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Josh Hopkins Biography

Josh Hopkins (William Joshua Hopkins) is an American actor and amateur musician. Josh has participated in many TV series and films.

He is also the writer and performer of the song “Feigning Interest”, a humoristic music video about dating that went viral in 2007. He starred in the ABC thriller Quantico as Liam O’Conor.

Josh Attended Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama.

Josh Hopkins Age

He was born on September 12, 1970 in Lexington, Kentucky, U.S. He is 48 years old as of 2018.

Josh Hopkins Family

He was born to former U.S. Representative Larry Hopkins (R-KY) and Carolyn Hopkins. His surname, Hopkins means ‘Song of Young Robert’, a direct translation of the old English version: Hobbe-kyn.

Josh Hopkins

Josh Hopkins Wife | Josh Hopkins Married

Though he has had past relationships, Josh is still leading a single life.

Josh Hopkins Girlfriend | Josh Hopkins Dating

Josh has had several relationships with Hollywood actresses including Erin Andrews, Courteney Cox, Cheryl Burke, and Octavia Spencer.

Josh Hopkins And Courteney Cox

The speculation of Josh dating Cox arose as they were spotted repetitively in several places. They two were even spotted together enjoying a vacation and having a romantic dinner. They however did not make any official statements relating to their relation.

Even Hopkins’ father was in support of their relationship and wanted to see Courteney as the future wife of his son, Josh. In an interview with Daily Mail on 31 March 2011, Josh’s father revealed if Josh approves of her, then he approves of her too. Later on, Courtney came out in the media and said that they never had a thing. Josh admitted that she is hot but the rumor was not true.

Cheryl Burke And Josh Hopkins

After Josh and Cox’s rumors were dissolved,Josh was rumored dating his girlfriend Cheryl Burke, an American dancer.
It was confirmed later on when Cheryl herself opened up with the media about their romance without naming him. Burke also admitted that she was not sure if they are serious about their relationship.
Their dating story later faded away without any declaration.

Josh Hopkins Gay

Through his many attempts in various relationships, it is evident that Josh is not gay.

Josh Hopkins Actor

Josh joined the fourth, and the last season, of New York Undercover in 1998. He starred in Alanis Morissette’s “Unsent” music video in 1999. Josh portrayed Paul Allen in the 1999 film Pirates of Silicon Valley, and Raymond Milbury on the television series Ally McBeal (2001 to 2002). He also portrayed womanizer Charlie Babcock on the television series Pepper Dennis (2006). Hopkins later worked with his former Ally McBeal co-star Calista Flockhart when he had a recurring role on Brothers & Sisters. Josh also had a semi regular role as Peter Manning on the cancelled Fox drama Vanished (2006).

Josh guest starred on Fox’s hit show Bones as Temperance Brennan’s former professor and lover, Michael Stires in 2005, in the episode “The Girl in the Fridge”. He has also guest starred in CSI: Miami. Season 1 of the CBS series Cold Case saw Hopkins play the role of Assistant District Attorney Jason Kite. Cold Case was especially noted for the on-screen chemistry between Hopkins’ character and also the character of Detective Lilly Rush, played by Kathryn Morris.

Josh starred in the 2008 CBS summer drama Swingtown as Roger Thompson. Swington was originally intended for the Fall 2007 season, but was later postponed due to the writer’s strike. It has now sparked some controversy for its portrayal of 1970s culture, including open marriage and key parties.

Josh Hopkins Cougar Town

In 2009, he appeared as Dr. Noah Barnes in season 2 of ABC’s Private Practice. Josh went on to play the character Grayson Ellis on the sitcom Cougar Town. The sitcom premiered September 23, 2009 on ABC and later moved to TBS. In 2015, He joined the main cast for Quantico playing the role of Liam O’Connor, a seasoned FBI agent working in the academy in 2015.

Josh Hopkins Movies And Tv Shows

Josh Hopkins Movies





Kelly & Cal


Get on Up

Ralph Bass

The Opposite Sex


Car Dogs

Mike Reynolds


2nd Serve

Owen Match


Lebanon, Pa.



