pregnant by that time. The family resides in Los Gatos, California.

Kevin Youkilis | Kevin Youkilis beard

Kevin Youkilis Son | Kevin Youkilis Child

There were rumors that Julie Brandy was pregnant by the time she got married to Kevin and later, they featured in a 30 mins program on YES Network with their infant son. His name is not yet known.

Kevin Youkilis Tom Brady | Kevin Youkilis Brady

Kevin is the brother-in-law to the New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brandy.

Kevin Youkilis Net Worth

He has an estimated net worth of $ 24 million.

Kevin Youkilis Salary | Kevin Youkilis Contract | Kevin Youkilis Yankees Contract

He signed a 1 year / $12,000,000 contract with the New York Yankees, including $12,000,000 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $12,000,000.

Kevin Youkilis Yankees | Kevin Youkilis New York Yankees

He joined the New York Yankees on December 11th, 2012 on a one year contract worth $ 12 million. He was to play as a third base for them. He wasn’t popular with the fans and other members of the Yankees. The deal became official on December 14th.

He was however diagnosed with a back strain when the 2013 season began. He was sidelined for 15 days and returned on May 30th, 2013. He was then put on the disabled list on June 14th, 2013 after restraining his back. He underwent surgery so as to repair a herniated disk in his back on June 20th, 2013.

Kevin Youkilis Red Sox

On May 15, 2004, when Red Sox standard beginning third baseman Bill Mueller was set on the handicapped rundown, Youkilis was called up just because. “I didn’t rest much”, Youkilis said. “I got around four hours of rest. … They revealed to me the prior night I was playing… I got in there, and man, I was only amped up and energized.”

During his first significant association game in Toronto, with his folks viewing from the second push behind the burrow, Youkilis (in his second at-bat) homered against 1996 Cy Young Award victor Pat Hentgen, ending up only the seventh player in group history to hit a grand slam in his first game. As a trick, the group at first gave Youkilis the quiet treatment when he came back to the burrow after his homer. “This one will go down likely as the best day of my life”, he said.

Afterward, Youkilis was cleared up in the group’s custom yearly right of passage, wherein he and different new kids on the block were made to wear meager Hooters server outfits, orange silk shorts, and tight, clingy white tank tops, for the group trip from Canada through US Customs in Florida. ”

I strolled into the storage space, and all my garments were gone”, Youkilis said. “There was only a Hooters outfit and shoes.” Youkilis was named the American League (AL) Rookie of the Month for May, subsequent to driving AL new kids on the block with nine strolls and a .446 OBP as he batted .318 with 7 RBIs, and 15 keeps running in 13 games. Taking note of ways that his life had all of a sudden transformed, he stated: “I’m remaining in the best inn I’ve at any point remained in, and my check has quadrupled.” In mid-July he was sent down to AAA, nonetheless, to prepare for Ramiro Mendoza, however, he has raised again towards the part of the bargain.

On September 24, which was Yom Kippur, Youkilis showed up in the burrow in uniform, yet declined to partake in the game out of concession to the religious occasion. Youkilis was named the club’s Rookie of the Year by the Boston section of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America.

For the season, in 44 games, he saw a normal of 4.67 pitches per plate appearance, first among real leaguers within any event 90 plate appearances. As Youkilis watched, “Warding off pitches, fouling off pitches, laying off pitches, making it so the restricting pitcher can’t inhale; that is my activity.” He was on the program for the Red Sox for the 2004 American League Division Series (ALDS), showing up in Game 2 against the Anaheim Angels.

“It’s been an amazing ride”, Youkilis said. “It’s an extraordinary first year, a year you most likely can’t stop. Ideally, it finishes like a Cinderella story.” He was expelled from the program for the following round, the American League Championship Series (ALCS), and was on the list however did not play in the World Series.

