Josh Hammond Biography, Age, Wife, Jeepers Creepers II and Movies

Josh Hammond Biography

Josh Hammond is an American actor, known for his film roles in Jeepers Creepers II, Black Cadillac, and The Brotherhood. He has also made TV guest appearances in Malcolm in the Middle, Scrubs, CSI: NY, and Boston Public. He is married to actress Kristina Page.

Josh Hammond Age

He was born on 7 September 1979 in Boise, Idaho, United States. He is 39 years old as of 2018.

Josh Hammond Family

There is no known information about his family background. This is due to his privacy that he prefers to keep from publicity.


In 2009, he married Kristina Page.


Though he does not put his private life to the public, all what is known about his children is that he has two children.

Josh Hammond Height

He is 1.83 meters tall.

Josh Hammond Black Cadillac

Teenage brothers and a friend (Josh Hammond) survive a barroom brawl, then they are followed by a mysterious car in the backwoods.

Initial release: 2003
Director: John Murlowski
Initial DVD release: 17 May 2005
Producer: Kenneth Burke
Written by: John Murlowski


Josh Hammond Actor | Movies

He has acted movies like:

  • Alice D (2014)
  • Piranha Sharks (2014)
  • American Girls (2013)
  • The Penny Dreadful Picture Show (2013)
  • Rabid Love (2013)
  • The House Across the Street (2013)
  • Money Shot (2012/II)
  • Noah (2013)
  • Rabid Love (2012) Short film
  • Pheromone (2010) Short Film
  • Lure (2010)
  • Dead Tone (2007)
  • The Tripper (2006)
  • Malcolm in the Middle (2006)
  • Over Your Head (2006) TV series
  • Scrubs (2006) TV Series
  • Living with Fran (2005) TV Series
  • Las Vegas (2004) TV Series
  • Blue Demon (2004) (V)
  • CSI: NY (2004) TV Series
  • Century City (2004) TV Series
  • Ring of Darkness (2004)
  • Black Cadillac (2003)
  • Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision (2003)
  • Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003)
  • Dawson’s Creek (2003) TV Series
  • What I Like About You (2003) TV Series
  • Scorcher (2002)
  • Dead Above Ground (2002)
  • Undressed (2001) TV Series
  • Yes, Dear (2001) TV Series
  • Microscopic Boy (2001)
  • Boston Public (2000) TV Series
  • The Last Dance (2000) (TV movie)
  • The Brotherhood (2000)
  • 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd (1999) TV Series
  • The Woman Chaser (1999)
  • Pacific Blue (1999) TV Series
  • Alien Arsenal (1999)
  • Money Shot (2012)

Josh Hammond Jeepers Creepers II

 After his son is set upon by a scarecrow that seems to have come alive, farmer Jack Taggart Sr. (Ray Wise) and his son, Jack Taggart Jr. (Luke Edwards), go looking for an explanation. Meanwhile, a bus carrying high-school students breaks down nearby, and a creature known as the Creeper (Jonathan Breck) starts a killing spree. The elder Taggart soon realizes that the killings and the attack on his son are connected, and, after alerting the community to be on guard, he aims to pummel the Creeper.

Initial release: 29 August 2003 (USA)
Director: Victor Salva
Budget: 17 million USD
Box office: 63.1 million USD
Producer: Tom Luse

Josh Hammond Net Worth

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