Pretty Ugly People


The Spirit of ’76: The Making of Swingtown

Roger Thompson

Have a Nice Revolution: Sex & Morality in 1970’s America

Roger Thompson


The Insatiable



Show & Tell

Officer Henderson


Chicken Party



One Eyed King



Love & Sex

Joey Santino

Auto Motives


The Perfect Storm

Capt. Darryl Ennis


Stick Up


G.I. Jane



Parallel Sons



Josh Hopkins Tv Shows






Liam O’Connor







The Client List



In Plain Sight


Hot in Cleveland


Men at Work




Police Officer


Cougar Town

Grayson Ellis


12 Men of Christmas

Will Albrecht

Pushing Daisies

Shane Trickle

CSI: Miami

Mark Gantry

Private Practice

Dr. Noah Barnes



Roger Thompson


Ghost Whisperer

Shane Carson


Surrender Dorothy



Peter Manning

Pepper Dennis

Charlie Babcock

Brothers and Sisters

Warren Salter


Global Frequency

Sean Flynn


Michael Stires


NYPD 2069

Alex Franco/Alex Bolander

North Shore

Morgan Holt


Cold Case

Assistant D.A. Kite


Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Special Agent Tim Donnovan



Singer in Monica & Chandlers wedding


Ally McBeal

Raymond Millbury


Kate Brasher

Officer Tony Giordano


Jack & Jill

Matt Prophet


Pirates of Silicon Valley

Paul Allen


New York Undercover

Detective Alec Stone


Silencing Mary

Clay Roberts


Law & Order

Ken Soames

Josh Hopkins Net Worth

Hopkins’ net worth is not yet revealed.

Josh Hopkins Twitter

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Josh Hopkins Interview


BRIAN:  Good to talk to you and thanks for doing this.  Right up front, there are a lot of things we can’t talk about for legal reasons and I am good with that.  Let’s start at the beginning.  What was it like for you growing up?

JOSH: Growing up the main influences in my life were the people on my mom’s side of the family.  I had a great time growing up even though we went through some pretty hard times.  We lived in Fleetwood in Ashe County, North Carolina.  It was the typical small town for a kid to grow up in.  I literally grew up on the end of a dead-end road near a chicken house and some horses.  I was in the right place for a boy to be.  My dad left when we were pretty little and my mom remarried.  I am thankful for my step dad and his influence on my life.

BRIAN: What made you want to work in law enforcement, and why did you decide to move to this area?  What is so special here?

JOSH: I told my mom even when I was a very little kid that I could never work an eight to five job.  I guess that worked along with me wanting to help people and it lead me to law enforcement.   I have traveled everywhere in the United States from Los Angeles to New York and this place instantly felt like home to me.  It is beautiful here and the people are my kind of people.  I have made friends here that welcomed me in and have stood right by my side.

BRIAN: This is where you say whatever you think is appropriate.  It is a matter of public record that you are charged in an officer involved shooting out of Ashe County.  What do you want people to know about that?

JOSH: I can’t discuss anything about it.  What I can say is I came from my old department to my new department here in Tennessee with good recommendations.  I also currently have good recommendations from the new department while I am on administrative leave.  The shooting in question happened in July of 2015.  I was cleared immediately and continued to work in law enforcement until I was charged in September of 2016.  The case is still currently going on.  I am on unpaid administrative leave with no health insurance.  It has made for some pretty rough times financially and mentally.  This has definitely been one of the most challenging things I have ever gone through.

BRIAN: I know you and have been watching you go through some of this.  How important are faith, family and friends to you right now?

JOSH: Faith is huge to me and it has only grown through this.  I love to read books from people like Charles Stanley because they keep me in a positive outlook each day.  During the times when this has been the hardest, miraculous things have happened that could only be God.  It is like he shows me it is ok and He has got this.  As for family, it ties in with God actually.  My mom sends me a devotion every day and encourages me to lean on God.  She and my big sister mean the world to me and keep me going a lot of times.  My close friends and family have been the ones who have helped me keep a positive attitude and are always helping me however they can.

BRIAN: The only way to end this is to let you talk about what is coming next.  What organizations have taken up your cause in this and how can people find out more?

JOSH: The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund has really stepped up and taken care of my legal expenses and helped me just live while I don’t have an income.  Also, the Blue Blood Brotherhood has just recently taken an interest in my case and is helping as well.  The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund taking my case means a lot to me because they are a panel of 8 professionals who watched the head camera footage from that night and unanimously voted that I did nothing wrong.  As far as people finding out more, they can find me on Facebook under Hoppy Josh Hopkins.  I want people to know there is a lot more to this story.  When the time is right I will break my silence.  Keep watching.