While for all intents and purposes no one else knew it, Youkilis broke his toe during spring preparing in 2005 and was back playing again in only days. It was “in Vero Beach”, Youkilis said. “I was attempting to make the group.”

On the Red Sox Opening Day list without precedent for his profession in 2005, Youkilis ended up in transit down to Pawtucket on April 13 as the group expected to initiate Curt Schilling, and Youkilis happened to in any case have small time choices; however told that he would be back, Youkilis chose to keep his Boston loft and drive to Pawtucket.

Here and there all season as the Red Sox utilized his alternatives, he got a call-up—incited by Bill Mueller having back fits in batting practice—one August day as he was in Pawtucket’s clubhouse before a game. Without changing out of similar white jeans that he wore for both Boston and Pawtucket home games, he pressed his vehicle, traveled the 40 miles to Boston, strolled into the Red Sox clubhouse, changed his shirt and spikes, and was prepared to play.

He, at last, played 43 additional games for Pawtucket in 2005 preceding being called up for all time. On September 18, he broke the tip of the ring finger of his correct hand handling a ground ball and did not play again until October 2, the last day of the ordinary season.

In 2005 with Boston, Youkilis hit .278 with a .400 on-base rate in 79 at-bats in 44 games during five spells with the group. He saw a normal of 4.68 pitches per plate appearance, the large portion of any Red Sox player with at any rate 50 at-bats. He showed up at the third base, 9 at a respectable starting point, and 2 at second, and batted in any event once from every one of the nine spots in the batting request.

In 2006, his first full season in the majors, Youkilis turned into a standard first baseman (with 127 games from the start). Until that time, he was essentially a third baseman, however, he played nine games at a respectable starting point with the Red Sox in 2005, and 56 games at first base in quite a while small-time vocation.

Likewise in 2006, he played in the outfield without precedent for his expert vocation, 18 games in left field. Regardless of his inability in the outfield, Youkilis did not submit a blunder while in the outfield; he did, be that as it may, submit eight mistakes while playing the infield.

Youkilis tied for the significant alliance lead in fielder’s choices (11), and drove the AL with 4.43 pitches per plate appearance and by hitting line drives 24% of time that he put balls in play. Additionally that year, Youkilis completed second in the AL in pitches seen (3,009) and percent of pitches taken (63.8), fourth in OBP with sprinters in scoring position with two outs (.524), seventh in bases on balls (91; the six players in front of him found the middle value of 41 grand slams and 14 deliberate strolls, while Youkilis hit just 13 homers and was not purposefully strolled once), tied for seventh in “bases taken” (22; progressed on fly balls, passed balls, wild pitches, shies away, and so on.), eighth in duplicates (42) and batting normal with sprinters in scoring position with two out (.375), ninth in walk rate (13.8%), and tenth in times on base (259).

He scored 100 runs, hit for a .325 batting normal with sprinters in scoring position, and hit four first inning leadoff grand slams. He did this in spite of battling in the second 50% of the period with plantar fasciitis and a tricky stomach muscles.

Youkilis had a vocation high 23-game hitting streak beginning on May 5, 2007, and finishing on June 2, 2007, in which he hit .426 (43–101) with 13 pairs, 6 HRs, 21 RBIs, and a .468 OBP. At a certain point during the hitting streak, he had 9 straight games within any event two hits (tying a Red Sox record set by Jim Rice in 1978) and turned into the primary Red Sox hitter since Trot Nixon to hit an inside-the-recreation center grand slam.

During the hitting streak, on May 20, he hit what might be the briefest homer by a Sox player during the season—a 321-foot homer around the Pesky Pole. The grand slam would not have cleared the fence at any of the other 29 ballparks in baseball. In spite of the fact that the hit streak finished on June 2, he walked multiple times in an 11–6 win over the Yankees.

His supervisor Terry Francona stated, “He’s taking a greater amount of what the pitchers give him, utilizing the entire field. He’s getting down to business the consider about great as any hitter in baseball. A year ago on the off chance that he got this show on the road two-strike breaking ball, he may swing and miss. This year he’s fouling it off, or taking it to right field.”

