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Jose Pablo Cantillo Biography

Jose Pablo Cantillo is an American actor, best known for appearing in Crank, FX’s Sons of Anarchy, and AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Jose Pablo Cantillo Age

Jose was born on 30 March 1979 in Marshfield, Wisconsin, United States. He is 40 years old as of 2019

Jose Pablo Cantillo Parents

He was born to Costa Rican parents, Roberto Cantillo and Rita Bolaños. His siblings are not known

Jose Pablo Cantillo Girlfriend

He is soo private with his life that it is not known whether he is dating or not

Jose Pablo Cantillo Height

He stands at the height of 175 cm (‎5′ 9″) tall

Jose Pablo Cantillo Walking Dead

He guest starred in a recurring role as Caesar Martinez, in the Season 4, 13 episodes of the American post-apocalyptic horror television series The Walking Dead

Jose Pablo Cantillo Walking Dead

He was cast as Hector Salazar in season 3 of the American crime drama television series Sons of Anarchy

Jose Pablo Cantillo photo
Jose Pablo Cantillo photo

Jose Pablo Cantillo Crank

He was cast as Ricky Verona in Crank, the American action comedy film

Jose Pablo Cantillo Disturbia

He was cast as Officer Gutierrez, Señor Gutierrez’s cousin who likes to torment Kale while abusing his power in the American horror thriller film Disturbia

Jose Pablo Cantillo Chappie

He was cast as Amerika, a gang member in the American dystopian science fiction action film Chappie

Jose Pablo Cantillo Elysium

He was cast as Sandro the American science fiction action film Elysium

Jose Pablo Cantillo Taken

He appeared as Dave in the season one of series regular; 10 episodes of 2008 French action thriller film Taken

Jose Pablo Cantillo Movies





The Manchurian Candidate




Gabriel Garcia



Ricky Verona

The Bondage






Officer Gutierrez

After Sex






Streets of Blood


Crank: High Voltage

Ricky Verona


Manny Rodriguez









Tales of Halloween (Segment: “The Ransom of Rusty Rex”)


Jose Pablo Cantillo Net Worth

His net worth is still under review. We will update it soon

Jose Pablo Cantillo Twitter

Jose Pablo Cantillo Instagram

Taken La Serie, Interview De José Pablo Cantillo

Jose Pablo Cantillo Interview

Exclusive Interview: The Walking Dead’s Jose Pablo Cantillo


What was the major difference between working on The Walking Dead and other shows that you’ve worked on?

“This one was much easier, The Walking Dead was because of how seamless the set was.  And that was my experience on The Walking Dead. Walking through the woods on my very first day of arriving in Senoia to be introduced as Caesar along with the re-introduction of Merle, Rooker, it was such a great episode and I feel lucky to be introduced during that time.

What was different particularly with Woodbury was that it is filmed in a real town that was boarded up, 360 degrees, and it did look like a really quaint, cute post-apocalyptic zombie town.  And the town remained open, so all these townspeople were carrying about their day.”

Everything seems so professional yet relaxed about The Walking Dead.  It’s a weird thing to see those combine and form this amazing show.  But it’s that level of professionalism combined with how easy it seems to come for the actors because of chemistry and relationships between the actors.

“It has to start and end with the writing.  We talk a lot about the fun stuff, like, you know what’s on the screen. But, boy, I tell you, the writing has been so good on The Walking Dead since day one.  I know there have been a couple command post shifts, but each one has picked up the torch and really accepted the challenge well because the writing is so good.”

Perhaps the best part of the entire interview came as a part of a discussion about Woodbury where Jose Pablo Cantillo talked about one incident that really set him apart from every other actor on day one:

“Guy, the director – his name is Guy, set me to say ‘okay, you will get out of the truck around here.  There’s no truck yet you just stand here and he kept going around and placing people saying ‘okay, this is more or less where our master will be’. And I look down and my boots are just shiny wet and I was like, you know, socks just soaking wet.  I was like, I don’t remember stepping through a puddle…and I look again and I realize that it is moving. My black boots are covered in some very large ants that are moving up my pants, in my underwear, up my shirt, on my hat.  And I this is day one.  The first day of school.  Nobody knew who I was and out here I was supposed to be one of their badasses.  I slowly start tiptoeing off my mark, take off my hat, ooh, I think I got bit once.  And they all bite at the same time and they were EVERYWHERE.  I took my shirt off.  And my next shirt, I think it was an undershirt.  And my pants.  And my boots, my socks, and my underwear.  I’m bare naked in the van now and everyone is like ‘Wait a minute.  What’s going on?  Who’s this guy?  Why is he completely streaking naked on day one?”

In addition to talking about The Walking Dead, we discussed “Free Me”, an upcoming card game created by Jose Pablo Cantillo and Jeff Levine.  Currently, over 85% funded on Kickstarter, the game looks to be a great break from the world of social media.  For the details on that game, head on over to their Kickstarter page as well as read about it here on Undead Walking.

For the full interview with Jose Pablo Cantillo for Undead Walking, check it out on my YouTube channel.  I apologize for the poor quality of the recording, as it was my first real attempt at an interview over the phone.

Be sure to watch for Jose Pablo Cantillo’s upcoming projects.  Chappie and Elysium are both available on DVD as well a film that Cantillo produced titled “Where Hope Grows” that should be available soon.  Plus, this fall, he will be in a film titled “Man Down” which stars Shia Lebeouf and Gary Oldman.

Once again, I’d like to thank Jose Pablo Cantillo for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk with Undead Walking and hopefully look forward to working with him again in the future.