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Jordan Ladd Biography

Jordan Ladd is an American actress, born (Jordan Elizabeth Ladd) on January 14, 1975, in Los Angeles, California, U.S. She is known for her role as a scream queen after appearing in numerous horror films like Club Dread, Death Proof, Grace and Cabin Fever. She worked with her mother in several television films, before making her big screen debut at the age of 19 years old, in the vampire film Embrace of the Vampire (1994).

Jordan Ladd Age

Ladd was born (Jordan Elizabeth Ladd) on January 14, 1975, in Los Angeles, California, U.S. She is 44 years old as of 2019.

Jordan Ladd Family

Ladd is the daughter of Charlie’s Angels star Cheryl Ladd Stoppelmoor and David Ladd, a producer and former actor. Her parents divorced in 1980.

Jordan Ladd Husband | Relationship

In 2001, Ladd married her longtime boyfriend, documentary film editor Conor O’Neill. In July 2005, the couple divorced. She has a stepsister, Lindsay Russell, an aspiring actress. She is a cousin to Amanda Ladd, Kelliann Ladd, Chelsea Ladd, Alan Jackson, Alisa Lipton, Tracy Ladd, and Devon Jackson.

Jordan Ladd Education

Ladd attended and graduated from secondary school in 1993, figuring out how to have an ordinary existence regardless of her family’s distinction; she once commented: “When I was in secondary school I used to go to the clubs, and obviously that is energizing […] You need to drink before you can and get into spots you can’t. Yet, when I began acting expertly, I truly would not like to do the Hollywood nightlife thing.” She went to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

Jordan Ladd Photo
Jordan Ladd Photo

Jordan Ladd Height

Ladd is approximately 1.52 m

Jordan Ladd Career

At two years old, Ladd started showing up in advertisements. Her first business was for Polaroid. She started acting in film and TV while in school, working with her mom in made-for-TV movies, for example, The Girl Who Came Between Them (1990) and Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back (1993). In the wake of moving on from secondary school, she took up acting expertly.
In 1994, she visitor featured in a scene of the NBC arrangement Saved by the Bell: The New Class and made her extra large screen debut with a supporting appearance as a grounds whore, inverse Alyssa Milano, in the vampire film Embrace of the Vampire. She spent most of the 1990s showing up in an assortment of autonomous movies, including Inside Out, Nowhere, Stand-ins (each of 1997), and Taking the Plunge (1999). In 1999, she handled her first prominent job as a mainstream young person who torments an uncertain duplicate proofreader in the teenager parody Never Been Kissed, close by Drew Barrymore. The film was a business achievement, earning US$84.5 million all around, and gave her an underlying wide presentation with gatherings of people.
Ladd showed up in The Specials (2000), a parody about a gathering of superheroes on their day away from work; in the film, she played a hypochondriac named Nightbird. By 2000, she additionally had featured as an on-screen character who competing for an Academy Award in E! first unique film Best Actress and showed up in the widely praised collection film Boys Life 3.
Ladd featured as a college alum and the unfortunate casualty to a tissue eating infection in Eli Roth’s directorial debut, the blood and gore movie Cabin Fever (2002). Ladd portrayed as “crazy” to chip away at the film, which started shooting only a month after 9/11. She commented: “We shut down, we got fully operational, and after that, we shut down once more. We just wanted to complete the motion picture and trusted individuals would truly comprehend and value it. We had an awesome time doing it, even the harder stuff. I’d preferably work that route over on a major spending extravagant thing where you are totally discrete from the procedure.” It was with this film her vocation would start concentrating on the loathsomeness type, as she had a “genuine training on that method for narrating” with Roth and the film. Claustrophobia was to a great extent applauded by pundits and made US$30.5 million on a financial limit of US$1.5 million. She played a crying lady in David Lynch’s Japanese-style loathsomeness short Darkened Room (likewise 2002).
In 2004, Ladd assumed the job of a suspect in an ongoing series of killings on a traveling island in the repulsiveness parody Club Dread and featured as an emotional wellness office nurture in the ghastliness Madhouse. Her topless scene in Club Dread positioned fourteenth in Complex magazine’s “15 Best Topless Moments In Mainstream Horror Movies”. In 2005, she showed up inverse Anna Faris, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Long in the free rom-com Waiting…, and in 2006, she quickly showed up in David Lynch’s film Inland Empire, which additionally featured her mom.
Quentin Tarantino gives her a role as a wild, celebrating Texan and the casualty of an executioner stand in Death Proof, his fast fragment of the double– highlight abuse ghastliness Grindhouse (2007), nearby Rosario Dawson, Tracie Thoms, Zoë Bell, and Kurt Russell. The film slumped in the cinema world yet pulled in noteworthy media buzz and basic praise. Chief Eli Roth, in his commitment to Grindhouse, worked again with Ladd in a phony promotion called Thanksgiving, which she shot “on the flyover” in Prague, where Hostel: Part II was being taped; in the awfulness spin-off, she played the sweetheart of the sole overcomer of the principal film.
In her next film, the awfulness Grace (2009), Ladd depicted a lady, who after a fender bender, chooses to convey her unborn infant to term at any rate. The film was screened on the film celebration circuit in North America, to basic recognition. John Anderson of Variety felt that Ladd assumed her job with “tongue planted solidly in cheek”, in what he portrayed as “a humorous jerk fest that mines present day parenthood for all its inactive fear”. In 2009, she likewise featured in the made-for-TV film The Wishing Well, as a columnist from New York City who gets sent to a community in Illinois to provide details regarding an incredible wishing great.
Ladd recorded a comedic short film entitled First Dates, investigating the dating scene of a few single individuals. The generation debuted at the AFI screening room in Los Angeles on January 8, 2011. She featured in the dream sentiment film Awaken (2012), which debuted at the Newport Beach Film Festival, like a baffling lady who changes the everyday existence of a man. In 2012, she additionally showed up in the direct-to-DVD catastrophe movie Air Collision, as an attendant, and in the spine-chiller Murder on the Thirteenth Floor, as a spouse who finds her significant other is having an unsanctioned romance with the live-in caretaker and chooses to look for vengeance.
In 2015, Ladd visitor featured in a scene of the YouTube ghastliness treasury arrangement Scary Endings, coordinated by John Fitzpatrick. In 2016, she rejoined with Fitzpatrick for the short spine chiller film Brentwood Strangler, in which she played a forlorn lady goes on an arranged meeting with a man who, unbeknownst to her, was supplanted by a functioning and infamous sequential executioner, inverse Adam J. Yeend and Annika Marks. She was thrown in her job, following a presentation from Skypemare entertainer Cerina Vincent, who Ladd worked with on Cabin Fever. The 19-minute generation debuted in video form celebration circuits in North America and Australia, to a positive basic reaction. Abhorrent Magazine observed Ladd to be a “please” as a “candidly resilient lady who disappoints her gatekeeper and uncovered her helplessness”.
In 2017, Ladd featured in the made-for-TV spine chiller Stage Fright, as a musical drama soprano confronting a progression of risks, and in the free dramatization Blue Line, as a lady who, alongside her closest companion, go on a wrongdoing binge to victimize her harsh spouse and departure her marriage.