On June 1, Yankees pitcher Scott Proctor hit Youkilis in the head with a pitch; Proctor was shot out from the game. On August 30, Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain tossed a couple of 98 mph pitches over Youkilis’ head; Chamberlain was catapulted, and later likewise suspended two games for “unseemly activities.” “That is the subsequent time”, Youkilis watched. “Scott Proctor hit me in the head. Fortuitous event? I don’t have a clue. It doesn’t look great.”

On June 25, 2007, Youkilis played in his 120th back to back game at a respectable starting point without a mistake, breaking the earlier Red Sox record set in 1921 by Stuffy McInnis. On September 7, he played in his 179th back to back game at a respectable starting point without a blunder, which broke the earlier AL record set in 1973 by Mike Hegan.

On September 15, Yankees pitcher Chien-Ming Wang struck Youkilis on his correct wrist with a pitch, bringing about a profound ligament wound that kept him out until September 25, when he came back with the guide of a cortisone shot. In 2007, Youkilis was sixth in the AL with 15 hit by pitch (HBP).

Youkilis’ mistake less streak toward the part of the arrangement season was 190 games; while he was accused of a blunder in the 6th inning of an October 16, 2007, playoff game against the Cleveland Indians, postseason games are excluded in the record. Youkilis stated, “I’m not stressed over making the blunder.

I’m stressed over attempting to enable the group to win and attempting to get an out any way we can.” Leading the alliance with an ideal 1.000 handling rate, and an AL-record 1,079 blunder fewer risks from the start, Youkilis won the 2007 AL Gold Glove grant for first basemen.

While he batted .288 for the season, with men on base, he hit .340 with a .435 OBP. He was sixth in the association in pitches per plate appearance (4.27) and in hit by pitch (15).

In the primary inning of Game 1 of the ALDS against the Angels, he hit his first post-season grand slam. It was his first homer since coming back from being hit by Wang, and Youkilis said his wrist “felt much better as the days have advanced. I ponder it is that it’s playoff time, and adrenaline helps the most.”

In the 7-game ALCS against the Indians he hit three progressively grand slams, had 14 hits (tying the LCS record together held by Hideki Matsui and Albert Pujols since 2004), and scored 10 runs (bettering Matsui’s 2004 ALCS record) while batting .500 (another new ALCS record, bettering Bob Boone’s .455 out of 1986) with a .576 OBP and a .929 slugging rate.

All things considered, in the World Series against Colorado, he didn’t begin the group’s away games. Francona confronted a quandary when playing without a DH in the NL park of sidelining either Youkilis, 120-RBI man Mike Lowell, or 117-RBI man David Ortiz, as he needed to browse among them which two would play a respectable starting point and third base.

Bounce Ryan of The Boston Globe called it “the most troublesome choice any American League administrator has needed to make in the 34-year history of the DH”. Youkilis stated, “It doesn’t trouble me. I need to play, however, I thoroughly comprehend the circumstance.

See, I’m doing all that I’ve for the longest time been itching to do. I’m playing in a World Series. I’m playing each day. I’m glad. I simply need to win… On the off chance that I need to sit down, that is only the manner in which it must be.” Youkilis hit two pairs (both in Game 1) and had three strolls in just 12 plate appearances in the 4-game win over Colorado, as he was not in the beginning lineup for the away games.

Rejecting inquiries with respect to whether he was vexed about being sidelined for the last two rounds of the World Series, Youkilis stated, “Proceed onward and go to another group in case you’re stressed over your playing time, and think you have the right to play over another person.” Youkilis was chosen the 2007 beneficiary of the Jackie Jensen Award for soul and assurance by the Boston BBWAA section.

