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Jules Asner Biography

Jules Asner born Julie Ann White, is an American TV personality, former fashion model, actress and director. Asner was discovered as a model at a modeling convention in Scottsdale, Arizona at the age of 16. She then began her career as an Elite model.

She also shared a bunkroom with Cindy Crawford during the early years of her modeling career. In 1986, she graduated from McClintock High School in Tempe. Jules later attended college at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Jules Asner Age

Asner was born Julie Anne White on February 14, 1968 in Tempe, Arizona, U.S. She is 50 years old as of 2018.

Jules Asner Family

Asner is the daughter of Lee White (her mother) and an unknown father.

Jules Asner Spouse | Husband

Jules has been married twice: her first marriage being to Matthew Asner in 1992 but they later divorced in 1996. She then married film director Steven Soderbergh on May 10, 2003. They got married in their New York apartment. Steven oftenly credits his wife with influencing his female characters.

Jules Asner with her spouse Steven Soderbergh

Jules Asner Kids

Asner has no biological children of her own but is a stepmother to Sarah, her husband, Steven Soderbergh’s daughter.

Revealed With Jules Asner

Asner is known as a long-time E! personality. During her term with the network she hosted six hours of programming daily. She hosted Revealed with Jules Asner which is an interview program, E! News Live and Wild On! as well as many live specials for the network. She has since received a Prism Award as well as a Gracie Award for her interview show Revealed with Jules Asner.

Before joining E!, Asner was an entertainment reporter for Reuters Television Good Morning England, The Entertainment Show on Sky Television and Extra. She then hosted Live by Request on A&E. She has also been a segment director and producer on the now defunct tabloid show, Hard Copy.

Jules Asner Book  | Novel

Jules Asner Whacked

Whacked is Asner’s first book whose publishing rights were purchased by Miramax Books. It was released on June 3, 2008. It became a top ten fiction bestseller on Amazon in its third printing within its first month of release.

Cindy Taylor hosts this series that explores exotic locations and the customs, food, nightlife and people that make each place unique.

First episode date: 1997
Final episode date: 2003
Network: E!
Presented by:Jules Asner (1997–1999), Brooke Burke-Charvet (1999–2002), Cindy Taylor (2002–2003)

Jules Asner Hot | Bikini

Jules Asner Last Day On E! News Live

Jules Asner Interview

Author Interview: JULES ASNER

BookBitch: After modeling, then working on television, what made you decide to do something as solitary as writing a book? Did you enjoy the process?

Jules Asner: I always wrote for work…first as a producer at Hard Copy, Extra and at Reuters. I always hoped I would write a novel one day, but I was always too busy with work and traveling all over the place. I guess I was one of those people who ‘thought I had it all in my head’ and could just sit down and have it pour out of me but It was a tough process. I knew the beginning of the story, but I never knew the best way for it all to come together. When I finally figured that out, finishing was a blast.

BB: How long were you working on this book? What’s your typical writing day like?

Asner: I would say I worked on the book for a couple of years…not consistently, and I sold the book to Harvey Weinstein three years ago. He was in the process of making the transition out of Miramax and he wanted to wait and release the book as part of the his new imprint, Weinstein Co. Books….so that took some time. I started off writing in coffee shops and hotels (I was traveling a lot with Steven at the time because he was shooting Ocean’s 12) When I’m home in New York I work out of a writing space on 14th street called Paragraph, that’s great.

BB: Who are some of your favorite authors? What are some of your favorite books, and why? How about favorite films?

Asner: I love reading all sorts of books…I love Jackie Collins (I think I’ve read everything she’s ever written) and she’s always been so great to me.

I also love Bruce Wagner, AM Homes and Walter Kirn. One of my favorite books I’ve read was given to me by my friend Walter Donohue, who’s an editor at Faber in the UK. ‘The Black Englishman’ by Carolyn Slaughter. She decided to research the life of her grandmother, who traveled to India in search of love and ended up in an insane asylum. It has one of my favorite dedications, “For my Grandmother, no more sad endings”

BB: In these days of belt tightening, especially in the publishing industry, are you touring at all? If so, what’s that experience been like?

Asner: We decided not to do a book tour…which I was fine with. I think a lot of authors really want to ‘get up there’ and have an audience to read to, but not me. I did a signing at the Book Expo in May and then did readings and signings in New York and Los Angeles.

BB: WHACKED is not your typical chick-lit read by any stretch of the imagination, yet it certainly starts out that way – until you redefined the “surprise ending!” Was it always your intention to veer off onto such a dark and twisted road?

Asner: As I mentioned a couple of questions back, I never really knew where it was going to go. When I finally figured it out I was like ‘Of course!’ knowing it was the right way to end it…and while unconventional, I think Dani does get her happy ending. I was watching a lot of ‘The Sopranos’ when I was on the second half of the book and I thought it was interesting that we all loved Tony Soprano on the show, even knowing who he was and the terrible things he did.

BB: Did you tell your husband [director Steven Soderbergh] that you were planning on using him in the book, or did you surprise him? Did he enjoy becoming a character?

Asner: Many parts of the book are based on a real life break up I had with a cheating ex….the story of him telling me about the actress working with two big named directors is a real conversation we had and I wanted to change the names because then anyone could just imdb her and figure out who it was.

I just slotted in Steven’s name because the real director is someone who’s very well regarded. Steven said to me that I should just leave the real guy, but I didn’t want to…I find it funny that so many people have mentioned in interviews that I ‘wrote about my real husband’…it’s literally one or two sentences.

BB: Was the idea of making this book into a movie in the back of your head as you were writing? Are there any plans for a film in the works? You do have some connections in that industry…

Asner: I didn’t really think about the book being made into a movie while I was writing. Some people have brought it up now that it’s out and being read, but I don’t know. I guess I always thought of it as a TV series more than a movie…I could see that being fun to watch.

BB: Speaking of connections, are you finding that friends are now offering you all sorts of story ideas? Telling you their crazy TV/film industry work-related stories?

Asner: Sadly, I’m one of those people that crazy stuff happens to. Sometimes people tell me crazy stories about working in Hollywood, but I haven’t used any of them so far. I hear a lot of really terrible dating stories that are just so depressing.

BB: Was this a one shot deal or are you planning (or currently working) on another book? Is a sequel a possibility?

Asner: I’ve been working for the last year on my second novel. It’s about a murder in Hollywood…and so far this process has been easier for me than ‘Whacked.’ People have been asking in the last month if I’m going to do a follow up novel to see what happens to Dani…It had never crossed my mind, but we’ll see.

BB: Besides a great story, what do you want people to take away after reading your book about the real Hollywood landscape?

Asner: I think what I would most like people to take away from the book is an understanding of the main character, Dani. She’s flawed and does bad things, but I hope the reader understands how she got to the place and is still rooting for her. I know I do.

Source; http://bookbitch.blogspot.com

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