Jordan Ladd Filmography


  • 2017 Blue Line
  • 2017 The Untold Story
  • 2016 Brentwood Strangler
  • 2012 Awaken
  • 2012 Murder on the 13th Floor
  • 2012 Air Collision
  • 2011 First Dates
  • 2009 Grace
  • 2007 Hostel: Part II
  • 2007 Grindhouse
  • 2006 Inland Empire
  • 2005 Waiting…
  • 2004 Club Dread
  • 2004 Junked
  • 2004 Madhouse
  • 2004 Dog Gone Love
  • 2002 Crazy Little Thing
  • 2002 Darkened Room
  • 2002 Cabin Fever
  • 2001 Puzzled
  • 2000 The Specials
  • 2000 Boys Life 3
  • 1999 Taking the Plunge
  • 1999 – Never Been Kissed
  • 1997 Inside Out
  • 1997 Nowhere
  • 1997 Stand-ins
  • 1994 Embrace of the Vampire


  • 2018 The Christmas Contract
  • 2017 Stage Fright
  • 2015 Scary Endings
  • 2010 The Wishing Well
  • 2007 It Was One Of Us
  • 2005–07 Robot Chicken
  • 2001 Six Feet Under
  • 2000 Best Actress
  • 2000 The Deadly Look of Love
  • 1998 Every Mother’s Worst Fear
  • 1997 Weapons of Mass Distraction
  • 1997 Total Security
  • 1994 Love Street
  • 1994 Saved by the Bell: The New Class
  • 1993 Broken Promises: Taking Emily Back
  • 1990 The Girl Who Came Between Them
  • 1978 Charlie’s Angels

Jordan Ladd Never Been Kissed

Jordan Ladd Net Worth

Ladd as an American actress has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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