In 2007, Youkilis had earned $424,500, the fourth-least pay on the club. In February 2008, he marked a one-year contract for $3 million, maintaining a strategic distance from compensation assertion.

In March 2008, his job as the assigned player illustrative of the Red Sox wound up known during the goals of a player-the executives contest with respect to non-installment of mentors and staff for the Red Sox outing to Japan.

On April 2, 2008, on an unassisted game-consummation play against the Oakland A’s, Youkilis bankrupt the Major League record for most successive mistake fewer games by a first baseman, recently held by Steve Garvey, at 194 games.

In his 205th game without a blunder on April 27, Youkilis likewise settled another significant association record for first basemen, when he handled his 1,701st back to back shot without a mistake, passing the old characteristic of 1,700 set by Stuffy McInnis from 1921 to 1922. His streak, which began on July 4, 2006, was spoken harshly to 238 games (2,002 handling endeavors) on June 7, 2008, against the Seattle Mariners. He was named AL Player of the Week for May 5–11, in the wake of batting .375 while driving the AL with five grand slams, and tying for the American League lead with 10 RBIs.

In an early June game at Fenway Park, one camera apparently demonstrated Manny Ramirez taking a swing at Youkilis, and the two must be isolated by partners in the Red Sox burrow. “I think they were simply trading a few perspectives on things”, chief Terry Francona said.

“We had a great deal of testosterone going today around evening time.” Asked about the episode the next year, Youkilis stated: “We have two distinct ways to deal with the game. Winning and losing isn’t life and demise to Manny.”

He was the AL’s starter at a respectable starting point on the 2008 AL All-Star group that played the 79th Major League Baseball All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium, cast a ballot in by the fans with 2,858,130 votes in his first year on the vote.

Youkilis turned into the 6th Red Sox first baseman to begin an All-Star Game at a respectable starting point, following Jimmie Foxx (1938; 40), Walt Dropo (1950), Mickey Vernon (1956), George Scott (1966), and Mo Vaughn (1996). In late July, Manny Ramirez was exchanged away by the Red Sox. Youkilis assumed control over the cleanup spot of the lineup.

In 2008, Youkilis drove the AL in at-bats per RBI (4.7), was third in slugging rate (.569) and fielder’s choices (9), fourth in RBIs (115), additional fair hits (76), and OPS (.958); fifth in hit by pitch (12); sixth in batting normal (.312) and on-base rate (.390); seventh in copies (43) and in times progressed from first to third on a solitary (14); eighth incomplete bases (306), tenth in at-bats per grand slam (18.6), and twelfth in homers (29). He was likewise second in additional fair hit rate (12.2% of all plate appearances) and tied for seventh in times progressed from first to third on a solitary (14).

Youkilis likewise batted .356 against alleviation pitchers, .358 with men on base, and .374 with sprinters in scoring position. He drew seven deliberate strolls during the 2008 season, the principal season he had collected any, and furthermore drove the AL with a .353 batting normal after the 6th inning.

Youkilis turned out to be only the third present-day major leaguer (since 1901) ever to bat more than .300 with in excess of 100 RBIs during a season in which he spent in any event 30 games at both first and third base; St. Louis’ Albert Pujols (2001) and Cleveland’s Al Rosen (1954) are the main different players to achieve the accomplishment.

Youkilis completed third in the balloting for the 2008 AL MVP Award, getting two in front of the pack cast a ballot (one from Evan Grant of The Dallas Morning News), while his colleague Dustin Pedroia won and Justin Morneau came in second. Just Youkilis and Morneau were named on all polls.

In the ALCS Game 5 versus the Tampa Bay Rays, the Red Sox were somewhere near seven keeps running in the base of the seventh inning. Youkilis scored the triumphant keep running for the Red Sox to finish the second-biggest rebound in MLB postseason history. Prior to Game 4 of the 2008 World Series, he was named the champ of the AL Hank Aaron Award for the best hostile presentation of the 2008 season.

