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Kash Doll Biography

Kash Doll is an upcoming rapper, actress and model. She is also a native of the western part of Detroit, Michigan. After the death of her father, she grew up alongside her mother and stepfather and her younger brother and four other sisters.

Before she used to do several different kinds of jobs from being a caretaker at a Ford dealership, a potato Chips Shop, a pizzeria and also being a nanny.

She graduated from Detroit City High School and dropped everything to earn easy money. She even became a stripper in nightclubs that even one night she made $26000. She also became a model but her poetry skills pushed her to rap.

How Old Is Kash Doll – Age | Birthday

She was born as Arkeshia Knight on March 14, 1992, in Detroit, Michigan in the US. As of 2018, she is 26 years old.

Kash Doll Height

She stands at a height of 1.7 m tall.

Kash Doll Marriage | Kash Doll Boyfriend

She used to date Shawn her boyfriend but she recently confirmed that they had broken up due her photo with drake. Her boyfriend got jealous after seeing a photo of Kash and drake hugging closely. It is not yet confirmed if they are going to get back together or they have parted ways for good.

Kash Doll Career

After a year of working as a stripper, she finally released her debut in 2012 with the help of her late ex-boyfriend Dec Osama. The album was titled Freestyle. She then remixed Tinashe’s song 2ON and it made her career to flourish. The song was Detroit’s countdown song and it made numerous shows and collaborations she was guaranteed from that year onwards.

From there here single Run Me My Money won more than 750,000 views in 5 months. She later released her first mixtape Keisha Vs Kash Doll towards winter of 2015. The mixtape had collaborations by Zaytoven, Trina, Lyrica Anderson and Bob. The mixtape then exceeded expectations with over 600,00 downloads in the first two days of the release.

Kash was then invited to Summer SIxteen Tour to open the show by Drake in August 2016. She later launched KDmoji her own emoji application which was ranked at 10 on the Apple App Store. She later launched her acclaimed single called For Everybody which was well received and endorsed by several rappers like Remy Ma. The music video for this song was inspired by the movie Heavy Bar.

Kash Doll Outfits | Photos | Bun | Before Surgery | Hairstyles | Drake and Kash Doll | Emoji

Kash Doll Photography

Kash Doll Movie

Her movies include the following thrilling films.

  • 2015: Buffed Up
  • 2015: 2eleven

Kash Doll Lyrics

She has launched various types of songs and we have some of the lyrics of her major song on this page kindly scroll down.

Kash Doll Everybody | For Everybody| Everybody Lyrics| So Crazy

Kash Doll Check

Here I Go Kash Doll |  Kash Doll Looking For Me

Kash Doll Cardi B

 Kash Doll Ice Me Out | Video

 Kash Doll Pony Tail

 Big Sean Kash Doll

So Good Lyrics Kash Doll

Kash Doll Tell Me Lyrics

Kash Doll She Bad

MC  Kash Doll

She is not an MC of any show. She had worked with MC Kash in many events and tours.

Kash Doll Brat Mail

Kash Doll The Vault | Mixtape

Kash Doll Net Worth 2018

Her estimated Net worth in 2018 is $ 1 million.

Kash Doll Fight

Doll Kash Run Me My Money Lyrics

Doll KashBest Friend

Her best friend is Kendra.

Doll Kash Twerking

Doll Kash Concert

She has a concert in New Orleans, Los Angeles on 16th February.

Doll Kash Poppin

Doll Kash Serious

Doll Kash Work

Doll Kash Summer 16

Doll Kash House

Dex Osama Doll Kash

Dex Osama was her late Boyfriend who helped her release her first album in 2012.

Doll Kash Get Money

Doll Kash His And Hers

Doll Kash Panda

Doll Kash Snapchat Name

Her snap chat name is currently Unavailable.

Doll Kash Cut It

Doll Kash Da Baddest Lyrics

Doll Kash Accurate Lyrics

How To Do Kash Doll Bun

Doll Kash From The Back Lyrics

Kash Doll But The Money

Doll Kash  Boutique Columbus Ohio

There is a boutique in Columbus owned by her.

Doll Kash Net Worth

Her estimated net worth is  $1 million respectively.

Doll Kash Instagram| Kash Doll Ig


Doll Kash  Twitter

Doll Kash Facebook

Doll Kash News

Kash Doll Profess Her Love For Trey Songz On The Instagram

She is professing her love for Trey Songz on Instagram.

The R&B singer posted a screenshot of a direct message conversation from one of his fans who contacted Kash Doll for sending him a DM. “Get TF out my ni**** DMs b**ch,” the fan wrote. “Trey Songz wife ho.” Trey Songz tagged Kash Doll while asking her, “What’s going on here?”

Kash Doll responded saying that she can like all his photos if she wants and that she had a crush on him from before she got famous. “I can like all your pics if I want to!” she said. “I been crushing on you since I was working at Best Buy watching “can’t be friends” video on all the TVs.”

Songz fans have been going in on Kash ever since he made the post. “I thought Trey Songs was my husband too, hun don’t we all have dreams,” one fan wrote.

Doll Kash Interview

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