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John Mackey Biography

John Mackey was born on August 15, 1953 is an American businessman. He is the current CEO of Whole Foods Market, which he co-founded in 1980. Named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003, Mackey is a strong supporter of free market economics, has strong anti-union views, and co-wrote the best-selling book Conscious Capitalism, which was released in 2013. He is one of the most influential advocates in the movement for organic food.

John Mackey Age

Mackey was born on August 15, 1953 in Houston, Texas. He is 66 years as of 2018

John Mackey Wife

He married his current wife, Deborah Morin, in 1991

John Mackey Children

They have no children. Both practice yoga

John Mackey Family

He was born on August 15, 1953 in Houston, Texas, to Bill and Margaret Mackey. He has a sister and a brother. He was raised Episcopalian, but he is of 5/8ths Jewish origin. Mackey’s grandfather, Eli Cardozo, was an active participant of the Jewish Texan Federation.

John Mackey’s father Bill Mackey was a professor of accounting, CEO of LifeMark, a health-care company, and investor of Whole Foods Market, before he died in 2004. In the abstract to the book: Conscious Capitalism, Mackey thanks his father for teaching him valuable life lessons.

Mackey’s mother Margaret Mackey died in 1987, when John was thirty-four years of age. John and Margaret had a strained relationship, partly due to her desire for a different future regarding her son. Margaret felt that such a “fine mind” should devote its time doing something more productive than retailing. John did not agree, but in later years he regretted that he did not make it more clear that he loved her

John Mackey Education

John was a student of philosophy and religion at the University of Texas at Austin and Trinity University in the 1970s, and worked at a vegetarian co-op. Mackey spent almost six years studying various topics, deciding to focus solely on his interests and not purely seek out a degree. Mackey credits his generalist approach to learning as the main reason he was able to be successful in business. Mackey, who was a vegetarian for 30 years, now identifies as a vegan

John Mackey Career

Mackey co-founded his first health food store, SaferWay, with his girlfriend Renee Lawson (Hardy) in Austin in 1978. They met while living in a vegetarian housing co-op. They dropped out of college.

They borrowed $10,000 and raised $35,000 more to start SaferWay. At the time, Austin had several small health food stores. The two ran the market on the first floor, a health food restaurant on the second, and, for a short time, lived in the third story of their building. In two years, they merged SaferWay with Clarksville Natural Grocery run by Mark Skiles and Craig Weller and renamed the business Whole Foods Market. All four (Mackey, Hardy-Lawson, Skiles and Weller) are considered co-founders of the business.

Mackey built Whole Foods into a multinational organization, with outlets in major markets across the country, as well as Canada and the United Kingdom. Along the way he bought out smaller competitors. In 2007 Whole Foods purchased a major natural foods supermarket competitor, Wild Oats Markets, Inc.

Mackey serves on multiple nonprofit boards of directors – including Students For Liberty, Global Animal Partnership, Conscious Capitalism and the Humane Society of the United States.


John Mackey
John Mackey

John Mackey Net Worth

Тhе nеt wоrth оf Јоhn Масkеу іѕ аrоund $115 mіllіоn whісh hе hаѕ еаrnеd bу wоrkіng аѕ а со-fоundеr оf а fооd соmраnу. Не іѕ thе со-fоundеr аnd СЕО оf thе соmраnу WhоlеFооdѕ. Не hаѕ а grосеrу ѕеllіng buѕіnеѕѕ, аnd whеn hе ѕtаrtеd wоrkіng wіth Аmаzоn, hе hаѕ bееn аblе tо еаrn mоrе thаn $115 mіllіоn.

Her Personal Life

Тhе mаrkеt vаluе оf hіѕ соmраnу wаѕ $11.7 bіllіоn іn thе уеаr 2017, but hе hаѕ mіllіоnѕ оf dоllаrѕ іn hіѕ bаnk ассоunt. Не lіvеѕ а dоwn-tо-еаrth lіfе аnd rеnt іn thе сhеареѕt hоtеlѕ whіlе flіеѕ іn thе соmmеrсіаl рlаnе. Durіng hіѕ buѕіnеѕѕ mееtіngѕ, hе іѕ ѕееn wеаrіng khаkі ѕhоrtѕ wіth сhесkеrеd ѕhіrtѕ аlоng wіth оld ѕhоеѕ. Не dіd ехреrіmеntѕ оn vаrіоuѕ рhіlоѕорhіеѕ аnd rеlіgіоnѕ durіng hіѕ twеntіеѕ. Не hаd іn lоng-tеrm rеlаtіоnѕhір wіth Маrу Кау Наgеn. Іn thе уеаr 1991, hе gоt mаrrіеd tо Dеbоrаh Моrіn whо іѕ hіѕ сurrеnt wіfе. Воth оf thеm hаvе nо сhіldrеn, but thеу рrасtісе Yоgа tоgеthеr.

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