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Katt Williams Biography

Katt Williams born Micah Sierra Williams is an American Emmy-award winning stand-up comedian, rapper, singer, actor and voice actor. He has featured in several movies such as Friday After Next where he played as Money Mike and in Norbit (2007) as Lord Have Mercy.

He also featured in My Wife and Kids as Bobby Shaw as well as featuring in an episode on Wild n’ Out. In regards to his voice acting career, Williams voiced Slickback, a pimp on the show The Boondocks as well as Seamus in Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. Additionally, Katt voiced himself in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV.

Katt Williams Age

Katt was born in September 2, 1971 in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States (47 years old in 2018).

Katt Williams Height

Katt is 5ft 5 inches (165cm) tall,weighing 145 lbs (66kgs).

Katt Williams Wife |Katt Williams Children

Katt was first married to Quadirah Locus and sired a son who they named Micah. Their union however did not last which saw the couple breaking up in 1995.  Katt  won the custody of their son Micah Williams and went on to adopt his ex-wife’s seven  children. He married Eboni Gray in 2010 however their union didn’t last long. He has since been in relationships with Arica Kane from 2014 to 2016 and Jhoni Blaze in 2016.
Katt Williams photo

Katt Williams Comedian|Katt Williams Stand Up Comedy

Williams started practicing comedy while still a kid in his Cincinnati neighborhood, Evanston. He perfected his comical delivery by performing his routines in clubs nationwide, from Oklahoma to Oakland. By 1999, Katt had mastered his craft and become an established comic, making appearances at The Comedy Club, The Improv, The Icehouse as well as The Hollywood Park Casino. Most notably, he made an appearance on BET’s Comic View as Katt “In the Hat” Williams which catapult him to fame.
Williams later starred in his premier comedy special in 2006 with the title ‘Katt Williams: Live: Let a Playa Play’ then came the 2006’s The Pimp Chronicles, Pt. 1, with his famous comedy piece “This Shit Right Here Nigga, This Shit Right Here Nigga”. Later on in 2007, Williams was approached with an offer to star on his own movie special which he titled American Hustle. American Hustle saw a mass appeal officially establishing Williams as a mainstream comedian.
In 2008 Williams released his second HBO comedy special entitled It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’, with Williams venturing more into Political standup to address political issues in the country. Katt took a break on stand up comedy and in 2012, Williams made a comeback with a third HBO comedy special, entitled Kattpacalypse which got a nod from his fans amidst the silence.
On December 3, 2012, After a bizarre accident in Seattle Washington that led to his arrest and detainment,Williams announced that he will be putting an end to his stand-up career. However, just three days later, Williams announced he was coming out of retirement and back to business.
As of late 2013, Williams was on his “Growth Spurt” Tour.
On August 16, 2014, Williams returned with a new HBO special titled Katt Williams: Priceless: Afterlife, which was directed by Spike Lee. In 2018, Katt Williams released a new stand up special on Netflix titled Great America that was shot in Jacksonville, Florida.

Katt Williams Net Worth/  Net Worth 2018

Katt  has an estimated net worth of $10 million which he has earned through acting, rapping, ads, sponsorship, endorsements and video games. Most of his income however, stems from his stand up comedy tours.

Katt Williams On Tour|Katt Williams Stand Up Tour

Katt announced his return to the stage with his 2018 national comedy tour KATT WILLIAMS: 11:11. The tour kicked off on February 2 in Houston. He has not yet stated any oncoming tour dates for the year 2019.

Katt Williams Netflix 2018| Katt Williams Great America

With his new 2018 Netflix special: Great America, Katt makes a stand up comedy comeback with an hour devoted as much to the realities of getting older as well as throwing subliminals on Trump’s administration and the general American political climate, racial tensions in America, sex as well as his disdain for roast beef. Click here to view the Netflix trailer.

Katt Williams Atlanta|Katt Williams In Atlanta

Donald Glover‘s critically-acclaimed television Fx series Atlanta’s season two saw Katt’s impeccable acting prowess as Uncle Willy or simply as ‘Alligator Man’. Uncle Willy was arguably the star of the episode, catching everyone’s attention. Owning a pet alligator going by the name of Coach , Willy is a charming but troubled character in the series. The scene comes to an absurdly comical head when Willy unleashes Coach the Alligator and runs out the back door to escape the cops knocking on his front door.

Katt Williams American Hustle

American Hustle: The Movie, is a comedy film that premiered in 2007 directed by Brit McAdams, and written by both Brit McAdams and Williams. In the film,Williams decides that he wants to make it in Hollywood, going ahead and meeting up with big shot producers who sell him stereotypical movie pitches. Dissatisfied, Williams decides to hit the road with a bunch of friends, who included comedians Luenell Campbell, Melanie Comarcho and Red Grant.
The first half of the movie features stand ups by his companions as they move from one town to the other but he later comes to save the day upon reaching Chicago where he takes over the rest of the movie with his open yet underground-style stand-up comedy. The film then ends with musical performances by Williams, Da Brat and Snoop Dogg which also act as soundtracks.

Katt Williams Houston

Williams was forced to cancel his Houston performance on February 13th 2015 due to an infected spider bite on his leg which led to cancellation and rescheduling of his Houston performance. Tickets for the Friday, February 13 “Born Again…Again” performance had to be honored on Saturday, April 11, at 8pm, according to a release from Williams’ tour company.
Organizers said the bite, which had previously been treated unsuccessfully with an antibiotic, was the reason for another cancellation the following weekend.
“Shout-out to all of my fans for their patience, support and understanding while I recuperate. I will be back in action in no time and can’t wait to tear it up on the stage again soon,” Williams said in a statement by publicist, Stacey Perry.

Katt Williams Tink Tink

In 2008, Williams released his second HBO comedy special entitled It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’ where he addressed the issue surrounding the double-amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius nicknamed ‘blade runner’ who beat able bodied men to success.
However, the runner’s artificial legs became a source of controversy and in 2007, the International Association of Athletic Foundations (IAAF) banned Pistorius from competing, stating that his artificial legs gave him an unfair advantage over able-bodied athletes. Pistorius immediately appealed the ruling, and in May 2008 the Court of Arbitration for Sport overturned the IAAF decision. The comedy special imitates the ‘tink’ ‘tink’ sound that the blades made while Pistorius was sprinting.

Katt Williams Emmy Award

In 2018, Williams received a nomination for the Creative Arts Emmy Awards for Best Comedy Guest Actor. He went ahead and won Best Comedy Guest Actor for his appearance on the FX series Atlanta for playing Donald Glover’s alligator-owning Uncle ‘Willie’. In winning the award, Williams outdid Donald Glover, Sterling K. Brown, Bryan Cranston, Lin-Manuel Miranda as well as Bill Hader who were all nominated in the same category as him.

Katt Williams Instagram

Williams has not shown any interests of joining Instagram, however there are parody accounts that post his short clips from his previous comedy specials.

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