Youkilis marked a four-year, $41.25 million contract with the Red Sox on January 15, 2009. The arrangement additionally incorporated a group alternative (at $14 million, with a $1.25 million buyout) for 2013. Soon thereafter, he was cast a ballot # 36 on the Sporting News rundown of the 50 biggest dynamic baseball players, decided on by a board that included individuals from the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Youkilis batted cleanup for Team USA in the 2009 World Baseball Classic, tying for the lead among all WBC players in grand slams (3) and runs (9), and tying for second in the group in RBIs (6) and strolls (6), through the initial two rounds. He needed to leave the group with a left lower leg sprain, nonetheless, before the WBC elimination rounds.

Youkilis hit a stroll off grand slam against the Yankees on April 24, 2009. “He has aptitudes, man”, said David Ortiz. “I don’t have the foggiest idea of how he does it. He does what needs to be done.” He was in this manner put on the incapacitated rundown a couple of days after the fact, however, came back to play on May 20. “It’s disappointing not having the option to play”, he said. “Watching baseball isn’t something I like to do.”

Youkilis was picked to be a hold on the AL 2009 All-Star group by Tampa Bay and AL director Joe Maddon, subsequent to coming in second in the fan vote to Mark Teixeira, 3,309,050 to 3,069,906. On August 6, 2009, with the Red Sox enduring various wounds, Youkilis played left field just because since he played 18 games there in 2006. On August 8, he again played left field and made two or three wanders aimlessly on a fly ball hit by Johnny Damon before submitting a mistake.

On August 11, 2009, after 6′ 5″ pitcher Rick Porcello of the Detroit Tigers hit him in the back with an 89 mph pitch, Youkilis quickly charged Porcello on the mound.

Youkilis tossed his protective cap at the quick retreating Porcello, and Porcello handled Youkilis, both went down, and the two seats cleared. The two players were hurled from the game, and each got a five-game suspension.

Hearing that his companion and previous small-time partner Greg Montalbano had kicked the bucket of testicular malignant growth at 31 years old late on August 21, Youkilis committed his next game to his companion’s memory. In the wake of writing “GM” in marker on his top, he hit two grand slams in the game against the Yankees, while driving in six runs. The multiple times as he crossed home plate, he turned upward and indicated the sky.

“That was for him”, Youkilis said. “There are some insane things that have occurred in my life. You … the sense that there’s someone who might be listening someplace driving balls out for you, and doing extraordinary things.”

In 2009, Youkilis was second in the AL in OBP (.413) and OPS (.961), fourth in hit by pitch (16), fifth in slugging rate (.548), and batted .305 in general and .362 with sprinters in scoring position. He additionally drove the AL in pitches per plate appearance (4.42), was sixth in batting normal on balls in play (.363), and tenth in walk rate (13.6%). “Measurably, on the off chance that you think about 2008 and 2009, you could put forth the defense there has been no better player in the association [in that time]”, said Red Sox EVP Epstein. Of the players with 1,000 plate appearances in the AL over the 2008–09 seasons, none had a higher OPS than Youkilis (.960).

In the field, while Youkilis split his time basically between a respectable starting point and third base and along these lines did not fit the bill for the handling rate title at either, his .998 handling rate in 78 games from the start coordinated that of the association chief Lyle Overbay, and his .974 handling rate in 63 games at third base was superior to alliance pioneer Melvin Mora’s .971.

Youkilis completed 6th in balloting for the 2009 AL MVP Award, getting two runners upvotes. He was chosen as the Red Sox most profitable player (victor of the 2009 Thomas A. Yawkey Memorial Award) in democratic by the Boston Chapter of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America.

In 2010, Youkilis was again named to Sporting News’ rundown of the 50 biggest current players in baseball, positioning No. 38 on the rundown. A board of 21 MLB officials was surveyed to land at the rundown. On May 18, 2010, Youkilis hit his 100th vocation grand slam off CC Sabathia.

On August 2, Youkilis’ season was stopped by a correct thumb abductor muscle tear, which he had played through for about fourteen days. At the hour of his damage, he was tied for third in the significant associations in runs scored (77) and drove all real leaguers with a .798 slugging rate against left-gave pitchers.

He was third in the AL in on-base rate (.411), tied for fifth in strolls (58), tied for seventh in extra-fair hits (50), eighth in slugging rate (.564), and ninth in all-out bases (204). He had a medical procedure to fix the tear on August 6.

The damage constrained him to just 102 games for the season, his least since his 2005 sophomore year. Eased back by his damage, he had just 362 at-bats, however, batted .307/.411/.564 with 19 grand slams and 62 RBIs. For the years 2008–10, his .964 OPS positioned second in the significant groups, behind Albert Pujols (1.074).

During the offseason, the Red Sox gained All-Star first baseman Adrián González, and with the impending flight of Adrián Beltré, Youkilis consented to the do the switch back to third base.

In 2011, Youkilis was again named to Sporting News’ rundown of the 50 biggest current players in baseball, positioning No. 35 on the rundown. A board of 21 MLB officials was surveyed to land at the rundown.

Youkilis was named a save for the 82nd All-Star Game. At the All-Star break, he was third in the association in duplicates (26), fourth in on-base rate (.399), sixth in RBIs (63), seventh in OPS (.911), and ninth in strolls (49). For the season, he drove all AL third basemen in handling rate, at .967. Be that as it may, he batted just .258, his least MLB season normal of his profession.

The Red Sox endured a breakdown late in the 2011 season, losing their playoff situating. A source among the Red Sox guaranteed that Josh Beckett, Jon Lester, and John Lackey spent games they didn’t contribute the clubhouse eating fricasseed chicken and drinking lager; some Red Sox colleagues guessed that Youkilis was the wellspring of this data, estranging him from his partners.

On April 15, 2012, Red Sox supervisor Bobby Valentine freely scrutinized Youkilis’ inspiration and physical capacity to succeed. Survey new kid on the block Will Middlebrooks as the prevalent third baseman, Valentine started to play Middlebrooks over Youkilis.

The Red Sox exchanged Youkilis to the Chicago White Sox on June 24 for pitcher Zach Stewart and utility man Brent Lillibridge. The Red Sox consented to pay $5.5 million of Youkilis’ compensation to help close the arrangement. In the seventh inning of that day’s down, Ben Cherington, the Red Sox General Manager, educated Valentine that exchange was pending. Youkilis hit a triple in his last at-bat and got long overwhelming applause while tipping his head protector to the group subsequent to being taken out for squeeze sprinter Nick Punto.

Kevin Youkilis Red Sox Jersey

Kevin Youkilis Red Sox Jersey

Kevin Youkilis Chicago White Sox

In his first game, he played against the Minnesota Twins. He went 1–4 with a single in a loss. On July 3rd, he hit his first home run as a member of the White Sox against the Texas Rangers off of Roy Oswalt. He went 3–6 with 4 RBIs in that game too.

On July 9th, 2012, he was named the American League Player of the Week, after batting .478 with three home runs and ten RBIs in a 5–1 span for the White Sox. In that season, he batted .235/.336/.409 with 19 home runs and 60 RBIs, and tied for the major league lead in hit by a pitch, with 17. He was a free agent after the 2012 season.

Kevin Youkilis Rakuten Golden Eagles

Youkilis transferred to Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles of Nippon Professional Baseball after he agreed to a one-year, $4 million contract with them for the 2014 season. Youkilis missed part of the season due to plantar fasciitis. In 21 games for the team, he batted .215 with one home run with 11 RBIs.

Kevin Youkilis Cubs

On October 30th, 2014, Youkilis retired from baseball. In February 2015, Youkilis was hired as a scout and development consultant for the Chicago Cubs.

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